Heathrow Expansion Poll

UPDATE: Deadline for online voting is Thur 16th May.

Previously: Back on the subject of Heathrow expansion, next week El Brute will be sending out ballot cards to voters in the Borough to allow them to have their say on the matter. The poll will provide an opportunity for residents to confirm that they don’t want a third runway at the airport and nor do they want any increase in flights. The deadline for voting will be 16th May, although the precise date on which the foregone conclusion will be announced has yet to be confirmed.

Residents wanting further information about what a third runway and an increase in flights might mean for them can find out more from the Richmond Council website. There will also be information stalls set up around the Borough on specific days. In Twickenham the info-stall will appear on 23rd April at our very own ‘speakers corner’, namely on King Street outside Santander bank. And if you want to get really heated, there will be a Question Time type event in Richmond on the evening of Friday 3rd May. Expect Vince, Zac, the Blue Baron Lord True, and others to show up to express their opposition to expansion of the airport. The Council are even hoping to find a pro-expansion lobbyist or two to sit on the panel and be shouted down by residents.

Ooh. And there’s a YouTube video too where the great and the good from the local political scene voice their concerns about Heathrow Expansion.

So, will it be useful for Richmond Council to know that 83% of the people that voted (as opposed to say 79.2%) are opposed to Heathrow expansion? Perhaps. But then again, perhaps a quick opinion poll could have done it more cheaply.

* Richmond Council ‘Be Heard’ – voting deadline: Thur 16th May
* Cross party Richmond Council You Tube video
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4 responses to “Heathrow Expansion Poll

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve voted. But voted for a new runway. Any noise increase would hardly be intolerable and it smacks of nimbyism to vote otherwise in my view.

  2. George

    Not in favour of a 3rd runway but this ballot will only confirm what everyone knows already that people living near or under flight paths don’t want more planes. Seems to be a bit of a PR stunt.

    • Simon H

      It is a PR stunt, but that’s exactly what we need at the moment. Otherwise, Heathrow might win the PR war. But you also need to remember that a Third Runway will create plane noise over people who don’t currently live under or very near a flightpath, and that plane noise will occur every 90 seconds.

  3. simonh

    We do all need to vote. Be awful to sleepwalk into a third runway. As for a fourth, Twickenham would be screwed.