And in Other News… Riverside Councillors Not Reselected

Two of the three Conservative Councillors for the Twickenham Riverside ward will not be representing the party at next May’s local elections. The Richmond and Twickenham Times reports that Sam Salvoni and Scott ‘Twick Regenerate’ Naylor have not been selected by the local party to stand for re-election next year. The third incumbent Councillor for Twickenham Riverside, Susan Chappell, will stand along with two new candidates, Benedict Dias and Tony Shoebridge.

Avid readers (as well as casual and intermittent ones) will know that “Nails” has been a very vocal critic of El Brute’s approval of Solum’s plans for Twickenham station, whilst Councillor Salvoni has garnered a few column inches in the local press for spending a good deal of time in Cornwall. We’d wager a small sum (say, £5 tops) that Scott’s off-piste antics over the station can’t have endeared him to the local bigwigs at party HQ and we all know that he loves a bit of a brawling in the comments section of this website and others. But we’ll also say that the man is passionate about Twickenham and maintains a high profile. In other words, people actually know who he is which is a useful attribute if you’re representing your local area. Could you name your three ward councillors? Or even two of them? OK, one, perhaps??

As yet we’ve heard nothing on the matter from either councillor, but then again we haven’t actually asked them. Despite that, one thing on which we might speculate is that given his ‘vocal local’ credentials we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see “Nails” transformed into an independent or even a UKIP candidate come May of next year. So, as Scott himself probably wouldn’t say, “It ain’t over til it’s over”. Watch this space.

* Richmond & Twickenham Times
* Full List of Richmond Councillors. (aka The Brutes?)

(And yes, there are plenty of comments about this on another item on the site but news is news… even when it’s plagiarised news)


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  1. Here’s a link to the latest twickerati story on this…
    “Scott’s Independence for Twickenham Councillor”

  2. If anyone is still reading this… latest news is that Scott Naylor has gone independent. Link here:

    So out of three Tory councillors in my ward, one has gone AWOL to Cornwall and one has resigned party. Not exactly impressive.

    The bizarre thing is that Scott has been entirely silent since the news broke leading to stories coming from UKIP Richmond and the like. I am doing a daily tweet so follow me if you a regular update!

    • Alexis

      Mark Goodrich’s post reminds me that I recently pointed out that Riverside Tory Cllr Salvoni’s relocation to Cornwall was really only relevant to the local LibDems who would like to put us to the expense of a by election within 12 months of the next election. Why? Because they think they can win it. Is that an indication of how they would like to waste our money? By sheer co-incidence I spotted an item in the Evening Standard about a LibDem Vicar Councillor in Brent who had also relocated to a parish in Brighton. In his case he had, rightly, foregone his allowance, however, and this is a very big however, there was no hue and cry for a by election there since he was a LibDem in a Labour stronghold, so no point – anyway why risk losing his allowance which had apparently been redirected to the local party coffers for at least a year! What utter hypocrisy. Nevertheless, for my pains, here are a couple of examples of how my expose of extraordinary double standards was rubbished on these pages:

      Mark Goodrich recently wrote as follows:
      “Alexis – I don’t read the Evening Standard and, to be honest, am having a hard time being interested in what happens in Brent….” Fair enough for a poorly represented local punter you might think? Not necessarily so judging by his twitter traffic with other LibDem brothers in arms (Gareth Roberts etc) about whether Riverside Tory Cllr Naylor will or will not jump ship to UKIP. No wonder Mr Goodrich wasn’t interested in an embarrassing episode which casts the LibDems in such a bad light and, dare I say it, distracted attention?

      Here’s another cracker, this one is from LibDem candidate Steve Topol who has high hopes of winning a seat in Twickenham Riverside:
      “I commend Alexis for the skillful way in which s/he has distracted attention away from Absentee Conservative Councillor Salvoni. Alexis has rambled on about the politics of the London Borough of Brent, which is unlikely to be of great interest to readers of this site. This site is called Twickerati, not Brenterati !”
      I didn’t actually ramble, I simply quoted some of what was in the ES, but, in response, these sort of politicos usually go for the man rather than the ball when they are in a spot of bother.

