Best Sunday Lunch in Twickenham?

When someone sends you a message suggesting that it might be good to do a feature on the best place for Sunday lunch in Twickenham, do you:
(a) Sit around thinking about it for over a month but not actually do anything about it; or
(b) Get to it straightaway because readers need this information and it’s clear that with winter on the way, it’s an ideal time to be thinking about where to get a great Sunday lunch locally.

The Sussex, Twickenham

The Sussex, Twickenham

That’s right, you’ve got it! The answer’s “a”, just sit around for weeks on end hoping the item will materialise on the website out of the ether. Well folks, we’ve given up waiting and taken action. The waiting? Remember that thing ? Well, it’s like so over. We’ve realised that review pieces don’t write themselves, that’s your job and it’s one you’ve always done very well in the past.

We’ve covered Indian, Chinese, Thai and Italian on here before. We’ve also talked about Twickenham’s best cafes and pubs. But, dear readers, the killer question remains: what’s the best place for some proper Sunday grub? We’re talking pub roasts, traditional restaurants or maybe other places that don’t easily fit the other categories. We are not going to use terrible phrases like ‘hearty fare’ but if we were, we would. And we’ll also assume the planned Burger King on London Road will open too late to feature here. Such a shame.

How about the likes of The Sussex Arms or Ales & Tails, both of which have had impressive feedback in the lunch department. If that sounds loaded with innuendo, it’s not meant to. Maybe you’ve tried the food at The Alexander Pope, The Royal Oak, The Albany or The Fox? Or putting pubs to one side for a second, how about the likes of Arthurs, Raefils or Pinchos? Or maybe you desert downtown Twickenham for rarified air of St Margarets, East Twickenham, Teddington or that place over the water. Where’s good? And why?

Only you can know the inner secrets of your heart when it comes to Sunday lunch. So, it’s time to unburden yourself, free your spirit and share your foodie tips with the rest of the twickerati. Make sense? Deep down you know it does. Simply add your comments below.

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25 responses to “Best Sunday Lunch in Twickenham?

  1. Sal Magundi

    The Eel Pie served us a delicious Sunday lunch last weekend. Officially, they were only offering a full beef roast (focussed menus are usually a good sign in my book, but another option would be welcome) but were happy to substitute a roast baby chicken for the non-beefeaters. The chef obviously knows his/her onions – beef and veggies were spot on – and the service was great. Plus it wasn’t rammed, meaning a nice relaxed Sunday vibe. We ended up there ‘cos The Crown was full but we’ll definitely return.

  2. Paul Read

    The Old Anchor was great but alas no more. However, have now discovered the Bloomsbury and will never look back……it is seriously good. Check out their reviews on Trip Adviser – good ales too.

  3. Sal Magundi

    The Crown served us a spot-on Sunday lunch last week. Tasty chicken, crispy roast potatoes, firm hot veggies and plenty of lovely gravy. And attentive service too. What’s not to like?

  4. Disappointing...

    Don’t bother booking for Sunday Roast at Ales & Tails. We booked specifically for a Sunday Roast for 4pm yesterday. Unfortunately due to ‘a busy day’ they only had 4 pork bellies left. The only reason I found out before we got there was because I called them just to make sure I had got the time right (this was 15 minutes before our booking time). We ended up going to The Albany, which I have to tell you, was amazing!

    Poor management on every level and I won’t be considering them in the future. There was no effort to regain my faith in them by a discount and promise of a Sunday Roast in the future, just a simple “sorry, it’s been busy”.

  5. TW2 has been great both times we’ve been there for Sunday Roast. Good with the little ones too.

  6. auldAlbert

    Yep agree The Sussex is good for Sunday Lunch, but, its hard to get a table, unless you asked someone “when you have finished, may we have your table”. Old Anchor is very good – try the Vegetable Pie – Brill.

