Richmond Card
Richmond Card
The Council has issued Richmond Cards to 60,000 residents in the Borough. Or in many cases ‘re-issued’ the cards. The cards offer up to 30 minutes free parking (billed as something to help us all shop local), additional parking discounts as well as acting as a leisure and library card. If you had one of the parking cards previously then this new card will supersede the one you put in the car somewhere and then never saw again.

Having a single card instead of carrying multiple Council related cards seems like a sensible idea. The intention is to broaden the range of offers and discounts that can be obtained through the card and the accompanying blurb – signed by Lord True himself, no less – says that the Council is interested in hearing from businesses or retailers who might want to make offers available through that route.

If the card can develop to become the source of a wide range of benefits for residents then this all sounds like a good thing.

* El Brute – Richmond Card (includes FAQs)