Boo! And Boom!

BOO! That scared you didn’t it? Halloween seems to be the UK’s fastest growing thing. A celebration of all things something-or-other that dates back to the time when Charlie Brown and Snoopy became the first characters to trick or treat their way across our television screens. Yes, it really does go back that far. And further! In fact, if you were to delve into the history of Halloween you’d find that its origins pre-date not just the bite-sized Milky Way but Haribo sweets as well. Incredible stuff!

In honour of the occasion, Twickenham’s Church Street will be getting all spooked up for the day.  There’s a children’s treasure hunt from midday – find the goodie bags hidden in some of the shops in the road. There’s a “Creepy Cupcake Decorating Class” at Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery from 4.30pm to 5.30pm (£10 each for ages 4-10) and also a fancy dress competition in the Square at 5.00pm. Later on The Fox will be hosting an ‘Undead Disco’ with prizes for the best & worst dressed punters, apple bobbing and punch. And we’re sure the Halloween theme will be gripping many of the town’s other boozers too – by the neck, perhaps. You have been warned! *Cue evil laugh*
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BOOM! The other great celebration at this time of year commemorates the explosive impact of something that didn’t actually happen. That’s right, we’re talking about Guy Fawkes not blowing up the Houses of Parliament back in the days before he opted to become a successful right-wing blogger. There are always lots of firework displays going on around south-west London so we’re sure you’ll find one to suit. Or you can just stay at home and turn the up TV if you prefer. Perhaps the biggest and best of the regular fixtures is at Richmond Athletic Ground. This year’s display is on Sunday 3rd. At £25 in advance for a family ticket (£30 on the night) it’s not the cheapest but it always delivers an impressive show to a musical theme – this year it’s the sounds of The Beatles. We’ve not tried to list out other shows here as Totally Richmond have already done a great job doing that just for you covering school, pub and leisure club displays. Now then, give us an “oooohhh”.
* Richmond Athletic Ground tickets
* Totally Richmond – firework display page


And we leave you with the award for the lamest Halloween cash-in piece of advertising… Please step forward Greggs on King Street!

Hauntingly tenuous!


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5 responses to “Boo! And Boom!

  1. michelangelo

    Strange business, Halloween .I suppose most people don’t even realise that Hallowe’en is actually derived from All Hallows’ Eve – ie the day before the Feast of All Hallows, when we remember all those dear ones who have left us
    We spend all year teaching our children not to talk to strangers, and certainly not accept sweets from them. Then what happens?
    We encourage our children to “demand money with menaces”, that is, I think, a serious criminal offence. And then what happens? (we had an egg chucked at our house once; I was told by a local councillor that that constituted criminal damage)
    We are shocked by recent newspaper reports that perfectly good food is thrown away; then we buy thousands of pumpkins, carve holes into their skin, and then throw them away. Anyone for pumpkin pie?
    Funny lot, humans.

  2. pandora

    Evil spirits around First Cross Road tonight – someone stole my daughters pumpkin off our doorstep. Was her first she had made and she was very proud of it – one very upset 9 year old! How low can people get.

  3. halloweenTreats

    I’n always a bit bemused when you southerners accuse Halloween of being an American import. I grew up in the North East, and we always did have halloween parties, and go around spooking our neighbours. My grandmother told me about similar goings on in her days. I think its always been big in Scotland too, and was imported to the US from there, before coming back a little more commercialised.

    • You are correct.

      And we should also remember that it was the Americans who actually invented witches in the first place way back in the 1690s in Salem. Except they weren’t actually American then…. or even witches, come to think of it.

    • @upend

      how do you know they weren’t witches – did they try and make them float like a duck?

      NB some knowledge of Monty Python needed