Twickenham Ice Cream Van in B&WThursday 14th November 2013. Remember the date. 8.30pm. Remember the time. As to the place? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find that out. The occasion? The third not-quite-annual Twickenham hyperlocal meet-up. The aim? To bring local tweeters, bloggers, scribblers, web types, business types, none-of-your-business types, interested in all things local people, members of the great Twickenham public and, most importantly of all, anyone who doesn’t easily fit into any of those categories, together for a social catch up. Call it a Twickenham meet up, if you like. Call it a “tweet up” if you must. It’s a very informal evening designed to get people talking Twickenham to each other, swapping ideas, making new social contacts, and maybe even making new business contacts. Whatever. There is no agenda. There will be no speeches. The creeping death of “round the group” introductions is banned.

The first twickerati meet up took place in January 2012. About 20 people attended. The second took place in January 2013 with about 45 of Twickenham’s finest. It featured a right old mix, all of whom were very interesting and most excellent company. And as for the third? Well, that’s up to you but you’ll definitely fit right in. You just need to ask yourself when the time comes years from now and someone says to you, “So, did you go to the great Twickenham tweet up in November 2013?” will you be able to hold your head up high and say, “Yes, child, I was there that night. I was part of it”.

Don’t be shy. Your town needs you. Or at least your local pub does.

One last thing… if you run a local website, blog or whatever then it would be good if you could wear some kind of ID so that people can hunt you down and also confirm that you’ll be there (either with a comment below or by email) so we can stick up a list. You never know, some people might actually want to speak to you!

Date: Thursday 14th November 2013
Time: From 8.30pm
Location: Ales & Tails Bar, York Street, Twickenham

Got a question? Post it below or email us: twickerati @ gmail .com

See you there!