The arrival of Burger King in Twickenham has met with a mixed reaction from locals. Some are delighted, others disappointed with the new restaurant on London Road. Thanks to the power of Twitter it didn’t take long (a matter of hours in fact) for the first photo to circulate of Burger King litter dropped in the street. It was probably just a one-off accident so there’s no need to make a meal out of it.

Burger King, London rd
Burger King, London rd
The franchise will no doubt do a reasonable trade, and on rugby days it’s sure to having them queuing out the door. Fair enough. It’s handy for the police too. We reckon they like a burger, but please, keep any jokes about Whoppers to yourself. But what about a near 24-hour supply of burgers? Can you handle that? CAN YOU HANDLE THAT? Well, that’s what Karali Leisure who own the franchise are applying for. Or rather, they’re applying to serve ‘late night refreshment’ until 5.00am.

Our view?
Twickenham is a pub town, not a club town. We’re burb-tastic here. Nice pubs, the river, coffee, scented candles ‘n’ shit. Most of the boozers are shut by midnight or soon after. That means that a Burger King open though the small hours could either be empty or, as is more likely, provide a refuge for locals too pissed to go home and be a magnet for night-hawks from outside Twickenham turning up for a late night refueling. Middle of the night, nothing else going on, effects of drink beginning to wear off? It sounds like a recipe for nuisance, litter and anti-social behaviour in the town. As you can tell, we’re not fans. Is it just nimbyism? Some might think so but on this one we don’t. And a near 24-hour BK would surely lead to a 24-hour KFC and so on.

If Twickenham does need round the clock fast food, then the best solution would be for the police station to set up its own restaurant thereby ensuring diners can be watched over by the eagle eye of the law at all times. But we can’t see that happening, well not until budget cuts require the boys in blue to start up their own commercial sidelines.

Your view?
To express a view on this application you can email or write to the Head of Consumer Protection, 44 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3BZ. Any comments you make must address at least one of four criteria, namely:
1. Prevention of crime and disorder
2. Public safety
3. Prevention of public nuisance
4. Protection of children from harm

And who knows, with all the concerns about childhood obesity these days you could even have a go at something that ticks all 4 boxes.

* List of current applications including this one is here
* Which is accessed via this page

Deadline is 21st December