      Good luck voters of Twickenham Riverside! – the LibDems obviously think they’ve got this one in the bag and have persuaded big guns like Topol and Crouch to abandon their old wards – after all, Hampton, “2nd safest LibDem ward in the Borough” as Gareth told us, is unlikely to have any vacancies for a while.

    • Riverside Resident

      Stifles yawn.

    • anonymouse

      I wonder what Alexis makes of Cllr Naylor’s photo opp’ with Nigel Farage at a UKIP dinner last night?
      A total coincidence no doubt!
      And maybe the newly formed @UKIPRichmond’s tweets about the UK Independent Councillor are also a coincidence?
      No doubt Alexis will come up with yet another distraction tactic.

  3. Wow – the comments have really exploded on this thread since I last came here…

    A few points to assorted commentators:

    1. damienp1 – agree that much of the comments can look like squabbling but there is a serious issue underneath it. We have a Twickenham Riverside councillor who moved away to Cornwall some time ago leaving us shortchanged until the next election. (I also regret that the Tories seem determined to prevent any independent thought in their councillors – Scott Naylor has my sympathy in being deselected by them, no doubt for opposing the station development).

    2. Alexis – I don’t read the Evening Standard and, to be honest, am having a hard time being interested in what happens in Brent. In general, I think that if people move completely away from an area that they represent as a councillor, they should resign. I am a resident of Twickenham Riverside and I would quite like to have a full set of councillors….

    3. Phillip Taylor – so, are you of the view that it is fine to move away to Cornwall and stay in post? The odd thing about this thread is that nobody seems to want to justify what has happened with Cllr Salvoni and yet she is still there!

  4. Is it time for Alexis and Steve Topol to swap email addresses so they can continue their discussions ‘offline’? Happy to facilitate this if required.

    • Steven Topol

      My discussions with Alexis are over on this ! However, Mr Twickerati. you did open the discussion, above, about the Riverside Councillors. Inevitably, discussion on Councillor Salvoni would follow as a result. Perhaps you should organise an on line democratic poll as to whether she should resign or not. That would settle the issue on Twickerati. Will be interested in your reply.

    • The next item will not be about local councillors, that’s for sure.
      (But anyone can register with ‘’ and set up a poll. If someone wants to set one up, happy to publicise a link – if the poll is reasonably worded.)

    • Steven Topol

      It would have to be someone who was completely impartial, & who has not given an opinion or posting on the topic before, otherwise the poll wouldn’t be respected. I would think you’d be the ideal person to organise this Mr Twickerati, as you’re the impartial editor of the site

    • Alexis

      No thanks Twickerati, conducting an offline “discussion” with Mr Topol would be as pointless as an online one – at least online the silent majority can take note and think about who and what they are going to be asked to vote for. Those are the votes Mr Topol will never know why he lost or gained.
      I’m pleased he’s unilaterally decided to end our “discussion” and am amazed that he and his party chums allowed it to go on for so long!
      PS: Interesting letters in today’s R&TT.

    • I have just seen some of the nonsense which is currently being promoted by the local Liberal Democrats in Twickenham called ‘Cornwallgate’ and getting at one of the Tory councillors when we are nearing the end of this Council cycle. Two can play at their game as there are plenty of Liberal Democrats who fit a similar profile to the rubbish they are spouting about the Tories.

      Without naming names, lets consider the role of the Liberal Democrats over “Dementiagate”, “teachertraininggate” and a few other local ‘gates’ for some of their own councillors who do not pull their weight in this borough.

      It is time for the Liberal Democrats to start exhibiting a little more balance and fairness in their constant striving for hypercriticism over the Conservative Party’s local commitment to carry out its manifesto pledges in this borough…which the Tories have done here and should be given proper credit for.

