Richmond Cards Re-Issued

Richmond Card

Richmond Card

The Council has issued Richmond Cards to 60,000 residents in the Borough. Or in many cases ‘re-issued’ the cards. The cards offer up to 30 minutes free parking (billed as something to help us all shop local), additional parking discounts as well as acting as a leisure and library card. If you had one of the parking cards previously then this new card will supersede the one you put in the car somewhere and then never saw again.

Having a single card instead of carrying multiple Council related cards seems like a sensible idea. The intention is to broaden the range of offers and discounts that can be obtained through the card and the accompanying blurb – signed by Lord True himself, no less – says that the Council is interested in hearing from businesses or retailers who might want to make offers available through that route.

If the card can develop to become the source of a wide range of benefits for residents then this all sounds like a good thing.

* El Brute – Richmond Card (includes FAQs)


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60 responses to “Richmond Cards Re-Issued

  1. Mumto1plus2

    If you still haven’t received your replacement card yet, worth dropping them a line at:
    I got the following reply to explain they had forgotten me! Pfft!
    “I am sorry that you did not receive a new card as part of the initial rollout. Unfortunately you were omitted in error and I have now requested that a card be sent to you.
    There were approximately 60,000 cards issued by our contracted Bureau Service at our request. I can assure you that there was no gender bias applied to the issuing of the cards.”

    (rolls eyes)

  2. The Library told me yesterday that existing library cards will only be valid for a month. After that users will need to present their Richmond card at the library to get it activated, a new PIN and their history transferred to the new card number.

    So it will not be possible to keep the new card in the car – the best place for it in my view – and continue using the old card.

    Another use for the card will be to prove residence when taking waste to the dump.

    • Alexis

      Try as I will, I can find no reference to the Tories being more popular than ever – can anyone else? I certainly used the following words in my last post: “Perhaps Councillor Gareth Roberts and his chums have not yet realised why their party’s popularity is waning – more fool them.” Today’s headlines can’t be doing them much good either.
      If The Scout has hopes of replacing Gareth Roberts as chief LibDem attack dog he probably needs to be a little less economical with the actualite.

    • The Scout

      Attack hardly necessary.The Cons are ‘doing it for themselves’.

    • Please don’t use replies to my comment about the Richmond card – an important and non-partisan topic – for off-topic exchanges.

    • Alexis

      Who has Mr Squire?

    • Alexis

      Sorry Mr Squire, I now see why you may be confused – I replied to The Scout but, for some reason outside my control or my clumsiness it appeared underneath your post. Had you read it properly, it would have been obvious to whom it was addressed so no need for a reply.
      As always, your posts are usefully informative – keep up the good work!
      PS: Yikes! A thumbs down already to: “Who has Mr Squire?”

  3. The Scout

    The Tories more popular than ever? Tell that to people around Twickenham town, Eel Pie Island, the old age pensioners who use bus stops, the commuters who have to stand in the rain waiting for buses outside of Richmond station, the Voluntary sector in the Borough, Child care service providers. Popular is a word to be used more economically.

    • Rufus McDufus

      Should the old people of the borough be provided with limousines? Not quite sure what you’re saying here but the message seems to be that only poor people use buses.

    • The Scout

      and naturally we have no poor people in Richmond, so what the hell, let’s hand out parking cards and get rid of all the bus stops……

  4. The Scout

    A revisionist! that’s all we need.

  5. Mumto1plus2

    Interestingly, my 6 year old son received a card on Monday. I (female) am still waiting. It wasn’t in today’s post. I am interested to know what will happen to my epurse if I haven’t spent the remaining balance by July. The leaflet that came with my son’s card suggested I would have to use it up by July. Or what?! Theft! 😉

  6. Anonymous

    So who did own the ice rink land?

    • Property developers, the Beckford brothers, who bought it from another property developer who bought it from the family business who had run it for many years. See:

    • The Scout

      Thank you Chris – time to put that issue to bed I think. Any more misapprehensions out there?

    • Anonymous

      I asked who owned the land. Genuine question because I didn’t know. No hidden agenda!

    • Fair enough. The rink was first sold in 1978 and then again 1987; it was closed in 1992, 18 years ago. So many borough residents have only a hazy idea of what happened and when – and just where, indeed, it was, so that they are surprised to learn that it wasn’t in Richmond.

