In a slightly bizarre but perhaps understandable move, residents of 34 streets in Whitton have been petitioning to be part of Twickenham rather than Hounslow. The Richmond & Twickenham (but not Hounslow) Times is reporting on how a ‘We Want to be Whitton’ campaign is trying to get the ‘postal town’ of the 34 roads changed from Hounslow to Twickenham. In other words, they want to be part of TW2 rather than TW3 or TW4. Now some might say that people generally don’t define themselves by their postal towns, after all, who are the Royal Mail to tell us where we live and if you want to say you’re part of Whitton then, hell, you’re part of Whitton. However, it’s not quite as simple as that. Postcodes and postal towns can influence house prices, insurance and more, and if you expect estate agents, insurance companies and automated systems to understand the nuances of what’s Whitton and what’s not then good luck to you.

The campaigners are taking the line that as residents of the Borough of Richmond upon Thames they should be able to associate themselves with it in more ways than just paying their council tax. The R&TT reports that they’ve taken their petition to El Brute, discussed the matter with Vince Cable and want to get support in lobbying Royal Mail for a change.

Given that Twickenham already spans two postcodes, including TW2 which also covers Whitton, perhaps the question should also be asked: are we ready to welcome them in? Well?*

Richmond & Twickenham Times

(* of course we are, aren’t we?)