      Phillip Taylor

    • Disenchanted Riverside Voter

      erm… like the one about there being no high rises at the station, oh and the one I didn’t see, about giving the best site for a local school to the Catholic Church leaving it up in the air whether the much needed local Free School, supported by Riverside parents, will have a site to enable it to open in 2014. I think the Conservative Councillors in Riverside ward have as much chance of being elected as their Libdem colleagues had last time around. At the time it seemed the Libdems had walked all over local needs and wishes but I am quite sure if we had known what was coming none of us who voted them in would have put those crosses against Conservative candidates.

  5. Anyone else bored of the petty squabbling on this thread? No wonder nothing ever gets done and fewer than half the voters can be bothered to vote in our council elections.

    • Purple Haze

      I agree, and as I pointed out earlier in my email of 18th June, all this patronizing, petty politicking, bickering and points scoring amounts to absolutely nothing.
      As a lot of it is seems to be generated by local politicos and councilors it makes the situation even worse, especially the showing off and mildly flirtatious banter.
      It’s simple. Either get a grip, grow up, or get voted out.

    • michelangelo

      I don’t understand your point. To my knowledge, neither protagonist has any actual power in local events (except as voters, of course), so they are free to squabble to their hearts content. This doesn’t hinder in way “things being done” as you say. Things are done by council officers and councillors.
      I am always amazed that residents who pay large amounts of council tax then do not seem to care (demonstrated by not voting) how it is spent

    • Purple Haze

      You miss the point too as a lot of the people doing the squabbling on this website are councillors, with the power to change things.

    • michelangelo

      I have noticed only two councillors. Does that constitute “a lot”?

    • Gareth Roberts

      Some might say it’s two too many!

  6. Steven Topol

    …..and a glass of something soothing as well ! Truce for this evening Alexis

  7. Sticking to the topic, it does seem staggering to me that Cllr Sam Salvoni has not resigned – we still have a year to go to the election and it is obvious that Twickenham Riverside does not have a full quota of councillors and has not for some time….

    I don’t agree with Scott’s political views but on any view he has been shabbily treated by the Tory high command presumably for daring to take a different view on the station development (when ironically the chair of the planning committee stated that such planning decisions should not be about party politics!).

    • AnonyMouse

      Why would Cllr Salvoni resign when she’s being paid approximately £1500 of our Council tax money for each Council meeting she attends!!!

      It’s very disturbing that Cllr Samuels is backing this Council rip-off.

    • To be fair, it is likely more about the Tories pressurising her to stay in place to avoid a by-election. However, here’s a challenge. She could always give the allowances back to at least demonstrate that there is no motivation of personal gain.

    • AnonyMouse

      A good idea…..but Riverside would still be a councillor down.

      Time for Samuels and True to do their Sugar impression…..”you’re fired”!

    • Steven Topol

      Well said. I’m a member of the Liberal Democrats, & IF any Liberal Democrat Councillor has moved from their area, leaving it partially unrepresented, whilst still claiming their allowances, I would call for their resignation. To the best of my knowledge, no Liberal Democrat Councillor has behaved like that in this borough, & if Alexis has evidence to the contrary, perhaps she could post it on Twickerati. IF it has happened in another borough, the Lib Dem Councillor in question should resign, & I’m sure they will.

      It would be nice to see some local Conservatives calling for the resignation of Conservative Councillor Salvoni. We await their postings, but I fear a long wait ahead. Residents have noticed the Interesting silence on the matter from Councillor Salvoni’s fellow Conservative Councillors Chappell & Naylor.

    • Another idea – a twickerati poll:

      Should Cllr Salvoni Stay or Should She Go Now?

      Accompanied by Clash song:

    • Alexis

      AnonyMouse, Mark Goodrich and other interested readers might like to note a story in today’s e-edition of The Evening Standard about a LibDem Councillor in Brent, the Rev David Clues who has also had the temerity to abandon his residence in Brent in 2011 whilst still trousering his allowance, although in his case it’s going straight back to the local LiDem opposition. Funny they didn’t make a fuss about that, isn’t it! Who’s going down to Cornwall? Kierra Box, 27 cornered Rev Clues at his new parish in Brighton where he claimed to be in the process of resigning his seat – that’s one heck of a long resignation, so perhaps Sam Salvoni can drag hers out for a mere 11 months!
      Any views AnonyMouse or Mark Goodrich?

