Get Your Skates On, It’s Twickenham Ice Rink

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to see the likes of the Blue Baron in a speed skating duel with the Yellow Knight, or Councillors Marlow and Head dancing on ice to Ravel’s Bolero or maybe even Scott Naylor and Gareth Roberts in a ‘Blades of Glory’ style grudge match then you won’t have long to wait. Well, to be honest, you will have a very long time to wait because these things will never happen, but at least El Brute HQ will soon have the capability to host such scenarios should the need arise. Do what? We’re talking about this winter’s ice rink in the grounds of York House, of course.

It almost happened last year but it’s definitely going ahead this winter. It’s on the internet so it must be true. In fact it opens on November 30th. OK, so a rink over the York House tennis courts might not have quite the same pulling power as gracefully gliding around in front of Hampton Court Palace or Somerset House but a temporary Twickenham rink could do well. It also gives a brief nod to local history and the days when Twickenham had its own rink. In fact, this Twickenham Alive organised event seems to be following that bygone tradition by emphasising the Richmond angle just as the old Richmond Ice Rink in East Twickenham did. The new “Richmond Rink” will operate in the grounds of York House, Twickenham from Saturday November 30th to Sunday January 12th. There’s more detail on the link below.

Ice rink here?

Ice rink here?

Stories of Councillors skating on thin ice or making embarrassing slips will, no doubt, be added to this website as appropriate. And who knows, with his penchant for a spot of ballroom dancing we might even see St Vincent de Cable turning up to have a go. In the meantime you can ponder on which of our Borough councillors might be awarded top marks from a panel of independent local judges. Hey, perhaps our very own Twickenham Advisory Panel could be enlisted to do the judging. They’d just have to hope that El Brute were prepared to go along with their recommendations. Or perhaps a skate-focused consultation could be run, just to break the ice so to speak.

Tickets are now on sale. Happy skating.

* Twickenham Alive Richmond Rink
* Previously on twickerati (Oct 2012)


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14 responses to “Get Your Skates On, It’s Twickenham Ice Rink

  1. UPDATE: Tickets are now on sale through the Twickenham Alive Richmond Rink link above.

  2. Alexis

    Nemesis says:
    “Pedantry aside – what is Gareth implying? He does seem a little reluctant to reply.”
    If Nemesis is still hoping for an answer from LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts, here is a transcript from his twitter stuff that shows how petulant he gets when he doesn’t get a prompt response from the Deputy Leader of the Council – needless to say I haven’t had one from Gareth either.
    “@GeoffreySamuel3 And answer came there none – from whoever it is that Geoffrey has running his twitterfeed #CooooeeeeKate”
    Some Councillors do seem to live in a rarified world, occasionally deigning us, their hapless punters with their wit, intellect and, dare I say it, answers?
    But only when it suits them.

  3. twickerman

    Let’s arm Cllrs Naylor and Roberts with long poles for LBRUT ‘s very own ‘Lancing On Ice’ competition.

    • Gareth Roberts

      Don’t worry Scott, Twickerman was careful to spell poles with a lowercase p

    • nemesis

      What on earth are you inferring Gareth?

    • Purple Haze

      Vote in a Lib Dem councillor and then by stealth get a UKIP one that we didn’t vote for.
      How does that work then?

    • Gareth Roberts

      A typo there I think, Scott was elected on the Conservative ticket, not Lib Dem

    • Purple Haze

      Apologies, you’re right Gareth, Conservative not Lib Dem.
      They’re starting to look all the same to me…

    • Ex-Twickenham Resident

      Gareth is implying…you are inferring.

    • nemesis

      Pedantry aside – what is Gareth implying? He does seem a little reluctant to reply.

    • Alexis

      Interesting to note that Purple Haze and Ex-Twickenham Resident both share the same avatar. When I inadverently dropped the “is” off my chosen name, I was promptly pounced on by our resident cyber policeman, LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts, yet, strangely, here he is again quite happy to continue this somewhat pointless bandinage with what appears to be the same person. Double standards? or could there be dirty political trickery afoot? I must say that his somewhat unfortunate yellow avatar rather reminds me of those space invaders we used to enjoy zapping back in the ’70’s.
      PS: Dream on Nemesis, Gareth doesn’t reply unless it suits him, just like he will never confirm or deny whether he has ever posted anonymously.

  4. Gareth Roberts

    Well………..I’m game. My triple salchow isn’t what it once was but whose is?

  5. Yvonne Hewett

    The Diamond Jubilee Gardens are the obvious place for the rink, I agree.

  6. twickerman

    Another great article from twickerati 🙂

    Possible strapline (I’m sure you can do better):
    – Have a chilled RichmonDrink at the Twickenham Ice Rink.

    Hopefully it will move to the Jubilee Gardens next year.