The public consultation on the Crossrail 2 project comes to an end on Friday 2nd August. The results will be taken into consideration as part of developing the idea further. Well, that’s what they say anyway. You’ve heard of Crossrail, right? It’s the new rail line running east / west across London. Well, Crossrail 2 would become its north /south counterpart. The current ‘early days’ proposals offer two alternatives, a ‘metro option’ (underground from Alexandra Palace to Wimbledon) and a ‘regional option’. This second, longer route builds on the metro option and could include a branch from Cheshunt in the north down through central London to Wimbledon, then round to towns such as Epsom, Surbiton or, you’ve guessed it, Twickenham. It’s suggested that a route such as one from Twickenham via Wimbledon would run on South West Trains suburban lines but would still get you into central London (Victoria, Tottenham Court Road or Euston) more quickly than the conventional ‘train to Waterloo then tube’ approach. It obviously depends where you’re heading, of course, but the idea of a fast and efficient route into London with good connections to more mainline stations is appealing. Is Solum Regeneration’s plan for Twickenham station up to the Crossrail challenge? We simply don’t know but we’d like to think they’ve planned ahead for this kind of thing (?).

The cost of the regional option is estimated at between £12 and £20bn (so let’s call that £30bn then) and trains could be speeding along it by the early 2030s. So dig deep but don’t start changing your season ticket arrangements just yet.

* TFL Crossrail 2
Deadline for comments is 2nd August