    • Absentee councillors are not acceptable, regardless of which party they belong to.

      Another Clash classic:

      Rock The Casbah. (As in Rock, in Cornwall, home of Doom Bar).

    • Alexis

      Brighton Rock perhaps? (as in graham Greene and Pinkie Brown)

    • Gareth Roberts

      Well he should have resigned years ago. It’s people such as him and whoever it was in his local party who condoned this behaviour who tarnish the reputation of the vast majority of local councillors..

      As for the Conservatives locally I think there’s something rather troubling about the fact that Cllr True and Cllr Samuel colluding to deny democratic representation in two separate Conservative held wards within the space of 12 months

      One other thing which hasn’t really been mentioned or explored in Cornwallgate is the online comment from Cllr Salvoni that she and her family “have moved full time into our Truro home”, and “The siren of the surf was too great, and we abandoned London all together.” When challenged by the local press this was dismissed as “just a sales tactic”. Doesn’t this rather smack of dishonesty?

    • Alexis

      You can always rely on Gareth Roberts and Steve Topol to come out fighting – perhaps they could explain away the fact that this absentee LbDem Councillor’s allowance has been “funnelled” back to the Brent LibDems. Has that been going on since 2011!
      Here’s a transcript of the relevant para in the Standard:

      “Brent records show he (Rev Clues) has the worst attendance of any elected member, having been at only a sixth of meetings where he was expected. He admits his allowance is funnelled back to Brent to support the local Lib-Dem opposition. He has not revealed why he has failed to give up his Dudden Hill seat for a by-election. The other ward councillors are from ruling Labour.”

      It seems a bit rich for these two LibDem warriors to have a go at Cllr Salvoni whilst their colleagues in Brent are happily trousering their absentee Councillor colleague’s allowance – I wonder how much that has amounted to. It is of course for the party good rather than any personal gain!
      Pots and kettles?

    • Steven Topol

      If these allegations are true about Rev Clues, then he should resign. Trust me, if it happened in our area, people like Gareth Roberts & I would have ensured he resigned a long time ago

      But two wrongs don’t make a right Alexis. Conservative Councillor Salvoni has no right to drag out her resignation for 11 months, just because of what someone else has done in another borough, as you suggest in one of your many posts.

      Will you be even handed and fair & call for Conservative Councillor Salvoni’s resignation ? Failure to do so would be very informative !

      The continued silence on the matter from our local Conservative Councillors Chappell & Naylor is also very informative

    • Gareth Roberts

      Alexis, just apropos your latest comments did you miss my opening statement?

      “Well he should have resigned years ago. It’s people such as him and whoever it was in his local party who condoned this behaviour who tarnish the reputation of the vast majority of local councillors.”

      Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant, eh?

    • Alexis

      So why didn’t the local LibDem party treasurer or, dare I say it, leader or his deputy refuse to accept the payment to them of his (Clues’s) allowance? Could that have been going on since he moved to Brighton in 2011. If so, it beggars belief that senior party officials allowed this to continue for so long. If so, I can’t see much difference between this and all the other financial “irregularities” which have blighted our political scene for so long.
      Perhaps, as Mark Goodrich suggests about Sam Salvoni, the local LibDems should pay the money back. Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do under the circumstances?
      PS: Sorry Gareth, old chap. I leave the rants to Mr Topol he’s much better than me!

    • Steven Topol

      Once again Alexis, will you be even handed between the parties & call for Cllr Salvoni’s resignation ? It’s such an easy question to answer, without you trying to distract attention about her behaviour by talking about the goings on in Brent.