  7. Dave

    Have to agree with comments about the Sussex’s Sunday lunch, top notch, but most of the time outside the Summer the lack of comfortable tables, perched on a stools is not good enough, is a problem. Don’t do it any more, also too many children running about. Shame

  8. It’s true there are some great pubs in Twickenham, but If you happen to find yourself near London’s Barbican Center on a Sunday, then The Old Red Cow on Long Lane does a very nice ‘family-style’ Sunday roast, where all the meat and veg are served to the table on platters and everyone just mucks in. It’s home from home and there’s no washing up!

  9. Tom

    Ales and Tails is the winner hands down!!

  10. Edel

    The Bloomsbury on Staines Road, at corner with 5th Cross Road. Service is superb, always nice mix of families and friends but the food is the reason to go there – SMASHING! Enormous portions, loads of veg, perfect Yorkshire puddings with every Sunday lunch, beautifully presented, excellent value. I just can’t recommend it highly enough… I may never eat a roast anywhere else ever again!

  11. Boss

    The New Inn in Ham. Yes, I know it’s not Twickers. But it’s a cracking walk on a Sunday morning if the ferry is running.

  12. leelcampbell

    From our own personal research we have to give The Three Kings our top rating for food, atmosphere, price and service. It was the jug of gravy and generosity of portions that really impressed us. Also being able to take our dog made it a perfectly lovely experience. Lee & Steve (& Holly the Saluki)

  13. Jade

    I’m biased as I occasionally work there, but the Albany does a lovely Sunday roast and an amazing bloody mary.

  14. Mumto1plus2

    The Old Goat, Hampton Road Twickenham does great food, beer and wine. The carvery looks great and tastes fantastic according to my husband. Preferring a home cooked roast myself, I like the fact that I can still have steak and ale pie, risotto or any number of other choices. Yum! A bit further afield is Browns in Kingston where kids eat free on a Sunday. When you’ve got 3 that’s a bargain!

  15. Twickers Nickers

    The Old Anchor is you want a proper home made Sunday roast like your mum would make. The landlord’s wife makes them all herself and she is a proper Irish home cooking queen! Good sized portions and a great dessert selection.

  16. Simon H

    Alexander Pope’s grub is very good. The pub, that is, not the deceased writer. I’ve no idea what his cooking is like.

  17. Sussex followed by TW2 if you want a more formal lunch, but now I have seen Twickeman and his Laverstoke quote, he does have a point….

    I am keen to try the Old Anchor having had a cheeky bottle walking home the other night…looks like they can deliver on the food..

  18. Tommy

    The Sussex, if you can get a table

    • Mumto1plus2

      Is it child friendly? Every time I’ve been in it feels very much like an old man pub…

    • Simon H

      The Sussex is great, but Alexander Pope probably more child friendly, just because it’s very big with lots of open space for buggies.

    • Winter is more old man, summer is full of dustbins (kids) its a victim of its own success, you get beer tickers from far and wide coming to try the wide range of ales and they are usually old with beards to match. You still get the local Twickenham thirty somethings in there though (that’s me…)

  19. twickerman

    For me the best Sunday lunch is home cooked. It should be preceded by a walk or peddle in one of our parks and/or along the riverside preferably with a cheeky pint (“or a glass of white for the ladies”).

    A couple of weeks ago I stopped for a quicky at the White Swan, to check my Sunday Twickerpics, and was impressed by the sight and smell of the roast beef being served at the next table.
    I couldn’t wait to get home and roast my Laverstoke’s pig leg with crackling, proper apple sauce etc etc. It was delish and divine.

    If you want to see some of my amazing Sunday Twickerpics please check @twickeman on twitter

  20. Saga Lout

    The Old Anchor does a good Sunday roast and the beer is always spot on there.

  21. Pete

    It has to be the Sussex, hands down. You can’t beat AJ’s roasts for quality and quantity, especially the lamb shanks, plus the best selection of beer this side of…..well pretty much anywhere!