A date for your diary that you might be interested in. And who knows we might even add some more interesting dates over the next week or two to create one of our great twickerati What’s On non-spectaculars. And, FYI, that was a ‘might’ not a ‘will’. But whaveski, we just wanted to mention Holi. It’s the Hindu Festival of Colour, a lively, vibrant and 100% colourful spring festival. To welcome the arrival of spring (and to be honest it feels as if we’re still waiting) on Saturday 23rd March there will be entertainment starting off in Church Street at midday and running throughout the afternoon and also a whole bunch of stuff happening at Orleans House Gallery. Like what? Well, like music, dancing, excellent south Asian food, a little bit of craziness and a whole lot of powdered paint being thrown around from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. It looked a bit like this last year. It’s well worth a visit, just make sure you don’t wear your brand new white suit.

Holi celebrations, Twickenham
Holi celebrations, Twickenham

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* Photos and a video of Holi in Twickenham in 2012

And here are some photos of a cold, sleety and very muddy Holi 2013. The weather didn’t stop these people enjoying themselves. Spring? Who needs spring?