High Street Update Lite

And here we have a mini-High Street Update for you. An interim post, if you will. It’s almost poetic in its symmetry, balance and poignancy. Almost.

We have three photos that say something about the state of the modern suburban high street. Although we really ought to have kicked off with an empty shop we’ve spared you that depressing site despite there being plenty to choose from in Twickenham.

First, The Crown on Richmond Road, newly refurbed with a foodie focus after a long period of closure and already getting some good feedback on Twitter.

Second, the display at The Coffee Lab cafe on King Street. The latest addition to Twickenham’s cafe culture serves good coffee and some impressive looking cakes.

Third, one of the big kids shows up late to the party. And he hasn’t even brought a bottle! It’s the new Sainsbury’s Local at Twickenham Green. Expect a mix of offers, bargains and overinflated prices. Not all on the same items obviously.





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17 responses to “High Street Update Lite

  1. Gotta say Sainsbury’s is fast getting the thumbs down from me, a couple of the staff deserve to be sacked and their attitude stinks having seen them wait by the door whilst one poor chap tries to serve a long line of people and three sets of howling self serve machines asking for assistance..they stood there and did nothing. This has happend not once but three times..

    On a more positive not Rubens new stone baked pizza outlet is a very welcome new addition to the Bronx. Simple VERY good pizza, BYO and reasonably priced. I just hope it does not get too popular or the locals start ordering off piste and not getting what its all about, a simple place to eat simple food.

  2. Dukes of Orleans

    Yes, the re- opening of the Crown is a great enhancement to the area. They have done a good job and seem to be attracting people from far and wide, becoming quite the destination for drinks and food. They have done a wonderful job on the garden area, a shame they have not extended the same concept to the car park area with some greening enhancement – perhaps a hedge along the wall to Orleans Road, or other, would be an improvement?

  3. ghit

    The Coffee Lab is actually pretty good – has a cool modern vibe, nice decor even if a bit on the industrial side, nice music.
    The two guys that seem to run the place are very friendly and even offered some banana cake straight from the oven. They had a really nice cake selection and I haven’t tried it yet, but the breakfast selection seemed pretty good as well.
    It’s a shame the cafe itself doesn’t look overly inviting from the street, and many people might pass without even noticing it. They should really change the front of the shop a bit to give people a better impression on what’s really going on inside. Maybe add some color to the walls (yellow or bright green to go with the ‘lab’ theme?) and some sort if a display in the window.
    Over all, it’s definitely a cafe with personality and charm, big thumbs up from me, I really hope they do well!

  4. lee twist

    Very exciting to see another mobile accessory shop open up in the centre of Twickenham – Khan communications next to Barclays. Its sells a range of mobile phone cases and chargers, they have invested heavily in the shop floor layout- putting everything on the exterior walls which means you have a raft of room in the centre of the shop (handy if you wish to take your bike or car into the shop with you).
    I have not brought anything from the shop (who does?), as I stopped changing the cases on my nokia phone back in 2001 but should the phone accessory shop across the road not have that purple Nokia 9210 case your after, do be sure to try out Khan’s. Beware that they only accept cash (notes ideally) and don’t provide plastic bags (the environment init).

  5. Don’t forget about us if you are peckish!! We open until 7.30 pm Thursday & Friday 🙂

  6. Well an update from the other half of Ricky on Sainsbury’s..She loves it. Decent veg department, decent meat (in an emergency) small but well laid out with decent self service. A thumbs up from her. To add we make the most of the local independents before hitting here but sometimes you have to go with whats easiest..

  7. Cocoapple

    Haven’t tried the Sainsbury’s yet but I will, and will also continue to use the small local traders. Anything that gives bloody Tesco a run for it’s money is good news.

  8. I have yet to try the new Sainsburys even though it is one road in front of me however if it does not kick that stoopid little badly managed no stock Tesco into shape I shall be angry. To add I always try local stores first but when it comes to booze (wine) you cant beat some of the supermarket offers that’s if they have them and walking to Nicolas (or what ever its called now) is too much sometimes particularly as a staff member was incredibly rude to my 11 year old daughter. Remember that local stores, be nice to your locals otherwise they will vote with their feet and that includes the shoe shop in Church Street…can you tell I am having a good day?

    • Simon H

      Be wary of supermarket offers on wine. They are very misleading. The little offy a few doors down from Tesco does some very good offers.

    • Rufus McDufus

      Which offie is that? Some of the ‘corner’ shops aren’t too bad for wine. They seem to have the market tied up on cheap beer – almost half the price of Tesco.

    • I know the one you mean and I have tried that as well as the one opposite ish The Sussex both have sold me a couple of duff (corked) bottles on occasions. I appreciate the offers can be misleading but more often than not they will have a drinkable red that’s half price. I am talking the I cant be bothered to walk far type bottles!

  9. twickerman

    Before trotting out for a coffee & cake, a friday night takeaway, some pub grub or a romantic dinner I suggest you check out your intended food establishment’s FSA food hygiene rating.
    It might save you coming home with the trots!

    Ratings go from 0 or 1 (urgent/major improvement
    necessary) to 4 or 5 (good/very good).

    The LBRUT scores for Twickenham fooderies are listed here. For more info click on the name.


    Some of the scores are sadly predictable, and a few are quite surprising.

    What I find quite disturbing is that some places with very poor scores haven’t been checked for a year or so!

    For more details about Food Standards Agency ratings and inspections take a look here:


  10. Rufus McDufus

    Checked out Sainsburys today. It’s smaller than I expected as I thought that was quite a large shop. Expensive too (though that’s not a surprise). I was hoping it might give Tesco a run for its money but I’m a bit disappointed. Hopefully the local corner shops will still stand a chance, especially as they’re generally much cheaper than Tesco/Sainsburys.


    Mr Twickerati, I so appreciate your updates about what is happening where I live and even more so appreciate your wicked sense of humour, God knows we need a sense of humour around here right now especially as the weather continues to be dire which is an omen because as you know this Wed ( 23rd) Church Street Al Fresco starts !
    Hey I hope you are going to put a smile on our local faces when you tell us that Cafe Rouge group might be moving into the Bathrooms4All (now Bathrooms4None) site soon – BIG space. Most of us living here just about have loadsa pocket money to spend in the right space? If not, how about the Rugby store and Bar Estilo ? – Oh how good would that be!
    Keep up your informative updates coming and can’t wait to hear the latest on KIng Street and their brilliant plan to slow down the traffic even more than it is now at the junction of King St/Cross Deep when they put their new traffic lanes in during the autumn.
    Regards Lynne

    • Dukes of Orleans

      Yes, the council seem to be doing a wonderful job, replacing like with like to the pavement at present!???!

  12. Quite happy about the first two, for the third one…ehm