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Have you enjoyed the pots and hanging baskets around Twickenham over the summer months? Course you bloomin’ have. Big shout to Twickenham Town Business Association, local businesses and LBRUT for making it happen. And so what if the sky’s not really purple. Get over yourselves.

flowers in church street

flowers in church street


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3 responses to “Pic of the Week

  1. Yvonne

    Not just beautiful, but the smell is wonderful as well. I just have to put my face to the flowers and sniff. YB.

  2. Shona

    I have a good selection of greeting cards at Shona’s Gallery, in the same shop as Crusader Travel.
    They are all hand made and can also be custom made to any shape and size and design.
    Call into 57 Church Street to have a look.

  3. Alexis

    Congratulations to Bruce and Hedda Lyons and the local traders for a superb floral display. I know he puts himself out because I once saw him late at night with his barrow and ladder watering the hanging baskets outside Riley’s – that’s the sort of person he is! We had brunch last Saturday outside Pincho’s with our grandchildren who were fascinated by the scarecrow but, fortunately, didn’t mess about with his accoutrements unlike some late night revellers!
    Thank you to Bruce, Hedda and your fellow traders, however, can I please say that I always used to be able to find excellent greeting cards in Church St – sadly that’s no longer so.