Christmas display, Corto, Church St.
Christmas display, Corto, Church St.
We’re after your top Christmas tips to help with the 2013 festive season. See them here. Or maybe you want to know more? Then read on… It’s a fact that Christmas always used to be better in the past. Right? Right! Whether it’s the Christmas of one’s own childhood, desperately hoping for a Hot Wheelz set, a My Little Pony, a Tracy Island, a Tinky Winky or some other piece of overrated plastic that you’d soon tire of, or whether it’s reminiscing about times gone by that you never actually experienced but have conflated with some of your own memories, things were just better. We’re talking about the year that it snowed when Great Aunt Agatha took you to Macy’s department store for Christmas dinner with Bob Cratchit, Aled Jones, James Stewart and a cowardly lion. It all happened. Didn’t it?

Similarly, in 100 years’ time, little children will be sitting around their floating eco-homes, next to a hologram fire delighting in family stories about the wonderful days of old: the tale about the magical Christmas of 2013. The sound of increasingly frenzied clicking as great-great-grandma did her last minute shopping on a thing called the internet, the broken keyboard and subsequent descent into hell (or Kingston if that was closer). About how she trudged to the Post Office in the sleet to collect a parcel that the postman had apparently tried to deliver but taken back to the depot – the big reveal being that the whole family were actually at home at the time but reached the door too late for the delivery man, but just in time to see the hastily written “We called but you were out” card settling on the doormat. After all that fun it’s no wonder the “Thank you for the socks” letter was superseded in 2014 by an emoticon of a smiley face that rolls its eyes… but only when you look away.

But all is not lost! Here at twickerati we want to help you make the most of your Christmas. We really do! Whilst the tide of online shopping can’t easily be turned back by any number of retail King Cnuts, we reckon it can still be a bit Christmassy if you’re doing things locally. This is Twickenham after all!

That’s why we’re doing the Twickenham Festive 5s again this year. It’s all about sharing the love locally. Do you need ideas for stocking fillers or last minute gifts? Better still, have you got ideas to share? Need recommendations on which pubs are rockin’ the festive vibe to the max? How about top tips on places to go or bargains to be had? This is the place. Whether you’re a retailer, a pub, a restaurant or just a regular reader, we want to hear the 5 things that are essential to a great Christmas locally.

So, let us have your Twickenham Festive 5s and let us have them now. Just list them as a comment below.

P.S. If you’re a shop or pub then remember to add your contact details and for gift ideas, please include prices too.