A slow day for localness
A slow day for localness?
With yet another estate agent arriving in our midst one or two folks on Twitter expressed what can best be described as despair at the prospect. Rather than moan on about having more places trying to sell houses than there are houses to sell, we posed the question as to what type of shop twickerati followers on Twitter would like to see in Twickenham. From a starting point of assuming that such a shop would not be one that sold either houses or the complete (second hand) works of Ben Elton, we can now reveal the responses. It has to be said that some of them are more serious than others and some more viable than others. Why not have your say and add yours in the comments section. It couldn’t hurt… or could it?

Here’s what they said on Twitter:

@ArthursTwick I’d like to see an indie chandlers. Failing that Robert Dyas would do.

@katieheffe Appreciate prob not sustainable but somewhere for basic kitchenware and ‘normal’ children’s clothes

‏@SHResidents To complement Rubens, Laverstoke & Sandys: a good deli of the standard of Camisa in Berwick St or Valvona & Crolla in Edinburgh
@nickandjess agreed – a good deli would be brilliant
@YHewett I’m with that. I also want a launderette.

@ProperPieLady pie shop;-)

@MumblyK I still miss Woolies. And I’d like to swap Burger King for a Nando’s.

@ali_aliandsimon An independent book shop & toy shop

@Mumto1plus2 A reasonably priced children’s clothes shop.

@rufusmcdufus Some sort of hardware shop. Not just DIY but useful bits and pieces

@taztaylor Missing a record / cd store since the one on York St closed down… must be 10 years ago.
‏@ninjagray @taztaylor And a Green Shield Stamp shop for old man Taylor #pipeandslippers

@JamesHepworth7 An exotic pet shop!

@kershaw As long as it’s artisan I don’t mind

‏@flashnorthey Not bothered by what they sell but wld be great to be independent. Bored with chains. Just look at @RubensBakehouse #twickshop

@DapperDanHart Honestly? Combined comics and board gaming store.

@thorntog Whole foods

@DrJagz Fortnum’s would be nice. Currently hard to find a good gentleman’s relish.

@samelswood82 An independent of some sort, not a chain

@Theonlygolux A cheesemongers #twickshop

@joy… #twickshop would be nice to have a shop selling fantastic cheese – nearest independent is Richmond Hill. Teddington’s cheesery closed. #yum

‏@clairethorne It has to be a haberdasher. preferably one that’s open evening and weekends #twickshop

‏@justinebower A star wars shop or maybe a timber yard. oh no, wait.

@LandJFlowers How about a new, local, florists??

@tippytaptap A children’s soft play centre selling overpriced coffee would make a killing.

So there you have it. Twickenham has spoken! Now it’s just down to the shopkeepers to deliver.