Pic of the Week: Storm Damage

Southern parts of Britain got a bit of a battering on the morning of 28th October and yes, even Twickenham was affected.

In this picture a tree gets up close & personal with a house on Meadway on Twickenham.

Storm Damage, Twickenham [copyright @liam_tebb]

Storm Damage, Twickenham [copyright @liam_tebb]

[Photo copyright of @Liam_Tebb on Twitter]

A silver birch tries to go walkabout on Court Way.

Tree down inCourt Way [copyright @FredWedgewood]

Tree down in Court Way [copyright @FredWedgewood]

[copyright @FredWedgewood on Twitter]

Tree down! Hounslow

Tree down, Hounslow [copyright @gavinsanctis]

Tree down, Hounslow [copyright @gavinsanctis]

[copyright @gavinsanctis on Twitter]

Branch v pavement outside The Alexander Pope on Cross Deep

Branch v pavement, Twickenham  [copyright: David Doherty]

Branch v pavement, Twickenham
[copyright: David Doherty]

[copyright: David Doherty]

Formerly part of a tree. Orleans House Gallery


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4 responses to “Pic of the Week: Storm Damage

  1. Sian Morgan

    There are three huge trees down at Orleans House Gallery. One only a few feet away from the Octagon Room. Hope the bride who has her wedding there tomorrow is suitably prepared to climb over the tree blocking the approaching road!

  2. Simon cassini

    It blew some bunting down off our house!

  3. Go home Ent,you’re drunk.

  4. Drunk tree has argument with house