Pic of the Week: Some Weather

It’s been a tale of two weathers so far this year. Obviously that doesn’t make much sense as an expression but we have had plenty of grey skies, wind and rain (and high tides too) but with a few crisp and clear sunny days thrown in. In other words, it’s still winter.

So there’s this…

High tides in Twickenham

High tides in Twickenham

versus this…

River Thames, nr Marble Hill Park

River Thames, nr Marble Hill Park (copyright Dominique Holt)

Oh, and we’ve even got a little Vine clip of the river right here.

Got any especially exciting flood photos you’d like us to add?


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4 responses to “Pic of the Week: Some Weather

  1. Andy Griffin

    Here are another three Twick flood pics for you… Have you been flooded with people’s photos?? Groan! Regards, Andy Griffin

  2. gerard king

    I dont know how to post these beautiful photos of Twickenham on Facebook . Please advise Declan ‘Gerry’ King


    • Hi. Thanks.
      Well what you shouldn’t really do is save them locally and then upload them yourself. But you could either paste the link of this page into your FB account but that will only give a small preview image. Or you have to hope that they end up on the twickerati FB page from where you can click the ‘Share’ button to share them with your own FB friends if that’s what you want to do.

      Have uploaded one to Facebook here:

      Or just go to the twickerati page and explore all the photos: https://www.facebook.com/pages/twickerati/125429094134238