It’s Time for the 2nd Twickenham Hyperlocal Meet Up

UPDATE: The hour is nearly upon us. Yes, on Thursday 24th, January the second ‘Twickenham hyperlocal meet up’ will shake Twickenham to its very foundations when it takes place at Ales & Tails Bar in York Street. Read on for the full monty on the whys and wherefores. Or better still, come on down to talk local Twickenham stuff, social media, t’interweb, kick some ideas around or just sneak a crafty drink or two. All welcome (i.e. buy your own drinks) from 8.30pm.

PREVIOUSLY: Hey, how you doin’? Or rather, hey, what you doin’? And to be a little more specific, what are you doing on the evening of Thursday 24th of January? Twelve months after the first Twickerati Hyperlocal Twickenham Meet Up (aka ‘Twickenham tweet up’) it’s only bloody time for another one, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is.

What’s the point?
If you read local websites or blogs, if you run a local website or blog, or if you want to get involved in some way then it’s a chance to meet with some random strangers who are into the same thing. Or, if you’ve got ideas about Twickenham that can’t be adequately addressed by another El Brute online consultation or through the medium of writing furious letters to the Richmond & Twickenham Times then it could be for you. Or if you just want to chat about Twickenham or social media stuff over a drink then come on down. We don’t go in for ‘networking’ here at twickerati but if we did, it would be a bit like this only better.

Who’s going to be there?
Tricky one that. Your humble correspondent is top of the list, which is probably just as well. And last year there were the founders of TeddingtonTown, St Margarets, Guide2Richmond, For Sanity’s Sake plus a varied but very friendly assortment of locals with a general interest in Twickenham stuff. If you’ve read this far, you’d fit right in (in a good way, of course).

When & where?
Thursday 24th January from 8.30pm at the new bar, Ales & Tails at 31 York Street, Twickenham.

What else do I need to do?
Nothing, other than prepare a 15 minute Powerpoint presentation of your vision for Twickenham over the next decade. Actually, scrap that, just bring yourself.

So, who’s in?


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18 responses to “It’s Time for the 2nd Twickenham Hyperlocal Meet Up

  1. Well that was fun. Ales & Tails did a great job hosting and provided some tasty snackettes for the assembled masses. When we say masses, we mean about 40+ fully paid up members of the twickerati so it was a decent turnout. It was a real mix of people of lots of different conversations going on. Apologies from your humble correspondent for having too many fragmented, unfinished conversations. If you didn’t get the contact details you needed from anyone there, add a comment below and we’ll see what we can do to re-unite you. There seemed to be interest in doing it again and so rather than wait until next January, there’s the germ of an idea for doing the next one in the summer, possibly in a venue with outside space in the unlikely event of summer sunshine occurring.

    And of course, if you want to contribute to this website with words, pictures or just ideas, whether as a regular thing or as a one off, then get please in touch. Online content doesn’t write itself you know.

  2. Simon H

    Will you still be there by 9.30pm? I can’t come until then.

  3. George

    Looking forward to it.
    And in Twickenham’s new bar too.

  4. twickerman

    Will you have live bagpipes & haggis like wot the White Swan will?

  5. One week to go! Don’t forget.

  6. I missed last years so will try and come along this time.

  7. Twickenham App!

    Wow – has it really been 12 months! I’ll be there, in a different guise this time!

  8. Coops

    See you there

  9. Simon H

    I’ll come.

  10. SGdB

    Sounds great, but I won’t be there as I’m in the R.S.S. production of The Deep Blue Sea at the Mary Wallace Theatre, Twickenham. You can support Twickerati and still see the show as we’re on all week….plug, plug!!

  11. twickerman

    Is it my phone or is your icecream van tripping on acid? Psycadelic man!

  12. leelcampbell

    See you there!