El Brute have just announced that a £35,000 ‘community road and pavement funding pot’ is now available for making minor street repairs in each of the ’14 village areas’ in the Borough (£490,000 in total). Obviously this poses a bit of a problem for Twickenham given that, despite having our own green complete with cricket pitch, it’s actually a town and not a village. But anyway, let’s hope we can still sneak under the wire when it comes to getting a share of the loot in the ‘pot hole pot’. All you have to do is nominate your favourite cracked paving slab or hole in the road for death by tarmac and the wise heads at the Council’s Department of Pot Hole Services will decide if there’s anything they can do about it.

The deadline for nominations is 1st March, so it’s time to get voting. Or, as @centricneil would have it on Twitter, it’s Pot Idol!

* El Brute Pot Hole Nomination Info