    • Steven Topol

      I commend Alexis for the skillful way in which s/he has distracted attention away from Absentee Conservative Councillor Salvoni. Alexis has rambled on about the politics of the London Borough of Brent, which is unlikely to be of great interest to readers of this site. This site is called Twickerati, not Brenterati !

      Serious questions have been asked about Councillor Salvoni, the Conservative Councillor for Twickenham Riverside Ward. She has moved to Cornwall, & is reported to have continued to claim Councilllor’s expenses since she’s moved. Only someone with blue coloured glasses, so dark blue that the wearer can’t distinguish fact from reality, could believe she’s representing her Twickenham constituents.

      Her two fellow Conservative Councillors for Riverside Ward, Councillors Chappell & Naylor, should really speak up about this. They were elected with Cllr Salvoni as part of a team. Do they find the actions of their absent colleague acceptable ? We all wait…and wait… to hear their response !

      In the meantime I’m sure Twickerti readers won’t allow themselves to be distracted from important matters in Twickenham by Alexis’s fascination with the London Borough of Brent !

    • Alexis

      In his usual, less than charming way, Mr Topol demands that I should call for Cllr Salvoni’s resignation. Apart from the fact that I know nothing of her attendance record, what’s the point? Twickenham Riverside doesn’t seem to be sinking into the Thames for want of a 3rd councillor and the Tories have a working majority, so why does Mr Topol want us to be subject to the pointless expense of a by-election within months of the next election in May ’14? I do hope this isn’t the way he plans to waste our money if he gets elected.
      After all, who needs a 3rd Councillor? Under Lourie’s LibDem regime Riverside had the well nigh invisible Michael Wilson who seemed to be far too busy getting on with his day job at LibDem HQ to be bothered about local issues – that probably cost us the best part of £40K over the 4 years he occupied his seat for very little return other than to his party.
      If Cllr Salvoni is unable to fulfill her duties its probably right that she gives up her allowance if she has not already done so although resignation is pointless.
      There – will that do for you Mr Topol?
      PS: A wannabe politician should never ever say “Trust me”!

    • Alexis

      Sorry to those now bored out of their wits – I really should have checked before sending off my “missile” as Topol describes my efforts.
      This, his latest post, probably explains why he was so unsuccessful in South Twickenham in the 20 years he stood for election here
      Good luck Riverside and remember my comment about him being “somewhat confrontational”
      What fun!

    • Steven Topol

      I suppose it’s ever so slightly more even handed than you’re usual response Alexis. Yet somehow I’ve just got the feeling that if Salvoni was a Lib Dem Councillor, instead of being a Conservative Councillor, Alexis might have, well, ever such a slightly different view on her actions ! We’re still waiting to hear the views of Conservative Councillors Chappell & Naylor on the subject. They shouldn’t let Alexis do all their PR for them, let him/her have a rest !

      PS Barack Obama asked voters to trust him, & won 2 elections over his very right wing opponents !!!!!!

  8. Alexis

    That’s a bit naughtily confrontational isn’t it Mr Topol?
    After a bit of boring sleuthing I find that Doug Orchard did indeed stand for UKIP, not as a Councillor but as a prospective MP for Twickenham!
    If I’m correct, what’s that got to do with this discussion about Independents standing for local council elections?
    He last stood as an Independent in South Twickenham ward in 2006, won 357 votes and was not elected.
    Thoughts please Mr Topol or, better still an apology – remember your “Prove I said that!” gaffe? You can’t afford too many more of those if you want to be taken seriously. After all, you have dumped we poor voters of South Twickenham in favour of richer pastures as I note has Roger Crouch from his last ward

    • Steven Topol

      Steve Topol

      Are my eyes deceiving me ? In her posting of 7.16 this evening, Alexis impolitely tells Anonymouse, who had the ‘audacity’ to disagree with her, to, in her words, ‘Shut the eff up’. She then accuses me of being confrontational ! On the issue of who is being confrontational, Alexis has stated my points for me & so I rest my case.

