Scott’s Independence for Twickenham Councillor

[UPDATE: The Richmond & Twickenham Times is now reporting that Scott Naylor has joined UKIP.] Previously….

He’s only gone and bloody done it, hasn’t he? If El Brute’s website is to be believed then Twickenham Riverside Councillor Scott Naylor has ‘gone indie’. That’s right, ‘Nails’ seems to have relinquished the Conservative whip and declared himself to be an independent, or should that be ‘UK Independent’? Where there were once three Tory Councillors for Twickenham Riverside ward, now there’s one local Conservative, one councillor who’s enjoying spending a good deal of her time down in Cornwall and Scott Naylor, Independent. We’re not surprised by the news. You’re not surprised by the news. Scott’s opposition to the station redevelopment can’t have endeared him to the suits at party HQ (do they wear suits at local party HQs? Surely tweed jackets and Hush Puppies are more the norm). Add to this a series of ‘European flavoured’ tweets, the recent announcement from the local Conservative party that he would not be representing them at the next election, the substitution of his “Boris and me” Twitter profile picture with a family shot and the scene was set for a defection to the Scott Party (membership: 1). The only thing that’s strange is that Scott, usually just as vocal on Twitter as he is in the real world, went very quiet for a while. We even asked him for a comment about his new found freedom but as yet haven’t had a reply.

And what about this UKIP business? When Scott says independent, we interpret that as a courtesy title for the near future. We’d heard that Nails was planning to don the purple & yellow of UKIP, presumably in time for the 2014 election and that now looks highly likely. In the run up to his renunciation of the (Lord) True way, was it just a co-incidence that a Richmond & Twickenham UKIP account popped up on Twitter? But not just any UKIP account, oh no. It’s a Twitter account that seemed very well informed about Scott. And perhaps it was another co-incidence that UKIP were out leafleting by the river on the day of the Diamond Jubilee Gardens 1st birthday party, a day when Nails was cooking up a sausage or two for the locals only a short distance away. And late yesterday we finally got to see a Twitter picture of Scott with none other than Mr Nigel Farage himself. And there we have it.

Of Scott’s defection one ward resident (who cannot be named for legal reasons) told us, “We were already effectively down to only 2 out of 3 councillors, before this. I hope we aren’t now going to find all our local issues turned into one long election campaign. There are real people with real problems to be sorted; that’s what we pay councillors to do, regardless of their personal changes of allegiance”.

So what now? Summer’s here and so no doubt the local Lib Dems will look to make some political hay while the sun shines. Are the local Conservatives worried about losing seats to UKIP next year? Probably. And what does Scott see his role as being between now and the next election? Perhaps we might even see another slanging match on here. Tell you what, if we’re lucky we might even see if we can can get some comments from real Twickenham riverside residents on Scott’s newly won (UK) independence.

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  1. Jon X. Barnes

    What’s done is done. Let us see how Mr. Naylor develops with his Ukip hat on. It may be that others, with similar feelings of frustration, are on the cusp of similar transitions. Anyone who believes that local councils are not being financially affected by the ever-growing bureaucratic legislative directives being churned out by Brussels is definitely out of touch. Similarly, today’s ruling by Europe giving the right of appeal to murderers convicted in UK courts to life imprisonment can only open up the possibility of the early release onto our streets of potentially un- safe characters. Of course EU rulings affect us.

  2. anonymouse

    It sounds as if Alexis is Councillor Naylor’s personal counsellor?

    • Alexis

      Sorry anonymouse, your “attempt to score cheap points” as Gareth described my attempt to stand up for a friend are as tacky as Stuart Broad’s refusal to walk when he knew he was out. I know that today’s standards of behaviour in politics and sport are at a particularly low ebb but the frenzied witchhunt, seemingly orchestrated by Councillor Gareth Roberts, to “out” Councillor Naylor has been particularly distasteful and does him little or no credit.

