TWAP Work to Begin

And we’re off! You may have seen the yellow warning signs around Twickenham town centre alerting the twickerati (that’s you, by the way) to impending road works. What’s it all about? Well, if you must know, it’s all about the street scene and highways improvements linked to the Twickenham Action Plan. And in plain English that means the moving of the bus stops, the widening of the pavements, the changing of the cycle lanes, the introducing of the 20mph speed limit and the feeding of the 5,000. OK, so that last part is not actually included in the action plan but you get the general idea. Some of the changes have been (almost) universally welcomed while others, like moving the bus stops out of King Street, have met with mixed views. And of course, the planned removal of cycle lanes through central Twickenham rightly caused a big old hoo-ha although the Council has since made some concessions on this front.

Phase one of the work will improve the pavements on York Street and make changes to some parking bays (i.e. turning them into bus stops) with later phases of the scheme bringing improvements to King Street and London Road.

So, expect disruption but all in a good cause. Work begins on 10th June and could take 18 months to complete.

* El Brute Press Release



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  1. BBB boris barclays bikes…sponsorship changes everythingh

  2. Interesting that AnonyMouse thinks Alexis is male. For some reason, I had always thought of Alexis as female (I may be influenced by the Dynasty character!). Perhaps Alexis can enlighten us since he/she seems to have plenty of spare time to Google and post comments….

    On topic – the works have been a bit of shambles and it is a great shame that the laudable aim of improving the centre of Twickenham should involve shifting a perfectly good bus interchange and one I use myself.

    • Gareth Roberts

      Well on the one occassion ‘Alexis’ posted on this forum using his real name it was male. The pseudonym has been adopted but the unique avatar (each of us has one, as individual to us as a fingerprint) assigned to his email has stayed the same.

    • Ooh – now I am intrigued. Who is the mysterious Alexis (at least on the basis of the avatar)?

    • Ah the Internet..nothing is real ..even reality.

    • ppl vote down a vague surreal comment..interesting..perhaps its me…

    • Alexis

      My word Gareth Roberts is observant – for a man. He is absolutely right, I did fail to use my full name once. How interesting that he takes such a keen interest in my persona and gender and he and his chums choose to turn this discussion into a witch-hunt. Gareth, the Witchfinder General! Perhaps I have irritated him which surprises me since he is usually such an urbane husband/father/councillor/market researcher/Bakfiets and Pashley rider and tireless LibDem campaigner. Thats a lot to cram into a day whilst keeping an eye on every word of my ramblings. He must be something of a polymath.
      Does it really matter who I am any more than AnonyMouse, Riverside Resident and Twickerman (who doesn’t like me very much judging by his somewhat odd tweets to his cycling cyber-buddies)? Thats just 3 of those who routinely assault me on these pages for daring to express a slightly divergent point of view. Is that healthy or is that indicative of the way our society has descended into the sort of confrontational state in which we find ourselves?
      I’m not anti cycling at all – how many times do I have to say that I ride a bike myself and have a strong instinct for self-preservation? Despite that, I’m still branded as a “child, cyclist and pedestrian” hater by Twickerman or, even worse, as exemplified by this little bit of unpleasantness from AnonyMouse: “It must be very uncomfortable driving around, abusing cyclists, with such a massive chip on his right wing shoulder.”
      Rude obsessives like this are very stupid. They do little or nothing for their cause and spoil it for everyone else. I fear we have more than our fair share of them here.

    • AnonyMouse


    • Rufus McDufus

      Anyone who calls themselves ‘liberal’ is generally anything but.

    • Alexis

      Yet again, I find myself at one with R McD. “Liberal”, in politics as in life, is very often anything but, as we have experienced in our green and leafy borough over the last 30 years or so. Its really quite difficult to know what to do or say. If you express an anti LibDem view you are immediately pounced on and castigated as a right wing chip on her shoulder Tory.
      It Ain’t Necessarily so: As Topol repeatedly told us in South Twickenham; “Labour can’t win here!” He was right, so that would have been 3 wasted votes. UKIP and Independents? Pointless, another 3 wasted votes. Abstain from voting? OK for politicians but not for us, we are branded as apathetic. What’s left other than voting Tory? – Right wing, chip etc! As usual, AnonyMouse and others on this forum prove just how right RMcD is. Liberal is just a word, behind which those who wish to impose their vision of society on us, hide. At least the Tories are open and up front.
      Which leads neatly into the thumbs up/down thingy – I have either bored a lot of people rigid or have irritated the cycling activist/LibDem lobby group who lurk out there in cyber space and pounce en-masse on anything they don’t like. 8 thumbs up for AnonyMouse’s latest contribution to the debate – *yawns*? Who would know? The good/bad news is that I am impervious to these sort of brickbats, I don’t have a support group and will continue to challenge those who deserve it as long as Twickerati allows me to do so.

