We’re sure your busy thinking about Twickenham Festival and all the other things going on in the town but we’re rushing this news to you now because we know it’s the thing you’ve been waiting on for months, if not years.

Yummies, purveyors of not a lot, in London Road seems to have closed its doors for the last time. Actually, let’s rephrase that: Yummies, which seems to have been closed for a couple of years is now actually, officially, really closed. The shop is now available to let. Just as Karahi Spices was ‘just about to open’ for longer than it survived, so Yummies seemed to be closed but not quite finished for much longer than it was ever open. Older readers may recall that it had a brief spell spelling frozen yoghurts and ice cream before favouring the ‘brown paper in the window’ approach.

What next for that space? One of “The 3Cs of  Twickenham” perhaps? Coffee, charity or curry? Lord knows there’s a gap in the market for them.

Round the corner, Antique Interiors, on Church Street is also being re-let after its short stint selling re-conditioned pieces of furniture.

The Three Kings pub is closing (again) although we hear that the former landlord of that establishment is taking on the challenge of getting The Rugby Inn up and running. This pub is what was previously the Grand Union, Hobgoblin and, we think, Twickers Bar in assorted previous incarnations. Since being renamed The Rugby Inn a year or so ago, the main highlight of the place is that the exterior has been painted. Twice. A slap of grey Weathershield is not the sort of thing that gets plaudits in Time Out or from CAMRA and so it will be good to see the place properly open rather than sulking on the high street like a miserable teenager who’s forgotten his fake ID. There’s now plenty of good competition in town so let’s hope the new pub will rise to the challenge.

There are signs of movement in what was Angelo’s. We’d heard that a cafe could be opening there – no doubt Twickenham Cycling Club will be delighted. They’re probably squeezing into their lycra as you read this. And news reached us that the new flats on Heath Road going by the name of Beaumont House (aka the old DSS site) could see an Aldi opening on the ground floor. And if you’re thinking do we really need Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons along a half mile stretch of road as well as an M&S Food, Iceland and Waitrose then we’d say that you were asking a not unreasonable question.

But for the time being don’t let any of this put you off your Twickenham festivalling, just remember to stay tuned for more Twick n roll.

To Let, London Road
To Let, London Road