      Here are the last two paragraphs of a letter published in Friday’s R&TT – mostly about the Solum proposal and TRAG:
      “And finally I would like to thank Councillor Scott Naylor, who is the most pro-active councillor I have known in 25 years of living here.
      He has worked relentlessly on behalf of the residents, jeopardising his position on the council. I hear that he is now leaving the Conservative Party and wish him the very best of luck and hope his new party will support him and be more true”

      Perhaps we can look forward to a similar paean of praise about Councillor Gareth Roberts’s activities in due course? I haven’t noticed one yet – he’s managed a few photo op’s in Carlyle Park, Cricket Lane and sitting astride his new £2K school run bike, but that seems to be about it.

    • I bumped into Cllr Naylor at the St Margarets Fair on Saturday and can report that he shows no sign whatever of feeling hounded either by Cllr Roberts or Lord True. Instead he was as pleased with himself as he ever. I suggested to him that he should start a blog and he replied ‘that could well happen’ . .

    • Alexis

      Many readers might well consider this an old story, at least until the next election. However, don’t be deceived by LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts’s apparent silence – it’s all kicked off on Twitter. Whilst Gareth and his chums tweet relentlessly about UKIP, I far prefer BBC4’s tweet of the day, broadcast just before 6.00am. This morning it was the turn of the Dotterel, a rather silly bird. Quite why it made me think of Gareth, I didn’t know until I read one of his tweets thus:
      “I should have known better than to get a response; That’s one of the questions that UKIP supporters never have an answer to”
      Since C’llr G Roberts is now Opposition Spokesperson for Education, he clearly thinks that he deserves respect and a prompt answer, so the UKIP spokesperson had better jump to it. By contrast, isn’t it strange that, having given me such a hard time, he is so reluctant to answer my simple question about whether he has ever posted anonymously? Perhaps it’s because I am just a tax paying resident, only have one vote and can be safely ignored by a LibDem VIP.
      Hubris tends to catch these sort of people out sooner or later.
      PS: Good to know that Mr Squire “bumped into” Cllr Naylor at the St Margarets Fair. I wonder who came off best?

    • anonymouse

      What are the odds that Alexis is the R&TTs ‘NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED’ author he/she quotes above?

    • Alexis

      I’m up for a bet anonymouse – are you? Editors decision is final
      Money where you mouse is?

  3. twickerman

    Dear twickerati,

    Can you please explain what you mean by ‘real Twickenham riverside residents’?

    I’m a real one!

  4. Gareth Roberts

    I appreciate that this comes fairly close to ‘Small boy poking the bear with a stick through the bars of he menagerie’ but it is rather extraordinary that Scott hasn’t given neither peep nor utterance on this site, or indeed any other site, about his new situation.

    What do we take from this? For what it’s worth I reckon we won’t see a ‘Nails’ comment. I’d be quite prepared to believe that baubles and trinkets have been dangled in return for an undignified silence – today York House, tomorrow Brussels and Strasbourg and ‘Choo Choo!’ Full steam ahead on the much despised EU Gravy Train!

    • Alexis

      Does anyone else feel a little bit of disquiet about Gareth Roberts’s latest post and the relentless witchhunt which he orchestrated to “out” ex-Tory Councillor Scott Naylor as a defector to UKIP? Now its done, can we look forward to some peace and quiet from the local LibDem attack dogs or has this site been taken over by them?
      I’m not surprised that Councillor Gareth Roberts seems to have been the leader of the pack although I find it somewhat distasteful that a fellow Councillor should descend to silly namecalling like: “Nails”. It’s OK for Twickerati to do so but not for an elected Councillor who really should be above all that sort of stuff. Hardly respectful. Also, who’s Marky Goodrich? He has never declared his party loyalty whilst gleefully posting a daily tweet about this sorry affair – equally distasteful. Well said Boanerges, Chris Squire’s 26 years of loyal service to the party will for ever be tarnished by that crass picture and caption, although it did seem to reflect the prevailing aggressiveness of the LibDem party leadership.

      In the simplistic world of Liberal Democracy, this post is bound to brand me a supporter of UKIP, so, let me please assure other readers with open minds that I am not – I think that Scott’s decision is wrong but it’s his to make and I respect it. I think we could do with a few more politicians with conviction rather than the many party hacks we have been stuck with for so long – the next generation look no better.

      I always thought that kicking a man when he was down is a bit infra-dig, so, let’s be charitable and assume that Gareth and his chums are unaware of the personal challenges that Scott Naylor has had to face this year. Or could it be that Gareth is gnashing his teeth for having missed a trick?
      Bad luck old chap, I’m afraid. At best, its another safe LibDem list seat on the GLA for you!

