TRAG, Twickenham’s leading opponents of Solum’s plans for the station, are looking into options for taking their case to the Supreme Court. After getting knocked back by a Judicial Review and then by the Court of Appeal the group is hoping it could be third time lucky in the courts in their battle over Richmond Council’s approval of the plans back in December 2011. Quoted in the Richmond & Twickenham Times, TRAG spokesman John Watson says, “We are hoping that permission to appeal to the Supreme Court might be granted on the basis that the Court of Appeal overstepped the mark by effectively putting itself in the shoes of the local planning authority in deciding that the TAP report would not have made any difference [to the Planning Committee’s decision].”

We can’t quite face going back over all the issues on here but you’ll recall the gist of the saga. And, by the way, the ‘TAP report’ referred to above was a report commissioned by El Brute from the Twickenham Advisory Panel about the station and which turned out to be critical of Solum’s plans. It was not taken into consideration at the Planning Committee.

So… in the absence of anything more scientific, we’ll simply ask a basic question in the form of a twickerati poll. It’s our first (woo!) so bear with us and cast your vote here:

Update: Unfortunately rather than get a snapshot representative of a broad spectrum of readers to gauge the mood of the town, there does appear to have been some multiple voting going on. Clearly there are people who think their opinion is up to six times more important than other people’s. The poll criteria have now been adjusted to try to prevent multiple votes. (Updated updated: 61 times in one case. LOL)

* Richmond & Twickenham Times