    • Alexis

      Sorry Twickerati, nothing to do with the Richmond Card but this link might help Anonymous to understand the ice rink saga – no politico involved in the deal comes out of it without questions still being raised. The Scout appears keen to declare this deviation closed and Chris Squire LibDem webmaster concentrates on the sale of the land to the Beckford (sic) brothers rather than the granting of planning permission – I wonder why?
      The issue never was about the sale of the land – it was not the Council’s to sell, however planning permission was very much their business and the then LibDem administration granted it subject to LET putting up £22.5M for a replacement ice rink. That’s where it got murky, only £2.5M was ever paid by the Beckwith brothers and the proposed replacement rink quietly kicked into the long grass.
      PS: a note to Adam/anonymous. Sorry not to be up to speed with the latest in the nuances of modern telephony – I still struggle on with my trusty Nokia 6310i which doesn’t have all the whizzy stuff yours undoubtedly does but makes and receives phone calls perfectly which is all I want. Anyway, there’s no need to be quite so rude.

    • I stopped being Lib Dem webmaster in December 2012.

    • Now, that link is actually quite interesting. Perhaps we should not worry too much as, according to Wikipedia, “In 1996, Beckwith was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), and in 2002 he was knighted for his service to youth sports”, so that’s all good. Some might speculate on whether any of those ‘youth sports’ included the provision of ice skating facilities somewhere in the UK.

    • Adam

      This is my last post on this topic as I’m finding the exchange quite tedious. Alexis complains I was rude, when their first post started out by calling me “a wee bit sad”. Hypocrite.

      Alexis also seems to think any criticism must be politically motivated, when my first post on this story actually said that sending out the cards pro-actively was good, and my second post was only to inform people that it was confusing how to use it at one car park.

      It’s a “wee bit sad” when one’s own obsession with politics obscures and influences your views on everyone and everything around you, and triggers knee jerk personal attacks on any critic of your beloved party.

      They even follow local councillors on Twitter for god’s sake, that’s more than “a wee bit sad”!

      I’ll be using my card whenever I can, and if Alexis thinks its “sad” that I might get a refund from Waitrose and a discount from LBRuT, then it’s just lucky that I have very little interest in the opinions of a rude politics geek.

      Thank you for reading. Good Bye.

    • Alexis

      No reply option under Adam’s last post, so, if you are interested in reading on, its down a bit:
      Dear me, Adam/anonymous seems to be suffering from something of a sense of humour/irony bypass. I thought I would enjoy a wet weekend hiking on the North Yorkshire Moors without fretting too much about his strangely political attack before returning to the fray to see how many thumbs-up he had achieved – a paltry 3, hardly a ringing endorsement.
      So. A couple of observations for him:
      1. I am not, nor have I ever been a member of the Tory party, however I am a supporter of our current Tory administration and think that they are making a much better job of running our local Council than either the last LibDem or Tory Councils. Thankfully Lourie has gone and I had little or no time for Arbour. The real “politics geek”, unlike me, a mere council tax paying punter, is probably LibDem leader of the opposition Stephen Knight who seems to have made a career out of politics unlike most others from either party – is that healthy in today’s society?
      2. I don’t “follow” LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts on Twitter as Adam puts it. As an interested observer of local politics and activist, I keep an eye on him as one of those who hold concerning views on how we should live our lives – isn’t that sensible? I’ve also found it rather odd or foolish that C’llr Roberts, who seems to be a jolly clever chap, continues to use Twitter as his medium of choice to excoriate his political opponents or to rubbish people like me who are no threat whatsoever to his political career but probably irritate him enormously, a la his: “Hooray! Tony the Troll is back..” bile etc. That’s what you get when you mess with these sort of people – it’s a bit sad really. By contrast I have never seen anything from the Tories like the nastiness these sort of LibDems exercise. Perhaps it’s how they have been trained to behave. Remember their mantra: “Be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly”? That’s what I find particularly objectionable about their approach to local politics which hasn’t changed and is why I am so implaccably opposed to them rather than pro any other party.
      Perhaps Councillor Gareth Roberts and his chums have not yet realised why their party’s popularity is waning – more fool them. Have a look at the relentless anti UKIP stuff on Gareth’s Roberts’s tweets. I wonder why he bothers? What threat can one UKIP candidate be to his seat in Hampton or to the re-election of our local LibDems? Perhaps he already has his eye on higher office where it might matter and wants to impress Vince, Nick or even, dare I say it, Lord Rennard?
      PS: I hope to be able to use my Richmond Card tomorrow and thank you Adam for allowing me one more opportunity to demonstrate how some of us would prefer not to be bludgeoned into silence when we dare to challenge the LibDems.

