Richmond Council has launched yet another consultation. This time it’s about stepping up the work to regenerate and re-brand Twickenham. The initiative, which will form part of the overarching Twickenham Area Action Plan (aka the TWAP), is designed to promote the town as an attractive destination for businesses and tourists as well as boosting residents’ perceptions of their own community. External consultants were brought in to produce a blueprint of how best to make Twickenham an attractive visitor destination and promote inward investment. Residents will now be asked to have their say.

The main proposal, which is likely to cause anger in some quarters is to radically re-brand the town by reflecting its status as the home of Richmond Council.

In the accompanying press release Council Leader Lord True, aka the Blue Baron, is quoted as saying: “The Council has undertaken a number of initiatives to regenerate Twickenham in recent years including increasing the provision of school places, approving the plan for a new station and eliminating the need for excess cycle lanes. It has been very disappointing to see that these plans have met with only a mixed response. Add to this the recent judicial reviews and we have concluded that the name ‘Twickenham’ has become tarnished in the eyes of would-be investors. We are proposing that for the purposes of promoting Twickenham to the wider business community, it adopts the name West Richmond upon Thames. This will convey a more appropriate image to those who may be able to help develop this run-down part of the borough”.

According to sources within El Brute, initially the name will just be used in Council marketing literature and official documentation but in the long term El Brute hopes that the residents will see the value in adopting the West Richmond name.

Lord True concludes, “The merits of the Surrey side of the Borough are obvious to all. Providing a clearer link to Richmond and re-branding Twickenham with a suitably aspirational name will help the town to become a fit and proper place with a much brighter future”.

* El Brute Press Release

The consultation launches on 1st April and will run for a short time.

Lookin' good, King Street
Lookin’ good, King Street