Prize of the Week

Prize of the week? Well, more like prize of last week. Remember our recent Twickenham themed caption competition? Congratulations again to our winner, David. The prize was a gift box of Twickenham and twickerati themed cupcakes from Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery on Church Street. And here they are. Good or what?!

Cupcake Prize from Sweetie Pies

Cupcake Prize from Sweetie Pies

And in case you missed it, here’s the photo again:

Competition Time!

Competition Time!

And the winner?
It was David. He correctly identified Church Street as the home of Sweetie Pies and won the tie break with this caption:
“Lord True regretted agreeing to judge the cup-stacking competition after it ended in a judicial review.”

You can see all the entries here.


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4 responses to “Prize of the Week

  1. @upend

    I’m demanding a judicial review of the result

  2. Harlequin

    Bike lane?!? The 528 curry houses don’t get a look in because Twickenham is most famous for its bike lane?!?

    • Well, the photo collage included a bike lane sign, referencing the recent heated debate about the future of bike lanes in the town, hence their inclusion on the cakes. But it might be worth experimenting with a curry flavour cup cake. Let us know how you get on.

  3. Angela

    And what was the winning caption?!

    [Editor: now added, along with photo]