24 Hour Party Poopers?

The arrival of Burger King in Twickenham has met with a mixed reaction from locals. Some are delighted, others disappointed with the new restaurant on London Road. Thanks to the power of Twitter it didn’t take long (a matter of hours in fact) for the first photo to circulate of Burger King litter dropped in the street. It was probably just a one-off accident so there’s no need to make a meal out of it.

Burger King, London rd

Burger King, London rd

The franchise will no doubt do a reasonable trade, and on rugby days it’s sure to having them queuing out the door. Fair enough. It’s handy for the police too. We reckon they like a burger, but please, keep any jokes about Whoppers to yourself. But what about a near 24-hour supply of burgers? Can you handle that? CAN YOU HANDLE THAT? Well, that’s what Karali Leisure who own the franchise are applying for. Or rather, they’re applying to serve ‘late night refreshment’ until 5.00am.

Our view?
Twickenham is a pub town, not a club town. We’re burb-tastic here. Nice pubs, the river, coffee, scented candles ‘n’ shit. Most of the boozers are shut by midnight or soon after. That means that a Burger King open though the small hours could either be empty or, as is more likely, provide a refuge for locals too pissed to go home and be a magnet for night-hawks from outside Twickenham turning up for a late night refueling. Middle of the night, nothing else going on, effects of drink beginning to wear off? It sounds like a recipe for nuisance, litter and anti-social behaviour in the town. As you can tell, we’re not fans. Is it just nimbyism? Some might think so but on this one we don’t. And a near 24-hour BK would surely lead to a 24-hour KFC and so on.

If Twickenham does need round the clock fast food, then the best solution would be for the police station to set up its own restaurant thereby ensuring diners can be watched over by the eagle eye of the law at all times. But we can’t see that happening, well not until budget cuts require the boys in blue to start up their own commercial sidelines.

Your view?
To express a view on this application you can email licensing@richmond.gov.uk or write to the Head of Consumer Protection, 44 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3BZ. Any comments you make must address at least one of four criteria, namely:
1. Prevention of crime and disorder
2. Public safety
3. Prevention of public nuisance
4. Protection of children from harm

And who knows, with all the concerns about childhood obesity these days you could even have a go at something that ticks all 4 boxes.

* List of current applications including this one is here
* Which is accessed via this page

Deadline is 21st December


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20 responses to “24 Hour Party Poopers?

  1. twickerman

    I think we have to save Sandy’s lovely and harmless floral dolphin. The pavement is very wide here so it isn’t a hazard.

    On the other hand, why do council officers continue to ignore Cousins market stalls that block most of the very narrow pavement next to the bus stop. My elderly neighbour doesn’t dare pass Cousins because of fear of being knocked into the road. Tragic.

    There’s a very nasty whiff of council double standards here.

  2. WalkinthePark

    Article in the RTT online about it [Ed: refers to the removal of flowers outside Sandy’s]. The Council threatened them with a £100 fine for every container. Perhaps we need a Save the Sandy’s Dolphin Campaign. Judicial Review anyone?

    • Anonymous

      I’d be happy for Sandy’s to keep their dolphin if only they’d stop parking their van on the busiest junction in Twickenham, in a bus lane and obscuring the traffic lights for drivers coming down Cross Deep.

  3. twickerman

    I like the idea of a police station food emporium! Evening All…. 😉

    But the irony is that Twickenham police will soon be moving out of the police station

    I bet McDonald’s can’t wait to turn it into a 24 drive in (as they wanted to do up by Homebase).

    We’ve got until Friday THIS WEEK to object to 24hour Burger King nuisance from the extended licence application.

  4. It’s not just Sandy’s but Chapmans and places in Church Street. My husband used a wheelchair and he never had problems with pavement displays. Have you tried walking down Twickenham on a Saturday and tried to miss the children with their scooters who ride at speed? At least the flowers were stationary!

  5. Rufus McDufus

    It’s the 24-hour booze licence that is most off-putting. You’d have to be pretty tragic to want to spend all night drinking in a Burger King.

    • Ignitionnet

      It’s the fact that you thought they asked for a 24-hour booze licence and couldn’t be bothered to read their application that is more off-putting still.

      Though why let facts get in the way of an opinion?

    • Rufus McDufus

      Fair cop. The recent High Street update article on Twickerati said Karali were requesting an alcohol licence. Apologies as that is clearly not the case.

    • A commenter mentioned booze, not the main article. Main item was amended to refer to a 24 hour opening licence (though this was not intended to mean alcohol), since amended to refer to late night opening although it could presumably operate 24/7 with that.

  6. Ignitionnet

    Interesting end of the article Twickerati peeps, I’m not convinced that allowing the place to serve food in dead of night will have much impact on childhood obesity. Any children able to acquire BK at that time have far bigger issues than possible obesity to concern themselves with.

    Hilarious that someone took a photograph of some litter though. I take it said person has been hiding indoors on event days for fear that their head would explode with the litter on the streets as tens of thousands descend on the area to eat, drink, drink some more, and get way more than merry.

    That falls somewhere in between merely sad and utterly tragic.

    • Not sure that the childhood obsesity comment was entirely serious. And as for the photo, although it did happen, the same might apply. Somewhere between funny & sad perhaps?

    • Ignitionnet

      Funny definitely though veering more towards tragic comedy than anything else.

    • jimbo

      “Hilarious that someone took a photograph of some litter though”. Actually, litter from fast food shops (and elsewhere) is not a joke. I do a litter pick on walks by the Crane and also on the Terrace on the Riverside. You would be amazed at the amount of litter people chuck around, often just beside the litter bin. If more people did a litter pick, it would make the Borough more pleasant.

    • Mumto1plus2

      Said person has not been hiding indoors on event days, more likely participating. Said person was making a point that all these fast food chains result in further mess on our streets. The point being it attracts people who don’t care about keeping our neighbourhood clean. That definitely makes me sad. The clean up after event days is generally good though, thankfully.

  7. Pot Noodle

    I have contacted the Council supporting the application.

    This really is alot of fuss about nothing and those who are moaning should really do something constructive with their time such as volunteering for a local charity perhaps.

    Soon there will be a 24 hour gym opening opposite and I’m sure the gym bunnies will be delighted that there’s a local and cheap place to buy a burger in the early hours. Wimpy and the other chains close at dusk. Twickenham is a ghost town after 7pm.

    Burger King is very welcome to the area. Well done.

  8. WalkinthePark

    The teenagers are all very excited at the prospect of 24 hour booze in the High Street with a chance at the same time to satisfy the post binge drinking attack of the munchies, especially now Oceana in Kingston is closing. Has anyone else seen the state of Kingston town centre at 6am. I hope the Council realise they are going to have to draft in heavy duty cleaning crews at dawn, along with having ambulances and police vans on standby all night like Kingston does.

    • Ignitionnet

      What 24 hour boozer in the High Street would this be please?

    • WalkinthePark

      You just made a lot of teenage binge drinkers very disappointed, but they claim they were told there was going to be an application for a booze license by staff there…..

      If it is just food I don’t see how it can be turned down when I gather from the state of my bins after my actually older than teen returns from clubbing in Kingston at 5am, and the sick on the pavements around the next morning, that the kebab shops are open in the early hours

  9. Carole Tucker

    Hi twickerati I think there is an item to be made about the meanness of the Council making Sandys put away there lovely flower display. Bah Humbug. Carole Tucker