Blimey! It’s nearly Christmas. Are you trembling with excitement at the prospect safe in the knowledge that the cake is baked, the presents beautifully wrapped and the cards all written just waiting to be popped into the postbox? And not just any postbox, thank you very much, but a bright red pillar box with VR on the front and a robin perched atop. Wearing a tiny knitted scarf. And boots. Hang on a minute, the little fellow is chirruping away at you. How cute, he’s actually saying something! What’s that little robin? Oh. He wants to know if you’ve still got the receipt for the boots. He doesn’t like the colour. The ungrateful swine! Yes, why oh why can’t Christmas be like it used to be with a piece of coal for a present, a single orange instead of a turkey and just the one day off work. Why indeed?

Moving on. Need some inspiration to help you with those last minute gift ideas? Want to know the best drinks to buy from the offie or the pub? Or maybe you just want to share five festive things. If so, here’s your chance with the return of our Twickenham Festive 5s. We all love a list so whether you’re a retailer wanting to share 5 gift ideas, a pub with a list of 5 cracking Christmas drinks, or a vocal local wanting to tell us about the 5 things that make your Twickenham Christmas special, we want to hear about them. Briefly. Yes, we need your Twickenham Festive 5 and this item gives you the chance to big ’em up.

Simply add your list of 5 to the comments below and check back soon to see others’ top tips.

Good luck!

P.S. And if you’re a shop or pub then don’t forget to add your contact details and website to your post. People need to know where to find you. And for gift ideas, please include prices too.