When someone sends you a message suggesting that it might be good to do a feature on the best place for Sunday lunch in Twickenham, do you:
(a) Sit around thinking about it for over a month but not actually do anything about it; or
(b) Get to it straightaway because readers need this information and it’s clear that with winter on the way, it’s an ideal time to be thinking about where to get a great Sunday lunch locally.

The Sussex, Twickenham
The Sussex, Twickenham

That’s right, you’ve got it! The answer’s “a”, just sit around for weeks on end hoping the item will materialise on the website out of the ether. Well folks, we’ve given up waiting and taken action. The waiting? Remember that thing ? Well, it’s like so over. We’ve realised that review pieces don’t write themselves, that’s your job and it’s one you’ve always done very well in the past.

We’ve covered Indian, Chinese, Thai and Italian on here before. We’ve also talked about Twickenham’s best cafes and pubs. But, dear readers, the killer question remains: what’s the best place for some proper Sunday grub? We’re talking pub roasts, traditional restaurants or maybe other places that don’t easily fit the other categories. We are not going to use terrible phrases like ‘hearty fare’ but if we were, we would. And we’ll also assume the planned Burger King on London Road will open too late to feature here. Such a shame.

How about the likes of The Sussex Arms or Ales & Tails, both of which have had impressive feedback in the lunch department. If that sounds loaded with innuendo, it’s not meant to. Maybe you’ve tried the food at The Alexander Pope, The Royal Oak, The Albany or The Fox? Or putting pubs to one side for a second, how about the likes of Arthurs, Raefils or Pinchos? Or maybe you desert downtown Twickenham for rarified air of St Margarets, East Twickenham, Teddington or that place over the water. Where’s good? And why?

Only you can know the inner secrets of your heart when it comes to Sunday lunch. So, it’s time to unburden yourself, free your spirit and share your foodie tips with the rest of the twickerati. Make sense? Deep down you know it does. Simply add your comments below.

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