    • nemesis

      History of the ice rink would appear to be somewhat murkier than Chris suggests;
      Take a look at this archive web capture page; especially the time line at the end of the page
      quote ‘1989 Peter Beckwith, wrote a long letter addressed to Richard Harbord, Chief Executive of Richmond Council. Paraphrased Beckwith said basically: 1) We don’t want to spend the promised £22.5million to replace the facilities; 2) We want to give you £2.5million instead; and 3) Or we will Appeal and win. On Sept 5th Daniel Robins, the Council barrister was found dead in his car. No other barrister was appointed at this time. Sept 15th Tim Razzall chairs meeting, minutes of which were destined to be hidden for 4 years. Decision made to let LET off obligation to replace rink, £20,000,000 and given planning permission to demolish the rink and build 250 flats. Oct 27th Richmond Council grants planning permission and adds two pages to the documents and allows LET to renege on its £22.5million obligation and sells the planning permission for £2.5million.

      Then there are several interesting pages on an old Richmond Forum:

      Any wonder that the LD supporters club want to shut down the discussion!

    • Alexis

      It may be a total coincidence but, as soon as I requoted one of LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts’s more unpleasant tweets and wondered why he was relentlessly banging on about UKIP, he seems to have backed off both of us and transferred his ire onto the local Tories – from a party point of view that seems to make much more sense. Perhaps he has been brought into line by wee Stevie or even more scarily, the eminence grise who probably still pulls the local party strings. Who would know?

      My thanks to Nemesis for providing us with more info about the Richmond Ice Rink debacle – if anyone else is intrigued about the way property deals were done back then at pretty much the same time, they might well like to have a look at the deal involving Metropolitan Open Land, Squire’s Garden Centre and Fulwell Golf Course – Anthony Berend tried his best to unearth the facts, unsuccessfully – here is a link to the scrutiny report dated 2005 – remember that the deal was completed in 1986!
      PS: Sorry to The Scout but there are still a few misapprehensions out here.

    • Alexis

      My thanks to Nemesis for his link.
      I recently remarked that LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts has transferred his ire from UKIP and I onto the Tories – phew!
      Here are his latest tweets about the Richmond Card and parking, a few comments from me and a link to an interesting blog which some may find amusing or identify with.

      “Things @TwickTories don’t mention in their ‘Cars & Parking’ propaganda #3. The Latest Version of RichmondCard ON ITS OWN was over £410,000.”
      That is indeed a lot of money but totally dwarfed by the money wasted on the LibDem propaganda rag Arcadia between 2006/10 and consultants fees way in excess of £500K for Lourie’s abandoned Twickenham Riverside vanity project.

      “Things @Twicktories don’t mention in their ‘cars & parking’ propaganda #2. Their new parking contract KEPT the ‘hated Lib Dem Spy Cars'”. When did anyone last see one? Perhaps they are lurking in a garage awaiting re-deployment if the LibDems get back into power?

      “Things @TwickTories don’t mention in their ‘cars & parking’ propaganda #1. One of their first acts in office was to INCREASE parking charges.” Yes they did, by all of 5p on a 50p charge – I know because my Richmond card still didn’t work in Holly Rd car park this morning and I had to cough up the cash. Snap it up please LBRUT!

      I was quite amused by this blog in today’s Saturday Telegraph and pleased to note that I am far from alone in finding the LibDem electioneering tactics somewhat infra dig:

    • Pat Pending

      “Gareth Roberts has got a fancy bike”.
      “Gareth Roberts tweeted this”.
      “Gareth Roberts tweeted that”.

      Do you know what? I think you just might be a little bit in love with Councillor Gareth Roberts.

    • nemesis

      Good article from Damian Thompson. LDs have long since abandoned any pretence at their libertarian roots.
      I dont bother with Twitter – just a load of egotists having a pop at each other in between posting pictures of what they had for dinner. Waste of time.

    • Alexis

      Sorry Pat Pending, Gareth Roberts is already spoken for, so, being an honourable soul, my interest in him is strictly limited to his political activities.
      He attracted my attention because he was a relentless LibDem attack dog but now seems to have withdrawn from this and other forums to concentrate on his re-election and Twitter stuff relying on others to get down and dirty. Nevertheless, I have kept an eye on his tweets in case there is anything interesting – in this case it was about the Richmond Card which I thought was relevant to the topic, however Nemesis is right when he says that Twitter is a waste of time. The participants are probably best left to squabble amongst themselves or violently agree depending on their political or other persuasions, so I will leave him to his playground and won’t forward any more of his tweet treasures unless he gets rude again!

