The twickerati website is making headlines again. It’s true! Just look at the headline above and you can see that we’ve done precisely that. It took us just a few seconds and was really very simple. And the point of that was what exactly? Well, it’s not only on this site that we’re getting some column inches this month. If you live in Strawberry Hill and parts of Twickenham then there’s a piece about twickerati in the November edition of the TW Mag – the locally produced glossy A5 magazine that should have appeared through your door recently. And if you didn’t receive one or prefer to do all your reading on one of those new-fangled computator screens then you can find the TW Mag online at the link below. Have a read if you’re interested.

Oh, and if you’re feeling all local and ‘Twickenhammy’ as a result, don’t forget that the third ‘totally informal Twickenham meet-up / tweet-up drinks thingy’ is taking place on Thursday 14th November at Ales & Tails in York Street from 8.30pm. Feel free to come on down, buy your own drinks and do some mingling.

* TW Mag – November 2013 edition
* Twickerati social tweet up info