    • Alexis tories open and upfront ? Oh please…upfront that they are inept? Open that they dont give a damn about poor folks unless Its exploiting them ..keep voting for the party that kicks people down because you never know they might change…good luck with that idea…

    • AnonyMouse

      I’m no Lib Dem.

      Neither am I a Con or Lab.

      But I am amazed at how much council tax payer money the ‘open and up front Tories’ have invested in JR lawyers in the last year in order to narrowly defeat their own residents.

    • @Anonymouse IMHO you couldnt get a fagpaper difference bewteen the three parties at the moment they all sound the same…

    • May i ask residents on here what they think of localism concerned it may be just another form of nimbyism. Or could become that

    • it was a question , not a statement…..

  3. If Alexis had done his research properly he would have discovered that Cllr Kat Harborne is actually the local ‘cycling champion’.
    It’s surprising that Alex(is) overlooked this as she’s one of his beloved Cons.
    Why is he so critical of all and sundry who try to make our roads safer for cyclists or encourage green and healthy modes of transport?
    It must be very uncomfortable driving around, abusing cyclists, with such a massive chip on his right wing shoulder.
    He must be highly disturbed by Boris and his city bikes and blue cycle superhighways!

    • Alexis

      This is what you get for daring to challenge our local bully boys.
      From past experience most of them are LibDems so if I challenge them that must make me a Tory, mustn’t it? – how primitive!
      Thank you for correcting me AnonyMouse, I really should have added the words “self-appointed” in my reference to Tim Lennon/Lucullus.
      The rest of his/her bilious attack isn’t worth comment.

      Now on to good old LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts who, at length, justifies his expenditure of £2K on a rickshaw whilst including a few more insults.
      Thanks for the offer Gareth but it was a lot quicker and less stressful to simply type “Bakfiets” into google and open Dutch There’s all the information anyone could need and, fortunately, it only kept me feverishly busy for less than 5 minutes and satisfied my curiosity. As to “stalking” is that a bit like “trolling”? A handy way for those who enjoy publicity to put down those who dare to challenge them? Somewhat infra-dig old chap – yet again.
      £1,400 still seems an awful lot of dosh for a 6 year old 2nd hand rickshaw unless you are something of a poseur, which Gareth clearly is – After all, you can get a lot of 2nd hand bikes and scooters for £1.4K. I wonder how lively is the aftermarket for these wacky bikes? I’m with Rufus McDufus about the need to regulate these sort of child carriers. I’m sure that Bakfiets drivers are pillars of society but why should they be treated any differently to the minibus drivers doing the school run with 5 children on board?

  4. Alexis

    Did anyone else spot the photo of LibDem Councillor Gareth Roberts in the R&TT on his cargo bike with 4 kids in the carrier and one on the pillion? For those not in the know, it’s called a Bakfiets and is very popular in Holland. Highly laudable and a great example to others, however I wonder how many other parents have a spare Two Grand for one of these wacky bikes! As you can see he is a particularly cool looking dude without a stitch of lycra or a banana helmet – I’m with him on that, I never wear either.
    What bothers me is that he and, particularly so his chum Lucullus, aka Tim Lennon, our local cycling champion, seem to be somewhat obsessive about imposing this mode of transport upon us – you only have to take a look at Tim’s tweets to see what I mean. If you dare to challenge them about their crusade you are rubbished as a “troll”, a rather silly insult and some sort of newspeak which the youth of today use to disparage anyone who dares to question them.
    Sorry about this but other readers need to be aware who is influential in changing your experience for the better or worse in the long term traffic management scheme in Twickenham Town Centre. Some might also remember Twickerman. He recently gave me a painfully hard time when I dared to post an alternative point of view about the driver of a poorly parked car which he had snapped outside Radnor House School – that branded me “a child, cyclist and pedestrian hater” What a strange fellow! – a generalisation or what – eh Gareth? T/man has recently been obsessed with poorly positioned warning signs in King St – surely a chat with the contractor foreman would have quickly fixed the problem rather than letters, photos and an ego boost for Twickerman resulting in council officers time being wasted unnecessarily?
    Isn’t a pity that community issues seem to have become so confrontational these days? I’m sure, like everything else, it can be blamed on the baby boomer generation of which I am a member. After all, we seem to be the “bete noire de nos jours” don’t we!