  7. The Scout

    You really do need to check who owned the iice rink land in the first place until you accuse the LibDems of the sale – facts, facts dear writer

    • michelangelo

      it wasn’t the sale, Scout, it was the planning permission! Incidentally, there are several facts wrong in the Twickenham Museum’;s article

    • The Twickenham Museum

      That article was largely compiled from information on the late Richard Meacock’s website (partially archived now). Some of Mr Meacock’s information has been found to be, shall we say?, imaginative, and we’ve corrected them.

      Please let us know of any other errors.

  8. Deep breaths everyone, deep breaths!

    This is item about the new Richmond Card and should be an inclusive discussion.

  9. Henriette

    Do they send them out in batches or only to lucky residents? We (male and female) have not received anything so far.

  10. sueby

    I got a ‘v’ sign and a snotty comment from a cyclist the other day, for making a face when he rode across in front of me as I pulled away from traffic lights in my car. Of course cyclists can’t see the arthritis in both my feet and knees from where they sit looking so righteous! We can’t all get out and ride a bike…. I love the free 30 mins parking and think it’s a brilliant idea that should be copied in more places.

  11. Adam

    I walked to Waitrose and thought I’d check out the discounted rates at the car park so I’d know what to expect when I do my big weekly shop. The pay station on the ground floor has a notice posted on it saying ‘This machine doesn’t accept the new Richmond card, use the machines on floors 4 or 6′. So I went and checked the pay stations on floors 4 and 6 and they both have notices taped to them saying ’30 minutes free parking not supported by this machine, use the machine on floor 2’.

    So that’s clear. Depending on how long you’ve parked, you pay at some machine or another, maybe. Unless you’ve parked for less than 30 minutes, when it’s free but no machine will take the new card, maybe.

    I’m so glad I walked to Waitrose today!

    • Alexis

      There’s something a wee bit sad about people like Adam and Paul.
      Adam went hunting for a machine which would accept his Richmond card when he does his “big weekly shop” presumably in Waitrose. Whether or not the new card works yet – doesn’t he realise that Waitrose refunds his parking charge if he spends more than £10? Perhaps he was hoping for a double refund or £10 is more than his big weekly shop. Keep walking old chap!
      Paul wants to let us know what a jolly good eco warrior he is using his car-club car and bike so won’t be using his card for 30 minutes free parking even if he has to carry a big bag of spuds back from the farmers market. Does anyone else find these rather precious people somewhat irritating?

      Hampton LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts is forever banging on about his virtuous use of his £2K Dutch cargo bike – perhaps we will all be forced onto two wheels if they get back into power and 30 minutes free parking will be consigned to history. Perhaps they plan to re-instate their CO2/CPZ parking charge scam? I would put nothing past their ideological crusade. Alexis.
      PS: 2 cards, 2 cars and 1 bike – totally unashamed and mine work fine. Thank you Lord True.

    • Paul

      No, the big load of spuds is carried from my precious allotment 2 panniers at a time. The trailer is only for bulky items.

    • Anonymous

      There is certainly something a wee bit sad that you feel the need to criticize people publicly.

      Not that it is any of your business, but I never complete my weekly shop is less than 30 minutes and not all of it is in Waitrose.

      My post was to inform people that if they plan to use this car park, it is confusing how to use the card. What was the purpose of your post?

    • Alexis

      It’s a bit difficult to know who I am replying to – is it “Adam” who struggled with the Waitrose machines or is it “anonymous” who replied to my reasonably gentle criticism of “Adam” or is it “Noisy Parker” or “Henriette” who seem to share the same avatar as “anonymous”. Jolly tricky to know who’s who isn’t it?
      As to the criticism issue. If you choose to be anonymous, as I do, you are fair game – I never complain. I consider it worthwhile if I have stirred up a bit of public consciousness whether positive or negative. Others take a different view.
      Anonymous, or whoever, asked what was the purpose of my post. Simple really, it’s all too easy to nitpick about localised issues with IT projects like this, they are complex and need “snagging”, isn’t that the word they use in the building trade? I choose to defend the basic principle of the Richmond Card which I think is a good idea and has definitely encouraged me to shop locally again.
      Inevitably there is also a political dimension – unlike the LibDems, the Tories stood by their manifesto commitment to stop attacking the motorist. I no longer trust the LibDems who seem quite happy to renege on their commitments and spring nasty surprises on us – remember the Twickenham Riverside sell-off and the CO2/CPZ resident parking permit tax scam hidden in a bit of puff in their manifesto?
      Does that help you Adam/Anonymous or whoever?