    • Gareth Roberts

      Well most of Alexis (are you still keeping that up, by the way) is the usual old froth but I felt it worth while to mention his rather unfortunate reference to the ‘personal challenges’ which Scott has faced this year. I don’t believe I was aware of any, until now that is. Perhaps Scott is perfectly happy to have these challenges discussed but given he has made little if any reference to them I assume this isn’t the case; so it appears in rather poor taste for ‘Alexis’ to bring them up in an attempt to score cheap points as it may well lead to speculation of a prurient nature as to what those challenges may have been.

    • Alexis

      Nice try Gareth – he seems a tad piqued doesn’t he?

      The normal rule is, don’t throw a hardball at the wall if you don’t like it bouncing back at you – the poor chap obviously never played Fives.
      Have a look at his letter in this week’s R&TT which we no longer seem to get delivered although there is an e-edition. He concludes his little bit of literary brilliance with a quotation, thus: “To adopt one of Shakespeare’s better one liners “some elect UKIP, some reject UKIP and some have UKIP thrust upon them” Not bad at all but I wonder whether he really meant “adopt” rather than “adapt”? Sorry to be a bit of a nitpicker but Gareth does seem to pride himself on his correct use of words.

      Talking of which, he still remains reluctant to answer the simple question which I have asked him on a number of occasions which is: Has he ever posted comments anonymously? I’m surprised at his reluctance to confirm or deny it given his vociferous condemnation of those who choose to do so (in opposition to him). Given his reluctance, why on earth should Scott Naylor justify his actions to Gareth and his baying chums – as he demands?
      Let’s not forget the LibDem mantra from their Effective Opposition handbook: “Be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly.” Gareth says that’s history – judge for yourself!
      All in all, a rather sorry episode which has left both sides somewhat tarnished.

  5. twickerman

    A little over 2,000 residents voted Cllr Naylor into 3rd place, behind his Twickenham Riverside Conservative colleagues, in 2010.

    I think he owes those voters and the other Riverside residents he represents an explanation of his revised political position and his future ambitions.


    Scott Naylor’s world view makes the Swivel Eyed Party a much more congenial home for him than Twickenham’s moderate Conservative party. See, for example, his vigorous denunciation of me as a ‘Marxist left winger’ yearning for ‘the Soviet, Stalin and Marxist era’ on this website back in December 2010:

    Those who know me will confirm that I am and have been for 26 years a mild-mannered active social liberal, so such wild epithets make me wonder how the sane, sensible and sober – and liberal minded – residents of Twickenham came to choose him in 2010. His habit of calling his opponents names instead of engaging with their arguments will have left them unimpressed.

    UKIP or not, I hope and expect that he will stand next May and let the electors rather than a party machine choose by whom they wish to represented.

    • boanerges

      Mr Squire describes himself as “mild mannered”. Well, I’m very glad he’s changed from the guy who as LibDem webmaster posted the infamous “liar, liar, pants on fire” item, accompanied by a picture of a young boy making an obscene gesture, as an attack on those who dared to oppose LibDem,s plans for housing on the old pool site. How was that for “calling names instead of engaging in argument”?

    • nemesis

      Scratch a Liberal Democrat and, along with a lot of hand-wringing you will find a fully fledged socialist.

    • Bobby Gee

      Is this the same principle whereby you can scratch a UKIP supporter and after a lot of harrumphing you reveal a fully fledged bigot?

    • nemesis

      Get Vince to explain Fabians window – especially the wolf in sheeps clothing!!

    • michelangelo

      as the ex-Prime Minister discovered, calling someone a “bigot” isn’t always a good move. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s views is no reason to bad-mouth them.

    • Bobby Gee

      To clarify, I was not calling any particular individual a bigot (Gordon Brown’s mistake – albeit in private). I would though stand by the proposal that a shadow side of the nationalistic isolationism represented by UKIP is; “A prejudice of views and and intolerance of the opinions of others.” OED. Some people may think this opinion merely reveals my own bigotry – so be it.

  7. Boss

    Yup, although to be fair they have never represented local residents or they would not have allowed our last remaining school property to exclude local residents.

