Well? Who is it? You’ve got until 20th September to spill the beans. We’re talking about the Richmond Business Awards obviously and, to be specific, we’re talking about the People’s Choice Award. It’s the one category in the annual awards shebang that all the regular folk of this fair Borough of ours get to vote on. Last year’s gong went to locally based website For Sanity’s Sake, a great resource for parents and carers of pre-school children.

And what about this year’s? That’s up to you of course. Perhaps it could be another website – although we’re probably even more devastated than you are that twickerati doesn’t meet the entry criteria – too good probably. It could be a service business or professional practice. It could be a retailer or a pub or a restaurant. There are lots of great business locally, new ones and well established outfits, so let’s show those people on the wrong side of the borough what they’re missing. It’s up to you who you vote for. We’re not trying to rig the vote or run some kind of Council style consultation here, and it would not just be wrong but very wrong to try to influence your choice in any way. But we will say one thing to nudge you along: “Vote for Twickenham. Vote for Rubens Bakehouse“. Do the maths and you’ll realise that was actually two things but what the heck, Igor and his ‘artisan bakery lab’ have been a great addition to Twickenham town centre (delicious bread, pastries and now pizzas) and so it’s Rubens that gets the twickerati seal of approval for this year’s People’s Choice Award.

And by the way, if you’re a business, charity or social enterprise, you’ve still got time to put yourself forward for one of the many other awards on offer. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. It might not transform your business or make you a millionaire but a bit of awards prestige can’t do any harm can it? Oh and if that doesn’t persuade you then there’s probably some decent grub at the awards ceremony too. Do let us know.

So Twickenham, who do you love?

* Richmond Business Awards
(Deadline for nominations & ‘People’s Choice Votes’ is 20th September)

Church Street
Twickenham’s Church Street (where some shops are)