High Street Update – Closed Shop Closes

We’re sure your busy thinking about Twickenham Festival and all the other things going on in the town but we’re rushing this news to you now because we know it’s the thing you’ve been waiting on for months, if not years.

Yummies, purveyors of not a lot, in London Road seems to have closed its doors for the last time. Actually, let’s rephrase that: Yummies, which seems to have been closed for a couple of years is now actually, officially, really closed. The shop is now available to let. Just as Karahi Spices was ‘just about to open’ for longer than it survived, so Yummies seemed to be closed but not quite finished for much longer than it was ever open. Older readers may recall that it had a brief spell spelling frozen yoghurts and ice cream before favouring the ‘brown paper in the window’ approach.

What next for that space? One of “The 3Cs of  Twickenham” perhaps? Coffee, charity or curry? Lord knows there’s a gap in the market for them.

Round the corner, Antique Interiors, on Church Street is also being re-let after its short stint selling re-conditioned pieces of furniture.

The Three Kings pub is closing (again) although we hear that the former landlord of that establishment is taking on the challenge of getting The Rugby Inn up and running. This pub is what was previously the Grand Union, Hobgoblin and, we think, Twickers Bar in assorted previous incarnations. Since being renamed The Rugby Inn a year or so ago, the main highlight of the place is that the exterior has been painted. Twice. A slap of grey Weathershield is not the sort of thing that gets plaudits in Time Out or from CAMRA and so it will be good to see the place properly open rather than sulking on the high street like a miserable teenager who’s forgotten his fake ID. There’s now plenty of good competition in town so let’s hope the new pub will rise to the challenge.

There are signs of movement in what was Angelo’s. We’d heard that a cafe could be opening there – no doubt Twickenham Cycling Club will be delighted. They’re probably squeezing into their lycra as you read this. And news reached us that the new flats on Heath Road going by the name of Beaumont House (aka the old DSS site) could see an Aldi opening on the ground floor. And if you’re thinking do we really need Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons along a half mile stretch of road as well as an M&S Food, Iceland and Waitrose then we’d say that you were asking a not unreasonable question.

But for the time being don’t let any of this put you off your Twickenham festivalling, just remember to stay tuned for more Twick n roll.

To Let, London Road

To Let, London Road


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25 responses to “High Street Update – Closed Shop Closes

  1. Marnie

    No surprise that place shut down. I knew a girl who worked there who would spend most of the day on her iPhone due to a lack of customers, who was left in charge of opening/closing down the shop when the owner wasn’t there – but who still gave free milkshakes/frozen yoghurt and toppings to all of her local friends when she wasn’t being supervised! No wonder it went under.

  2. Janet S

    Surely the new pavement being installed at great inconvenience (and no doubt great cost to the rate payer) will attract more people to Twickenham. A choice between Richmond’s visible riverside, Teddington’s independent shops and seeing some new paving stones with a strange pattern on – how difficult a choice is that? Sarcasm aside, I would appreciate someone in the council telling me what is the point of this new pavement. Old paving wasn’t that bad and surely there are more important things to spend money on. Keeping the rates down so independent shops and businesses can survive is a priority.
    Janet S

    • michelangelo

      Perhaps when you have got a reply from “someone in the council” you could disclose their reply here, so we could all know the answer

  3. WO

    Ok, I can see a lot of people complaining about the “3C of Twickenham” but what business have a real chance in Twickenham?
    I was going to invest in one of the shops in Twickenham in organic coffe shop with light organic food (anyone would go for organic full english?).

    Unfortunately, after walking around Twickenham, visiting potential competition, I’ve realized that I would be squeezing in very tight market of 20+ places in rather small Twickenham…
    Also, the shop I was interested (London Rd) in has a rateable value of 13,700! with rates payable of just short of £7000! In short, £580 monthly for the council for running a coffe shop of about 350sq feet. Bit much I would say…

    I still want to invest in high street, but I’ve no idea on what could Twickenham benifit from… Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      A good household store and a sushi restaurant!

    • AnonyMouse

      We could do with a decent fruit & veg shop, maybe with a deli included.

    • Alan Winter

      How about a Stamp, Postcard and Collectables shop opening right in the town centre on Tuesday 2nd July. It’s going to happen on the corner (ish) of Church Street and Water Lane. The first shop like this in Twickenham for at least 60 years! More info to follow but it’s game on!

    • ShopSuggestions

      We need a toy shop. You might have noticed there are a lot of kids in Twickenham, but that’s not reflected the range of shops. There used to be a couple of independent toy shops but they couldn’t compete with Woolworths. Now that Woolworths has gone there’s a gap in the market. The Poundland gun-and-tat wall doesn’t cut the muster.

      Also mid-range clothing stores aimed at the 35 – 45 age-group Yummy-Mummy brigade, who are reasonably affluent, around during the day, but don’t have much time on their hands to go to Kingston/Richmond. ‘Escape’ in Church Street is good, but we need more. How about a Boden store (Walton has one), or a Benetton (Esher has one), or something independent (Teddington has a few).

    • Not a bad idea. In fact, in Church Street some of the empty shops have temporary window displays which does make a difference to the look of the street. Obviously a real life open shop would be better but some kind of window dressing is definitely better than seeing an empty shop with letters piled up on the floor and a poster for a travelling circus in the window.

    • Purple Haze

      How about cardboard replicas of Rolls Royces parked outside and manikins of tycoons in top hats smoking big cigars to give the impression of wealth and vitality?
      Even Stalin didn’t come up with propaganda as good as this unmitigated rubbish…

    • Gareth Roberts

      I’ve been mentioning these in various circles for a while – the BBC pictures look a bit ropey but the Shop Jacket website http://www.shopjacket.co.uk/shopjacket-gallery/ looks a bit more impressive

  4. Purple Haze

    So the grotification of Twickenham continues.
    Stick in a few more tower blocks, budget supermarkets, fast food outlets and shabby pubs and the process will be complete.
    Where is the imagination and drive in Twickenham to draw in more diverse and individual businesses?
    Look at Teddington. It has a wide range of attractive retail and leisure businesses and this encourages more of them to open there.
    Some shops are moving out of Twickenham to Teddington because rents are being hiked up, often by 100%.
    As for some of the shops that get fitted out and never open, they are instruments for moving money about, it’s as simple as that.

  5. well, i hope i can add some cheer, if the solicitors don’t balls everything up. of course. a Toy shop, an American Diner, a ladies wear and alterations shop (with possible sewing bee) an undertakers, a menswear outlet, would you believe an obstetrics and pre-natal clinic and ,.. well exciting news from the golden triangle, cryptic but watch this space. All accepted offers, all going through legals. Probably half won’t happen once Mr Bank Manager wades in of course..

  6. Newcastle Martin

    And Londis opening on Staines Road. Grocertastic.

  7. Steve P

    Of perhaps marginal interest – Hair Institute nee Forever on London Road has swept up cuttings for the last time.

  8. Rufus McDufus

    I bet it’s one of the most expensive Aldi’s in the country!

  9. Chris D

    Hope Angelo’s re-opens as an Italian café again. I miss the place (although I have no particular penchant for lycra or cycling).

  10. Gareth Roberts

    Yes, Twickers was on that site as I recall. Unless my memory is fading the colour scheme of the exterior paintwork was Bottle Green and Cream; probably considered quite classy for the early 90s when I first went there.