  8. Curiouser and curiouser! Or, it’s a mittersy (if you want to bring your children’s literature up to date). As a Twickenham Riverside resident, I am following this with much interest. And I don’t agree with the anonymous contributor quoted by Twickerati above – there is a lot of boring academic evidence that more political competition in seats leads to much more engagement with local people so bring it on, I say!

    In today’s Richmond and Twickenham Times, Scott finally breaks his silence on the issue. He proudly proclaims independence and bashs the Tory cabal which got him deselected and rumours of UKIP defection are denied. And then at the same time, UKIP Richmond blast pictures of him all over their UKIP dinner…. Eh?

    In my whole life, Scott is the only Tory councillor who has ever called round to discuss a local issue with me so I have no axe to grind with him personally but I think he needs to clear up the position.

    In answer to Jeremy, I believe that UKIP now maintain they are a proper political party with a range of policies (not just Euro-grumbling) so no reason for them not to stand in local elections. To my mind, their policies are the worst of the old extremist Tory right but clearly the rest of the electorate will make up its own mind….

    Finally, I am tweeting a daily update until such time as Scott makes his position clear so follow me on Twitter if you want to get it!

    • Gareth Roberts

      Well on the UKIP Richmond Twitter Feed there’s a rather boring picture of a place card made out for Scott

      Rather hilariously the accompanying tweet reads

      “#ukip our newest defect, fresh from the Tories. At dinner with the ukippers celebrating a rebirth”

      I think perhaps it’s rather unkind to describe Scott as a defect…… I’m sure they meant defector!

      However this just adds to the evidence that Scott’s alleged independence is anything but independence but he suffers from the party allegiance that dare not speak its name

    • Ex Twickenham Resident

      Perhaps we should be thinking 2015 rather than 2014? Just a thought.

  9. Jeremy Rodell

    What on Earth has UKIP got to do with local politics in Twickenham?

    • Gareth Roberts

      They probably want to secede from the 1965 union with Richmond & Barnes and re-establish the old Borough of Twickenham – while maintaining a harmonious trade agreement with the other side of the river, of course!

  10. twickerman

    Come on Scott. It’s time to spill the beans to your Riverside electorate about your UKIP involvement.

    Especially after your photo with Nigel Farage at UKIP’s dinner last night:

    • Gareth Roberts

      If one was being charitable and offering the benefit of the doubt one could, possibly, claim that photo depicts something that is all part and parcel of being a national party leader; you have to accept that some people will want to be photographed shaking hands with you.

      What I think is by FAR the more interesting photo is the other one

      This shows Scott addressing the entire gathering from near the top table (and keeping his audience absolutely rivettted!). Now UKIP would be very unlikely to invite random independent councillors to address a dinner which has the party leader in attendance.

      Seems to me that Scott really does need to break his current silence (self imposed do you think, or forced upon him by his new party friends) and explain why his constituents can possibly believe in his alleged independence? Let’s not forget that he’s got form for his ‘Independent’ views having masqueraded as a non-party, community activist prior to 2010 only (surprise surprise!) to tear off the whiskers come the election and stand as a Conservative!

  11. Purple Haze

    No one has been properly representing residents on local issues for donkey’s years apart from a few individuals that finally got disillusioned or silenced in the end. Thanks to those that tried but we need more than this.
    The local shopping streets continue to deteriorate, inappropriate property developments are approved and the night time economy increases, impacting on the quality of life for many people in the town.
    So is the way forward just Conservative or UKIP, as many people don’t trust the LibDems anymore and Labour has never stood a chance here?
    Grim isn’t it?

  12. Disenchanted Riverside Voter

    It’s been evident for some time that no one is representing us on local issues, even when our Councillors try they get silenced if it in any way interferes with the True way. Last election, for the first time in my life I voted Tory, I won’t make that mistake again.

  13. anonymouse

    After 6 months desperately trying to blow smoke up the Twickenham Tory backsides, then another 2 months of anti-Europe twittering it’s clear that Cllr Naylor doesn’t have the time or interest to participate in local issues.

    Riverside residents should be given the opportunity to vote on both his and Cllr Salvoni’s positions as they no longer represent residents as promised in 2010.