In our Heathrow Expansion Poll item a few weeks ago we said, “So, will it be useful for Richmond Council to know that 83% of the people who voted (as opposed to say 79.2%) are opposed to Heathrow expansion? Perhaps. But then again, perhaps a quick opinion poll could have done it more cheaply”. It was just a bit of idle speculation.

Now that the results of El Brute’s ‘Be Heard’ the referendum have been published, we just wish we’d tried to be a bit more specific. Do what? Well, as said, we wish we’d tried to be even more precise. In answer to the poll question “Should a third runway be built at Heathrow?” 80% of respondents in the Borough said no. And when asked, “Are you in favour of more flights into and out of Heathrow?” 82% said no. As you can see, our April prediction of 83% or 79.2% could have been a little more finely tuned. Sorry about that.

So how many voted? El Brute say that the 140,516 had their say, an overall turnout of 41%. Although this isn’t exactly high, it’s actually not bad compared to levels of turnout in local elections. In other words, Heathrow expansion really is an issue that bothers local people.

We expect that Lord True has said something about the result delivering a clear message to those promoting Heathrow expansion that the residents of this fine borough of Richmond upon Thames do not want any truck with a third runway.

The poll was also run in nearby Hillingdon where the results were similar although not quite as strongly in the anti-expansion camp as in Richmond. The best thing about all that from the twickerati perspective is the discovery that the Leader of Hillingdon Council is called Mr Puddifoot. Yes, it’s as if a character from Dickens has stepped in to lobby against a third runway. Good day to you, Mr Puddifoot, we appreciate your correspondence in support of our case.

So, now that we officially know what we already actually knew, was the exercise worth our while? You decide.

* No shocks were dispensed

* LBRuT Press Release

More planes Vicar?
More planes Vicar?