Panic over! All those members of the twickerati who’ve been wondering how on earth they were going to buy let alone sell a house can now relax. Twickenham has just received the Foxtons seal of approval. Yes folks, the seller of flats to the yuppie generation has now set up shop on York Street in our fair suburb. Some might take the view that we’ve already got quite a few estate agents round these here parts but then others might take the standpoint that you can never have too many of them. We’re not sure who those people might be but for the purposes of this update, we’ll assume there are some. Foxtons have flung open their doors and are giving it the big, old introductory marketing push. By George, they were even bribing children with free muffins on Sunday! It’s brutal out there.

Prosperity, York Street
Prosperity, York Street

Talking of sure-fire signs of prosperity, readers may be interested to learn that the cafe with that very name is now open. We’re talking about Prosperity, further along York Street just opposite El Brute HQ. We’ve mentioned it before. It’s taken a while to get going but it’s now open. If its signage is to be believed it’s covering plenty of bases: cafe. bar, store, off-licence, the works. It’s got a Russian thing going on and a website that has been borrowed  from a chain of three cafes in New York City. We’ll assume they’re connected and simply take joy in the references to freshly shucked oysters and ‘harbour cities’. Clearly, the owners are thinking big in little ol’ Twickenham. Foxtons would surely be proud of that!

Mac's Diner, Twickenham
Mac’s Diner, Twickenham

Now then, here’s an idea we like the sound of. It’s Mac’s Diner & Grill and it’s just opened. An American themed diner in the heart of Twickenham? Yes, buddy you read that right. Located upstairs in the place that used to be Pallavi on the corner of Cross Deep and Heath Road its menu features burgers, hot dogs, club sandwiches, shakes, root beer and we assume, lots of hot cawfee. Opening hours are afternoons through to evenings but we reckon a big American pancake and waffle brekky-fest could meet with high approval ratings. What do you think?

FOMO seems to be all the rage these days. Fear Of Missing Out. It’s usually applied to Twitter addictions and party invite paranoia. However, if you’re suffering from pastry related FOMO then you’ll be delighted to hear that what was Staggerin’ fancy dress shop will soon be re-opening as Fornetti, a purveyor of croissants and such like. Take the trouble to Google it and you’ll learn that it’s a Hungarian franchise. Given the tough competition in Twickenham when it comes to the coffee and croissant scene, we just hope that their bakery is located closer to the Thames than it is to the Danube.

Sticking with the cafe society theme, B20 on Heath Road looks to have closed. It has the tell-tale signs of doom: mailshots and circus posters piling up on the floor. When one thinks of B20 one is reminded of the words of a certain Mancunian miserablist who once warbled, “I know it’s over, and it never really began, but in my heart it was so real”. And thus we mark B20’s fleeting stay on our high street.

Further up Heath Road, Sapori TW1 has been open for a few weeks. It’s in the place once occupied by Angelo’s and bills itself as an Italian deli. It looks pretty good. Don’t know it? It’s the one with the white sign that’s hard to read. OK, forget the sign for a second, the really burning question is, “Will the lycra clad loons from Twickenham Cycling Club adopt it as their post-ride cafe as they’d done with Angelo’s previously?”  Any thoughts?

And finally, a few snippets of other news…
Lux Studio hair salon looks to have to closed. Ditto LS Hair right next door. Pizza Rizzo – a takeaway with a few eat in tables – is now open on York Street where Din’s Grill once made a brief appearance. We’ve also heard that the Piano Lounge building is being let to new tenants. And not just any new tenants but ones likely to find favour with a much wider section of the community than the previous lot. An existing local business looking to expand is the word. Cousins the greengrocers on King Street will be moving round the corner to the former Belmont Bakery in Queens Road. Could it possibly be that the ‘their’ section of pavement on King Street will be reclaimed for use by pedestrians rather than Brussel sprouts? Here’s hoping.

Work seems to be going on in what was Paws charity shop on Heath Road. We’d heard a rumour that a posh decorating shop might be moving in there.  Further up Heath Road the old Jhoots / Lloyds Pharmacy is being turned into another kitchen showroom (you’ll recall that Twickenham Designs opened nearby a few months back). In this case it’s going to be Schmidt Kitchens  who sound German and so, by definition, must be good. So, next time you pop down the road for a pint of milk and a paper you can get yourself some new cabinets, an island and a pot of ‘elephant’s breath’ emulsion while you’re out. Lovely.

UPDATE: And we’ve heard that Max Sports on London Road will be closing its doors. We’re not 100% on the details or timings but pressure from online retailers and the likes of ‘stack it high and sell it cheap’ players such as Sports Direct must have made life tough for ‘proper’ sports shops in recent years.

So there you go. That should keep you going for the time being. Away with ya, now!