Fire at Twickenham Flat

House fire

House fire

A flat in Mendip Lodge on Clifden Road, Twickenham was set alight on the night of Friday 24th May. Fire engines, police and ambulances attended the scene at around 9.00pm. Plumes of smoke were visible coming from a ground floor flat before the blaze was brought under control. One man had to be treated for smoke inhalation. The fire is thought to have been started deliberately and a man was arrested.

A local source told us, “Apparently arson, hence the large number of police! High drama on Clifden Road!” Police were outside the empty property on Saturday morning with smoke marks and smashed windows visible on the ground floor.


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4 responses to “Fire at Twickenham Flat

  1. Clifden resident


    Miles I have confirmed that as far as residents are concerned the plans have not been changed to everyone’s satisfaction. The Head is still considering the options.

  2. Clifden resident

    Miles. Have you watched the webcam of the planning committee meeting? There is absolutely no hint that religion has the slightest relevance to the issues that the residents raise, indeed they make it clear they support the school. One of the main objectors to St RR’s proposed plans was the church charity that runs Mendip Lodge for reasons that were entirely about the importance of creating a suitable environment in which their resident’s can recover and build new lives, sadly Friday’s events underline the challenges they already face in doing so. I am sure that for all of us the priority is to support the residents of Mendip House to recover from this incident, and continue to build their lives.

    If anything what frustrated residents is that had the Diocese, Chair of Governors, Head and / or Architect taken the opportunity they offered in repeated letters to them requesting a chance to establish a dialogue they could have avoided progressing plans that were clearly unsatisfactory for all concerned. None of those letters received even the courtesy of a reply. I am a resident and as far as I am aware the Head is still trying to locate the budget that will enable him to change the plans, and determine whether that can be done without delaying the opening of the school, both factors taking precedence over the problems the proposed site of the outdoor play area will cause. If an alternative plan has been arrived at then that has not been communicated to all residents, and the Head does not propose to meet with us as a community until all his staff are in place. When that will be he cannot say.

    Member’s of the Planning Committee commented that St RR had started very badly in their relationship with their neighbours. It is in stark contrast to the way that the Adult Community College has always attached importance to minimising the impact of it’s operation on residents. That is the issue, not one of prejudice.

  3. Miles

    I wish people would check their facts and try to resist taking any and every opportunity to whip up a frenzy about St Richard Reynolds.

    The anti Catholic feeling on this, and other sites makes for sad reading.

    If anyone is interested in reading the truth, my understanding is that the head teacher and the LA have met with those who expressed concern about the siting of the playground and the plans have indeed been changed to everyone’s satisfaction.

    Not that I expect this to change the view of those who will continue to do what ever they can to try and make trouble.

  4. Clifdengate

    That’s the same Mendip Lodge that was discussed in this planning committee about St. Richard Reynolds’ Catholic Primary School. It overlooks the area they’re proposing to use as the infant playground. As residents pointed out quite clearly to the committee, the playground would be better sited elsewhere: If the lodge residents are forced out instead, it will be a disgrace.