And we’re off! You may have seen the yellow warning signs around Twickenham town centre alerting the twickerati (that’s you, by the way) to impending road works. What’s it all about? Well, if you must know, it’s all about the street scene and highways improvements linked to the Twickenham Action Plan. And in plain English that means the moving of the bus stops, the widening of the pavements, the changing of the cycle lanes, the introducing of the 20mph speed limit and the feeding of the 5,000. OK, so that last part is not actually included in the action plan but you get the general idea. Some of the changes have been (almost) universally welcomed while others, like moving the bus stops out of King Street, have met with mixed views. And of course, the planned removal of cycle lanes through central Twickenham rightly caused a big old hoo-ha although the Council has since made some concessions on this front.

Phase one of the work will improve the pavements on York Street and make changes to some parking bays (i.e. turning them into bus stops) with later phases of the scheme bringing improvements to King Street and London Road.

So, expect disruption but all in a good cause. Work begins on 10th June and could take 18 months to complete.

* El Brute Press Release