A slow day for localness
A slow day for traffic?
Mucho commento at El Brute towers, on the interwebz and in the pages of the Richmond & Twickenham Times about a 20mph speed limit being applied (or rather, not) in Manor Grove, North Sheen. El Brute recently turned down a request for a 20mph limit in the street on the grounds of a low response to its consultation. Then contrast this with a petition on the same subject signed by a majority of the householders in the road which ‘proved’ that support was there all along. Since then it’s become a “he said, she said” debate about levels of support, party political activism and other such stuff that you’ll just have to look up for yourself if you can be bothered.

Meanwhile, the TWAP (that’s the Twickenham Action Plan to the likes of you) proposes a 20mph limit in Twickenham. Assuming that goes ahead a large area of central Twickenham will be covered. Good thing? Bad thing? Or maybe just something that’s keeping up with the reality of much of the traffic flow anyway. But what about other roads, especially our residential streets – some of which turn into rat runs at rush hour? Should we all be going “twenty’s plenty for us” and voting for the reduced speed limit? The Council indicates that it’s “not averse” to the idea and has a page on its website about how to apply, expected levels of support and other “less intrusive” options to consider. No doubt the Borough’s official provider of speed limit signs must be a keen supporter of changing limits too. It could end up with motorists doing the 20 / 30 hokey-cokey as they drive around the town. Putting that to one side, it’s a serious subject and there’s plenty of clear evidence to demonstrate that lowering the limit significantly reduces the risk of death or serious injury in the event of an accident.

In the light of the Battle of Manor Grove, the growing “20s plenty for us” campaign and the recent spate of serious accidents in London involving cyclists we asked El Brute for an update on the introduction of 20mph limits in Twickenham. So far they’ve kept their own counsel on the matter – or perhaps our request is just proceeding sedately along in slow moving traffic.

So, is the prospect of 20mph limits in Twickenham sending you into a petrol sniffing, Clarkson-esque rage or are you standing outside your house, tin of white paint in hand, just waiting for the go ahead?

* Richmond Council 20mph Page
* 20s Plenty for Us