Honours List for Richmond?

Twickenham could soon have its own House of Lords if proposals by Council Leader Lord True receive approval. In a statement issued from York House, the Blue Baron said, “The bicameral approach to government works perfectly well for the United Kingdom. Taking inspiration from that system and introducing a second chamber to the government of the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames would be a logical next step and one which I would be proud to take”. Lord True went on to add that if the new system proved to be successful he would consider creating a Head of State role for the borough to sit above both chambers and which would possess some executive powers. “There are several candidates that I think could be well suited to such a position,” he said, before adding, “but one name springs to mind with great regularity”.

To bring about the change, a system of honours will be introduced with local residents given ‘Borough Peerages’ enabling locals to sit in the new upper chamber and vote against legislation put forward by the existing Council. The plans are expected to come into force sometime in the future. If at all.

In fact, none of that’s actually going to happen. We promise. Or at least we sincerely hope it isn’t.

So, what is going on?
Well, it’s true that Richmond Council is launching an honours list but it’s nothing to do with a second chamber. El Brute’s “mini-honours” list, to be launched this month, is a community recognition scheme designed to give credit to people in the borough who have worked to improve the lives of others. The type of individuals the scheme is designed to reward are those who have brought credit to the borough or given outstanding service to their community either over time or in a single, exceptional event. Residents or local groups can nominate people for the award with Council Leader Lord True himself selecting the winners from a shortlist.

* LBRuT Mini Honours List
* Community Awards Scheme. Deadline for nominations is 11 July

The seat of El Brute power

The seat of El Brute power


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7 responses to “Honours List for Richmond?

  1. Guess who

    This need re-posting next year on the 1st of April. What makes Cllr True think he will be in a position next year to award these Gongs ?

    • Gareth Roberts

      The other question, of course, is why he imagines he should be in a position to have the final say on these awards at all. I’m afraid that having got his seat in the Lords on the back of patronage, he’s rather got the bug for it.

      As I say in an earlier post, by all means recognize the contributions of others to the borough but appointing himself as the person who has the final say? Bring on the Laurel Wreath and Ave Caesar!

  2. Gareth Roberts

    While nobody would deny that it is entirely right to recognise those who have given service to the borough (though not taking a sledgehammer to the voluntary sector via a half baked commissioning and tendering process may have been a more concrete form of recognition) there’s something ever so slightly…..well ever so hugely, actually….self aggrandising about Nick True setting himself up as the final arbiter on who gets the gong and who doesn’t.

    Surely it would have been better to set up an independent panel, a group of honest brokers if you will, who could scrutinise the shortlist and make their recommendations to the full council.

    • AnonyMouse


      Been there, done that, got the JR t-shirts!

      It will presumably be a very, very short short list of Twickenham folk if everyone who opposed the council on kicking the kids out of heatham house, or the unfree school, or the station towers is excluded from the mini-gongs awards.

    • nemesis

      So who picks the ‘independent’ panel? Perhaps another independent panel !!

    • Gareth Roberts

      Well we have a selection of Lay Members on each of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees – perhaps they would have been interested

  3. Angela

    You had me going there!!!