Pix of the Week: Winter Weather

Brrr! Corr blimey Guv’nor, it’s mighty chilly out there. Etc, etc. And now that we’ve got the preliminaries out of the way, here’s a selection of winter photos starting off with a great picture of a frosty Twickenham Green. And we’ve got some rather good snow shots too:

A frosty sunrise on Twickenham Green

Frosty January Morning (c Emma Coleman)

[Copyright: Emma Coleman (@blink_photo) / Blink Photography]

Lonely Bench in Kneller Gardens

(via Brian North)

[Courtesy & copyright of Brian North aka @brizinorth on Twitter]

Whoops! Car slips off Twickenham Embankment

(via Fluke aka @lukejms)


Terrible parking

[Courtesy & copyright of Fluke aka @lukejms on Twitter)

First snow-woman of the year? Could be!

(via Twickerman)

1st snowperson? via @twickeman

[Courtesy & copyright of @twickeman on twitter]

A Moody, Snowy Twickenham Green

(via Francesca Pessoa)

Twickenham Green in snow (c Francesca Pessoa)

Twickenham Green in snow (c Francesca Pessoa)

[Courtesy & copyright of Francesca Pessoa aka JellyBean_Cesca on Twitter)

St Mary the Virgin, Twickenham

(via Dan J)

St Mary's, Twickenham

St Mary’s, Twickenham

[Courtesy & copyright of Dan J aka @DrJagz on Twitter]

Here’s Tyrone the Angel, apparently…

(via Geo)


Orleans House Gallery



Twickenham Tracks


Got others? Send us a link or email them to the twickerati gmail address and we’ll add them here. Get snapping.


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8 responses to “Pix of the Week: Winter Weather

  1. That poor car driver was so lucky the tide wasn’t up. I live on the Embankment and have been wondering lately if it would be possible for us to have maybe a few bollards there to stop this happening.

  2. Good thing it was low tide!

  3. Rosalie Callway

    Any chance Emma would let me use her photo on a charity website? I work for CPRE London promoting London’s green spaces and liveable urban design.

    I’d be very grateful for her contacts.

    Thanks Rosalie Callway

  4. Well done, very lovely, wish I’d got up earlier now!