Pictures of the Week: 1920s Twickenham

These photos come from the excellent Britain From Above website which features hundreds of aerial photographs of Britain taken between 1919 and 1953.

Here are just two of many local pictures. The first one shows central Twickenham in 1928. Note the station to the west of the road bridge, no sign of the Royal Mail sorting office which is about to be redeveloped (ooh, topical) and a very sleepy looking London Road.

Twickenham Junction, 1928

And how about this from the days before rugby became big business and when Whitton and north Twickenham was mostly fields.

Twickenham Rugby Ground, 1927

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n.b. These photos have been used under Britain From Above’s policy on non-commercial ‘blogging’ use. See their site for details of the permissions and restrictions on using their images. And yes, we hope we’ve complied properly.


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8 responses to “Pictures of the Week: 1920s Twickenham

  1. Roger Williams

    Interested in old postcard images of Twickers? I’ve attached a handful, I have a couple of hundred more and there’s plenty of others out there. No charge obviously just a credit!

    Great site, great inititiative.


  2. twickerman

    This is a great find twickerati. There are many more fascinating photos on the Britain From Above website.

    You can see that Twickenham station was on the other side of London Road alongside the Albany Hotel (as it was known then), and the Station Hotel located where Bridge House is now.

    It’s also amazing that in 1928 the A316 didn’t exist, neither did Twickenham Bridge, and the main route into Richmond and London was along Whitton Road, past the station, through East Twickenham and over Richmond Bridge.

    There are also some great pics on their website of Eel Pie Island without a bridge. The photos also show quarries in Ham (Ham River Grit Co) & Richmond, heaven forbid (in the old Deer Park). Maybe there were coal mines in Richmond Park as well?

    • Rufus McDufus

      If you walk that way past the Albany regularly you can still see the cobbled bit of pathway that led down to the original station entrance leading thorough that ‘temporary’ car park.

    • twickerman

      ….until the Council & Network Rail build the proposed 4 storey car park on Station Yard right in front of The Albany, a Building of Townscape Merit.

      See TAAP for details.

  3. twickregenerate

    Aha, glad you got this link, I am sure I recognise some of those from when we met originally with S.

    Best wishes