      I pointed out to Alexis that Mr Orchard stood as UKIP’s parliamentary candidate in Twickenham in 2005. You didn’t need to engage in ‘boring sleuthing’, as you put it to find that out Alexis, as I informed you of that fact, which you’ve just confirmed above. Mr Orchard is a man of consistent views, even if different from mine.! Is Alexis really suggesting he changed all his UKIP views from 2005 – 2006, to become really ‘Independent’ ? Believe that & you’ll believe anything !

      I don’t immediately recall what Alexis is posting on about with my alleged ‘prove I said that gaffe’ as she puts it. From memory, Alexis had distorted something I had posted, which she seems to be on a mission to do ! What does come to mind is her refusal to offer the slightest shred of evidence to back up her unpleasant & totally false accusation that Liberal Democrats have a secret plan to achieve ‘local dominance’ by taking over ‘local groups.’ Despite my challenging her to do so, she never offered any evidence to substantiate her claim. Is her aim to throw as much mud as possible at Liberal Democrats, however false, in the hope that some of it will stick ?!

    • Guess who

      Mr. Topol how about the LIB-DEM exodus from the Twickenham society to the york house society a couple of years ago. I will add also that I do not now belong to any of these groups because of their political affiliations, me being a non political person

    • Steven Topol

      Guess Who – I honestly don’t know what you are referring to !

      Individual Lib Dems do get involved in local Groups, as do individual Conservatives, Labour supporters & UKIP members, and work very happily in these Groups with the many more people in them who have no political affiliations. Whether residents have political affiliations or not, they get involved in local Groups because they want to improve their communities. This involvement leads to a lot of hard unpaid work, which often detracts from the time available for getting involved in politics. Political advantage is not gained.

      Last time I looked, the Chair of the Friends of Radnor Gardens was a Conservative Councillor & her Vice Chair was a former Conservative Council Candidate for Teddington Ward. The Twickenham Society has been chaired by Doug Orchard, a former Conservative & UKIP candidate. I don’t criticise their involvement, but welcome it instead. Although I disagree with their political views, it’s good that people, whether they have political affiliations or not, get involved in their communities

  9. Purple Haze

    Reading the comments on this website and some of those posted on the online version of the R&TT, and in its letters pages, makes you realize how frustrated and let-down a lot of people feel when it comes to their elected politicians, whatever their affiliations are.
    Many people feel that their interests, and those of the community, have not been represented effectively or properly, especially in Twickenham where the town seems to be regarded by the Conservative council as a very poor relation to Richmond.
    We read about what residents would like but there is no proper dialogue or compromise, and in the end self interest prevails.
    So we end up with political point scoring, the puerile goading of councilors between themselves, poorly thought out remarks, the downright rude and reactionary opinions of some people towards the likes of TRAG members or those who express opinions different from theirs, and ‘pie in the sky’ commercial and public amenity ideas. These are all pointless in the end if no-one can offer effective and workable solutions that translate into getting the right thing done. Complaining and bickering without taking decisive and direct action leads to more division and inertia, and more resentment.
    A third way is definitely what is needed in Twickenham as across the local Borough it’s a straight Tory/Lib Dem divide when it comes to councillors. Historically Labour has never stood a chance but perhaps now is the time for someone to step up to the plate and deliver?
    Local politics is different from party and national politics, and people vote for individuals rather than parties. So are we to see a resurgent UKIP take hold of the borough or have further years of Conservative or Lib Dem rule? To many people none of these is probably an attractive option.
    So… is some handsome, grizzled dude, chewing a cheroot, sat astride a trusty steed, going to ride into town, clean the place up, and finally make a difference?

    • DVR

      The problem is that we do have some hardworking Councillors who probably would represent their voters effectively if they weren’t tied to irrelevant party lines. I know that several Councillors haven’t agreed with the True way in private, Scott Naylor was far from the only one, and on all the issues affecting Twickenham, but they get whipped into line and end up just as bit players in support of the True and Samuels double act.

