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And in other news… Richmond Council’s new design for an outdoor business / community collaboration zone in Twickenham has met with a muted response.

New outdoor collaboration zone?

New outdoor collaboration zone?

There would appear to be scope to improve on this. Free 56k dial up modem maybe? Perhaps a caption competition is in order? (No prize though)


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11 responses to “Pic of the Week

  1. Atos healthcare open air work capability assessment centre…

  2. due to severe cuts its looking more like Citizens Advice Centre

  3. Solum’s conceptual design for waiting area at new Twickenham station branded unacceptable by Trag.

  4. From twitter:
    @kateseptember: My entry for RHS Hampton Court Flower Show was sadly rejected.

    @drjagz: The Richmond UKIP party conference was a sell-out.

  5. Bobby Gee

    Is the the non-sectarian annex for the new catholic school? It certainly looks like Clifden

    • walkinthePark

      Lord True delivers on his election pledge to make sure the grass is greener on the exclusively Catholic side of the fence? (It is )

  6. anonymouse

    Council press release:
    “We continue to invest heavily in ‘Cons’ultation facilities for local residents, but for inexplicable reasons these have failed to capture the public’s imagination”.

  7. Rik

    Vince Cable’s office after the next election.

  8. Gareth Roberts

    LBRUT Press Release “Latest All In One drop in session hailed a huge success as residents arrive in their droves to give their views”

  9. Rufus McDufus

    Twickenham’s latest uber-trendy hipster-style minimalist restaurant has disappointing opening day.

  10. Purple Haze

    The new UKIP campaign office?