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Spring Sunrise
Even if you don’t live by it, go running or walk the dog by it, it’s worth getting down to the river early on a bright spring morning. Although we don’t usually say things like this… it’s actually quite uplifting.

Spring morning, Orleans Gardens

Spring morning, Orleans Gardens

So, what’s all this about then?




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20 responses to “Pic of the Week

  1. @upend

    I that a big smiley face near the bottom (in the shadow), or was it me having a 90’s flashback?

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like the small pond in York House Gardens. I have a similar shot from last year! 🙂

  3. TREE SHADOWS FOUND TO BE POPULAR FOR TWICKENHAM RESIDENTS..tree shadows were found by 60% to be very popular with residents in twickenham.
    a report today.It was found to be a less expensive way to have forests.
    A spokesman said today ”at least they dont stick out of the ground and get in the way of the view”

    • Purple Haze

      Yes this is a new cost cutting initiative. All the trees and shrubs will be cut down in the boroughs parks and open spaces. Then from the Solum Tower, arboreal images and leafy shadows will be projected across the town, eradicating the need for very expensive parks and gardens maintenance. Twittery birdsong will be broadcast from wireless speakers discretely hidden in the ground. At night and in winter the sylvan sounds and images can be simply switched off, saving us even more money.

      Another plan is to project 3D images of happy shoppers into empty shops, thus giving the impression that a high street bonanza is taking place. Beats a fake window display or mural anyday…

  4. Odtaa

    The clarity of LBRUT’s strategic plan

  5. SGdB

    Could it be that finally there has been sufficient sun to cause a shadow?

  6. Nice spot by kijduse (below). Yes, it’s the duckweed (?) covered pond in York House Gardens.

  7. PyrionFlax

    It looks like maybe pondweed with the shadow of a tree on it. I guess it could be one of the Richmond Park ponds, maybe down in one of the plantations? Or is it maybe that little pond sort of area in the gardens of York House?

  8. Twickenhamred

    xray of my lungs?

  9. TwickersFlickers

    Is it one of the harbingers of the apocalypse?

  10. pin hole camera? can you get a zoom lens for that? like maybe a toilet roll tube?

    • Bettybamalam

      You can adapt your DSLR – take off the lens, cover up the lens mount with black card, cut a square in it, stick tin foil over the hole and make a small hole in the middle with a sewing needle. Make sure the card over the lens mount is taped down so no light can enter. You just adjust the shutter speed then according to what light you have. Great fun, have a go!

    • @Bettybamalam actually i already did that years ago, but i went a stage further by wedging a cheap door spyhole lens into lens cap and used it as a very cheap fish eye lens..yes the image degrades around the edges but the centre seems ok..

  11. looks suspiciously like a shadow of a tree, but i could be wrong…damn those special fx ppl ….

  12. Bettybamalam

    Looks like it was taken with a pin hole camera.

  13. kijduse

    I believe this is the mossy pond in York house gardens.

  14. Local lady

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s a shadow. Is that caused by “sunshine”?