New Flats Planned for Heath Road

Another step forward in the regeneration of Twickenham or just another block of flats like the one down the road? Or both? Drawings are doing the rounds for a new residential block on Heath Road opposite Tesco Express. Formal plans have yet to be submitted to El Brute but are expected soon.

The first version to get an airing featured a five storey building with 40 flats and just 20 parking spaces. You know the kind of thing, the type of construction that’s unlikely to be approved but which makes the next iteration look so much more sensible. Yawn! The current version of the development looks remarkably similar to the block a hundred metres away on the corner of Heath Road and Saville Road. You’ll know it as the one with the vacant retail space on the ground floor. But, as a modern building, it looks OK.

The new block would have 24 flats, 24 parking spaces (plus a few bike bays) and would, for the most part, be a bit taller than the current building. And needless to say there’d be some ground floor retail or office space too. The working title for the development is, wait for it… Twickenham House.

So, will we see a welcome addition to the local housing stock which replaces a dated office building or a bland construction that brings little to Twickenham apart from more cars and more customers for Tesco? Only you know the answer to that. What is it?

As it is:

Heath Road (corner with Heath Gardens)

Heath Road (corner with Heath Gardens)

As it may be:

Possible plans for corner of Heath Road & Heath Gardens, TW1

Possible plans for corner of Heath Road & Heath Gardens, TW1

None yet!


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17 responses to “New Flats Planned for Heath Road

  1. looks like a refurb? have not checked the full drawings but elevations look the same.

    the empty shops in the DSS building will be residential very soon, owners going through the motions

    • Yvonne Hewett

      I thought the Aldi was going into the bottom of the building on the DSS site. I’m not sure where I heard the rumour. Does anyone know?

  2. anonymouse

    Yet more retail space for charity shops.

    Genius planning 😦

  3. Mark Elton

    Speaking as an architect, I’d say this is the same old sort of developer-driven design that is inoffensive enough to not trouble the planners, cheap enough to build at a suitable profit and pleasant enough to generate sales. But it won’t really add to the architectural identity of Twickenham, add to any sense of place, excite the passer-by or push the boundaries of low-energy design. Shame, but could be worse. #damnedwithfeintpraise

  4. simonh

    Looks absolutely fine to me, and I live very close by. Let’s not delay it with needless objections, shall we?

  5. WalkinthePark

    If you don’t like what is proposed, get organised and object! Councillor Head is very knowledgeable about the Planning Process and will facilitate a negotiation with the developers. Developers will always try first with the cheapest possible out of a filing cabinet unimaginative plans that will make them the most profit. It is the job of the Council to ensure the plans meet the standards set out in their Planning framework (which they failed to do on the station development) and balance the objections of the local community with the interests of the developer. Further down Heath Road in the development in Clifden Road and the one in Holly Road an extended process involving Council and Planning Inspectorate resulted in the developers having to come up with more appropriate plans, Of course the developer in Holly Road then built what he wanted anyway but the cogs are turning to force him to comply.

  6. Mumto1plus2

    How many of them will be ‘affordable homes’? 😉

    • CP

      Probably none, and it’s precisely because of the lack of affordable housing that I won’t be in the area when these flats actually get built. Farewell Twickenham, it was fun while it lasted. Enjoy your charity shops and empty facades.

  7. Yay, a 1970s revival building! Ghastly, boring, mediocre…

  8. Rufus McDufus

    Anyone know why that small row of houses the other side of the railway bridge to this office all seem to have for sale or sold signs on them? Wondering if it was related.

  9. Angela

    It does look unexciting. In fact, it looks so like what is there already it seems stupid not to refit the existing building into flats and save loadsamoney in the the process.

  10. David

    It does look a bit dull. That said, it’s a step up from what’s there at the moment, and if it helps support a few more businesses at that end of Heath Road, so much the better.

  11. Yvonne Hewett

    It looks like a chunk carved off the truly boring building that’s gone up on the site of the old DSS office. Whatever happened to imaginative architecture? Where’s Gaudí when we need him?

    • Rufus McDufus

      I quite like the flats on the old DHSS site. They’re fairly well in keeping with the Victorian/Edwardian buildings. . Better than some of the 80s/90s blocks like the one where Multiyork is or the old cinema site at Cross Deep.

    • Ron

      Still building his cathedral 130 years later I believe! Still, that’ll probably be quicker than the new Twickenham train station

    • Yvonne Hewett

      More interesting, too.

    • Anonymous

      Turning in his grave in the Sagrada Familia, I assume.