    • Riverside Resident

      Your posts Alexis would be interesting & questions more pertinent if they weren’t laced with a hint of spite.

    • Alexis

      Thats a fair comment Riverside Resident and I will attempt to curb my baser instincts. Although, in my defence, I think “spite”, even a hint of it, is a tad strong when you consider how I have been routinely traduced here and elsewhere by those I dare to challenge.
      Could I please remind Riverside Resident of his or her post of June 15th written thus:
      “The Tories locally must be extraordinarily dim, tolerant or, more likely, running scared of the opposition. If Cllr Naylor was a member of any other political party he would have been expelled by now. Anyone following his Twitter feed will be aware that he actively promotes the interests of another political party namely UKIP and is hell bent on undermining the interests of the Conservative party in Twickenham. So an errant and an absent councillor.”
      Impartial or what! – could RR be Mr “Liar, Liar pants on fire!”? Certainly sounds like it.

    • Riverside Resident

      You’ve got me bang to rights there Alexis!

    • Gareth Roberts

      Hello ‘Alexis’

      I’m glad to see you’ve been kept busy feverishly googling away to find out how much that specific model cost. You should have dropped me an email and I could have saved you a job.

      Now then, the question of cost. Yes, it’s an expensive piece of kit but I dare say you’d barely raise an eyebrow if it was a second car we were discussing. And consider this, unlike a second car I don’t have to keep it regularly topped up with diesel or unleaded, it costs nothing to park, the annual service comes in at well under £100, I don’t pay an annual MOT and nor do I pay Vehicle Excise Duty.

      Another clincher, I use it for the school run each morning so since switching to the cargo bike I save a few quid every day on diesel costs and, as my route is a good five or six miles round trip (sometimes longer if I need to go on afterwards) then I get my daily exercise thrown in.

      Finally, I wonder in your stalking……sorry, research….. you took the trouble to look at how much a second hand one goes for on eBay? The trend is usually 50-70% or more of the cost of a brand new one. Indeed I saw a six year old model go for in excess of £1400 a few months back.

      So while I agree it it an expensive layout upfront and one which we needed to consider very carefully before buying (and save for and make sacrifices) I think it was a sensible investment and yes, I do hope that other parents, if they are able, may feel encouraged to consider getting one.

      As for the rest of the post, well Riverside Resident summed it up pretty well.

    • Ex Twickenham Resident

      It’s basically a rickshaw ain’t it?

    • Rufus McDufus

      It struck me today after seeing someone wobbling around on a silly-looking bike with two children on the front how the car industry is so heavily regulated in terms of passenger and pedestrian protection that it spends billions on it, yet other road vehicles have no regulation whatsoever. You might say it’s an accident waiting to happen.

    • “it’s an accident waiting to happen” there i just said it….

  5. twickerman

    I’m pleased to report that the TAAP highways work began last week on the York Street Pavement (North side).

    Bizarrely, ElBrute’s highways guys thought it would be a good idea to obstruct the opposite side of the road with multiple large warning signs. These signs, that blocked the path of cyclists and caused vehicles to swerve into the middle of the road, didn’t seem necessary as the roadworks were clearly visible.

    After an exchange of tweets and emails, from the Richmond Cycling Campaign and me, the Council have agreed to temporarily put the signs on the pavement, before mounting them on lamposts out of harms way. Hooray.

    We’re all hoping that a little more thought will go into future sign positioning.

  6. Steven Topol

    The Council are removing four Bus Stops from King St & reducing the total number of Bus Stops in Twickenham. This means a longer walk from the Bus Stops to the shops – bad news if you shopping in Twickenham with young children, are elderly or have restricted mobility. The moves & reductions will do nothing to help our local shops. Many of this Council’s expensive changes to Twickenham are a waste of Council Tax Payers money.

  7. si

    Expect delays in twickenham town centre…… what’s changed?

  8. have you had the new look black streamlined lamposts yet? ok only us then…

  9. Rob

    20mph speed limit? What a monumentally stupid idea.