Two of the three Conservative Councillors for the Twickenham Riverside ward will not be representing the party at next May’s local elections. The Richmond and Twickenham Times reports that Sam Salvoni and Scott ‘Twick Regenerate’ Naylor have not been selected by the local party to stand for re-election next year. The third incumbent Councillor for Twickenham Riverside, Susan Chappell, will stand along with two new candidates, Benedict Dias and Tony Shoebridge.

Avid readers (as well as casual and intermittent ones) will know that “Nails” has been a very vocal critic of El Brute’s approval of Solum’s plans for Twickenham station, whilst Councillor Salvoni has garnered a few column inches in the local press for spending a good deal of time in Cornwall. We’d wager a small sum (say, £5 tops) that Scott’s off-piste antics over the station can’t have endeared him to the local bigwigs at party HQ and we all know that he loves a bit of a brawling in the comments section of this website and others. But we’ll also say that the man is passionate about Twickenham and maintains a high profile. In other words, people actually know who he is which is a useful attribute if you’re representing your local area. Could you name your three ward councillors? Or even two of them? OK, one, perhaps??

As yet we’ve heard nothing on the matter from either councillor, but then again we haven’t actually asked them. Despite that, one thing on which we might speculate is that given his ‘vocal local’ credentials we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see “Nails” transformed into an independent or even a UKIP candidate come May of next year. So, as Scott himself probably wouldn’t say, “It ain’t over til it’s over”. Watch this space.

* Richmond & Twickenham Times
* Full List of Richmond Councillors. (aka The Brutes?)

(And yes, there are plenty of comments about this on another item on the site but news is news… even when it’s plagiarised news)