Wowzer! It’s Competition Time!!!

Blimey! Just when you thought to yourself, “I’m feeling a bit peckish, when, oh when is twickerati going to run some kind of food themed competition?” and, hey presto, one appears on the screen in front of you. That’s right folks, it’s only bloody competition time isn’t it?!

We know how you love a photo. And we know how you love a cake too. Well how about if twickerati teams up with Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery in Church Street to run a competition combining those two wonderful things? Could life get any better? Well, yes of course it could, if you win the competition that is.

The Prize?
A delicious gift box of twickerati themed cupcakes made especially for you by Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery. Yum or what?!

What do I need to do?
You just need to answer our tricky question and then wow us with your witty caption in case there’s a tie-break. Well, to be honest, it’s all about the caption competition really.

The question?
In which street in Twickenham is Sweetie Pies based?

The witty tie-break photo caption?
Whatever you like as long as it’s not too long. Here’s our topical Twickenham picture to inspire you.

Competition Time!

Competition Time!

So there you have it. Get to it, Twickenham!

The rules?

  • You can enter by posting your answer and your caption either on here, or on Twitter. If you answer on here you need to use a valid email address otherwise we won’t be able to get in touch with you if you win. Don’t worry, email addresses are not published on the site. If you answer on Twitter you must use the hashtag #twcupcake otherwise we may never find your oh so hilarious answer!
  • Your response must answer the question (on which street Sweetie Pies based) as well as including your photo caption.
  • Judging of the best caption will be done by Sweetie Pies and twickerati. The judges’ decision is final. So, even if you don’t think the winning caption is funny, tough!
  • One entry per person please.
  • Closing date is midnight on Monday 25th February.
  • The winner will be notified by messenger pigeon and must then contact Sweetie Pies to arrange collection from their shop during normal opening hours (sorry, no deliveries)
  • If you don’t like the rules, don’t take part.
  • If you want to win a gift box of tasty twickerati themed cup cakes, what are you waiting for?

Sweetie Pies

Ice Cream Van


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27 responses to “Wowzer! It’s Competition Time!!!

    You’ve won the competition by correctly identifying Church Street as the home of Sweetie Pies and with your caption:
    “Lord True regretted agreeing to judge the cup-stacking competition after it ended in a judicial review.”

    Thanks to everyone for taking part, there are some great captions, and thanks to Sweetie Pies for providing the cupcakes for our first ever competition.

    Thanks for taking part.

    And one Twitter specific entry:
    From brian stewart aka ‏@arfurtommy
    Church street.
    All I wanted was a cup of tea, and twelve arrived together! #twcupcake

  3. Church Street

    “It’s a street, Rebecca, but not as we know it… Beam me up, Sweetie! “

  4. Shahnaz

    Answer: Church Street

    Having drunk several cups of tea, and with no sign of his much desired cupcake hidden among them, Dick began to wonder if there was some truth in the curious phrase: The cake is a lie.

  5. Hedda

    Church Street
    With clammy hands & a spinning head Charlie really thought he should get a grip on his tea addiction

  6. Jenny

    Church Street

    Brian’s ‘cup cake ventriloquism’ act was hindered by the fact that he kept eating them.

  7. Mark Kemp

    Church Street

    I pray to god there are more cupcakes

  8. Bruce

    Church Street
    Cup Cakes forever!!!

  9. Shona

    Church Street
    After drinking the 13th cup of tea, Algenon thought ruefully to himself, “If only I had invited her to Sweetie Pies….”

  10. David

    Church Street
    Caption: Lord True regretted agreeing to judge the cup-stacking competition after it ended in a judicial review.

    • Purple Haze

      Church St.
      “Qu’ils mangent de la cupcakes!”

    • Gareth Roberts


      Lord True opined “Make no mistake!
      No Humanist chaff will I take.
      To Judicial Review
      I merely say “POOH!”
      And TRAG can eat Sweetie Pie Cake”

      *Looks at rule about one entry per punter*…..*curses*

  11. George

    Church St

    After 13 cappuccinos and a giant talking cup cake , the new leader of Richmond Council was beginning to think that the Twickenham Action Plan was getting the better of him.

  12. Church Street,

    Tea and ice-cream? On yer Bike! I am off to get a cupcake!

  13. nemesis

    Church Street.
    Confused – You could say that I am.
    A cupcake in the centre of Twickenham ?!

  14. @upend

    When I said to end the new bike lane at the T junction, this isn’t what I meant

  15. Andrea Coupe

    A: Church Street
    “Thank God there is a Boots behind me Thought Ted because after all of this tea I may need to invest in some Tena pants for the journey home.”

  16. Steph

    Answer: Church St
    Caption: Yes, we’re in Twickers….serving “more tea” to vicars, One lump or two…….and a cupcake too?

  17. Answer: Church Street
    Bob realised that on going through his third loyalty card in one sitting was going to mean that he would have to bike home to lose all those calories.

  18. Gareth Roberts

    Church Street

    “Sweetie Pies, they don’t tell lies
    Their puddin’ courses contain no horses”

  19. Cemanthe

    Church Street!
    “Cupcakes, men, coffee – some things are better rich.”

  20. Rufus McDufus

    Church Street!

    “Oscar’s LSD trip & tea binge in a Twickenham street cafe was going badly. He didn’t mind the photoshopped bike lane sign that kept appearing, or the little ice-cream van – but the farting cupcake really took the biscuit’.

  21. Answer: Church street

    Caption: “So much to do, so little time to do it…let’s just start with a cupcake!”

  22. twickerman

    ANS: Church Street

    CAPTION: Cupcakes, coffee & curry shops – tasty Twickenham has got the lots!

  23. Chris

    Church St of course!

    How’s this for a caption: “Sweetie Pies – the only place in Twickenham you can get your hands on red velvet since the Piano Lounge shut!”

  24. Alex

    Church street