    • The Scout

      What a memory Alexis / Anonymous has – elephantine almost. Please add a room to your Palace of Memories dear Jumbo the Tories not releasing all their consultation documents (20,000 printed at tax payers money, but not forwarded to people living in the Riverside area; and of course Cllr Samual hanging on to money that should be used to help those in poverty.
      I was against the Riverside fiasco, but you know what – if I have to choose a political party in LBRUT, with regard to morals I’ll take the Lib Dems any of the week.

    • boanerges

      I agree totally with Alex. It is great having 30 min free parking. This first happened in 2006 when Conservatives were elected; the next administration (LibDem) stopped it (and incidentally introduced Sunday payment in Richmond). LibDems also increased the Leader’s pay as soon as they took over, and raised council tax considerably during their term of office. NB this has now been frozen since 2010.. Don’t mention the ice-rink!
      Dib, dib, Scout.

    • Adam

      Great, another post giving no useful information, just a stream of smug opinionated BS.

      p.s. Anonymous was me. I posted from my phone, which doesn’t auto-fill the form like my PC does. I would have thought someone of your massive intellect could have worked that out.

  12. The Scout

    What shops?

    • Alexis

      The Scout/Big Game Hunter thinks that the LibDems inhabit the moral high ground. Fair enough – each to their own.
      If anyone else is in any doubt about the nastiness they are capable of, have a look at Councillor Gareth Roberts’s Twitters or Tweets. In amongst his relentless sniping at UKIP/Scott Naylor – his rather patronising “Scotty dear” etc – he seems to have suffered an acute bilious attack about someone who has dared to upset him thus:

      “Hooray! Tony the Troll is back. To adapt Alan J. Lerner “Oozing bile from every pore he trolled his way around the floor””.

      Now who could that be aimed at? If it is me – excellent, I can hack it! We need to know what these people are really like and how they may behave if they get back into power. This is a good example of their disdain for the hapless dissenting punter – how foolish. I’ve already made my decision.

  13. George

    Good idea. Had an old card but never used it and now 4 have turned up.

    So, you either get your 30 minutes free or you pay the full normal rate (with a discount) if you intend to be over 30 minutes. Presumably these discounts don’t work with Ringo? Anyone know?

  14. Paul

    I already had a library card and wondered if the system would be clever enough to give me the same number. (No -so 2 library accounts now). I doubt if I will ever use it for parking a car-club car – local shopping is so much easier by bicycle.

    • Your new library account doesn’t work without a pin, which I guess you have to visit the library to get; so there is no reason to use it. I don’t see this explained anywhere; in fact the library staff member I spoke to the other day seemed totally ignorant about the Richmond Card.

      In fact the new card is much inferior to the old, as it lacks an e-purse, i.e. the facility to pay in a credit balance to the card online which one can use to pay for parking as required. How dumb do you have to be to decide that scrapping a useful feature makes something better?

    • michelangelo

      Mr Squire -I’m not sure you are right about having to have a PIN. I have just got onto Dictionary of National Biography using the new number, with no PIN; presumably access to the Times Archive etc is just as easy.

      If you read the letter that comes with the new card, you will see its purpose. I believe that an e-purse facility will come later

    • Noted. I only tried to access the Lending Library, which definitely does require a PIN.

    • BookWorm

      I use the online reference services a lot (OED, DNB etc.) and you used to log in using the DXXXX… number on the old card. It’s all numeric now. Does this work? I’ve asked @LBRUT but no reply has been forthcoming.

  15. Anonymous

    Both the men in our house, 20 year old son and my husband, have been sent one. Maybe the ones sent out to us females will be in today’s post!

  16. Tom

    Hi all, Tom from the Council here. Just wanted to let you know there are some Frequently Asked Question available at as well as a link to where you can see all the business discounts currently on offer.

    We’ll be updating the FAQs if we get people asking the same questions – so email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  17. Adam

    I’d never managed to get off my backside and apply for one before, so nice that they sent it out pro-actively. I already had a library card, but anything that requires a visit to the council office fills me with Kafkaesque dread! Not really a problem that they only sent one per household as we only have one car, and I’m guessing it will live in there.

  18. The Scout

    Except – i our household only the male member has received a card. The female, who is the driver, the shopper and the user of the library has still to profit from the magnanimous gesture. I wonder if the Council has failed to send to anyone else?

  19. sueby

    For some reason, they’ve sent me two cards…..I just hope I’ll be able to use up the money I put on the old one! It will be interesting to see if they’re trouble-free.

  20. I use my Richmond parking card all the time! It’s great getting the free half hour when you want to stop briefly somewhere and there’s also a small discount on any parking payment. Will be interesting to see if any businesses offer deals to residents.