      Alexis, your comments are unedifying because you are playing at the same silly mudslinging games, it’s all very boring, and irrelevant if there is no school place for your child as is the case with several families in Central Twickenham, or you face being saddled with a sadly mediocre and inadequate station development

  10. Disenchanted Riverside Voter

    We have been badly let down by our voting choices in the Riverside ward, and our interests not represented effectively. To be fair Susan Chappell has been a hard working Councillor. Even if she has conformed to the “True” way she has at least engaged with her constituents and bothered to understand their concerns. However frankly as the profile of certain issues has caused some of us to watch and follow Council proceedings more closely, it has made us realise they are not, a bit like Alexis’s posts, very edifying.

    I am sure most of us would like to see the effective management of our local resources in the interests of our community rather than inappropriate politicing, silly games and point scoring in and out of the Council chamber, manipulation of due process and favouring influential interests over those of local people.

    A lot of people are disenchanted and I know I am not the only one who would welcome the presence in the chamber of some independents to inject some common sense and remind the rest of them why they are there.

    • Alexis

      DRV appears to be somewhat disenchanted by his or her representation in Twickenham Riverside and would like to see some Independents in the council chamber. In principle, I’m with him or her on that, however practicality suggests that it is unlikely to happen. Recently, Doug Orchard, ex-Tory tried and failed to be elected as did the late John Armstrong in South Twickenham. Barry Edwards stood in St Margarets and achieved the distinction of winning the highest number of votes by an Independent candidate but was subsequently defeated when he stood as a Tory in Teddington, something of a Knight family ward. Felicity Smart tried gallantly but also failed. There are others who have also tried and failed – good for them for making the effort, sadly, results speak for themself.

      Unfortunately; as long as we have a two party stranglehold on our borough and a cabinet system which ensures a majority for the ruling party, any independent who gets past the huge election hurdle will find their single vote almost pointless. Electors know this, so, unless there is a single issue or any change in national politics, I don’t see any likelihood of change here. Lets not forget that LibDem Topol and his South Twickenham colleagues used to rubbish Labour with a bar chart in their newsletter headlined: “Labour can’t win here!” Now a LibDem Councillor seems to be suggesting that a local disenchanted Tory will jump ship to UKIP – their latest bogeyman! All to look forward to voters of Twickenham Riverside.

      I’m sorry to upset your sensibilities DRV but politics is a dirty old game and scare tactics like this have often swung elections. I’m also sorry that you find my comments unedifying – I’m not sure that I have been trying to be informative simply commenting as I see fit. After all, this is a comments page open to most points of view and there is no obligation to read mine if you don’t like them, however, in my defence, my thumbs up/down ratio seems about even despite the inevitable politicos muscling in when I tread on party toes.


    • Steven Topol

      From Steve Topol

      I do wish Alexis would get her facts right before posting. Doug Orchard did resign from the Conservatives, but did not stand as an Independent, as Alexis incorrectly claims, but stood as a UKIP candidate. Although I disagree with Doug about quite a lot, at least he honestly states his views.

      However, Alexis makes an good case for Proportional Representation ! Under PR, if real independents have substantial support, they would be elected.

    • Alexis

      Topol is such a silly fellow

      1. I’m not the one standing for election so can be as confrontational as I like. He, by contrast, risks losing votes every time he engages in one of these pointless spats
      2. He says “Alexis stated correctly that he (Doug Orchard) resigned from the Conservatives.” Did I really Mr Topol? perhaps you could tell me when and where. I suspect that I will have to wait quite some time. Topol seems to think that I know all about Orchard’s political career and aspirations. Let me set his mind at rest. I don’t. All that I know is that he appeared on my ballot paper a couple of times and, since I didn’t vote for him I didn’t bother to look at which party he represented. Sorry about that Steve, I guess the same has happened to you as well. It beggars belief that we voters can be so woefully ill-informed about the comings and goings of local politicians doesn’t it?
      PS: Judging by his earler post above, I think it’s probably time to go and have a lie down with some soothing music – I’m going to.