Christmas gets underway in Twickenham with a Yo Ho Ho (or is it Ho Ho Ho, we’re never sure? One was the Green Giant, the other Father Christmas, is that it?).

The lights are on the tree and we suppose that means it’s time to start getting into a festive mood and/or start panicking. We were even joined by a Star Wars storm trooper to help the Christmas spirit along. George Lucas missed a trick there. Next up: Ebenezer Vader Snubs Death Star Christmas Party III.

Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 1

Thanks to the Twickenham Town Business Association, Twickenham Alive and others for putting on a good event. And remember kids, check out our What’s On item for a summary of what’s on in and around the town over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a few more pics…

Church Street gets busy:
Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 Church St
Lights in the Jubilee Gardens:
Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 Jubilee
Gift wrapped panettone outside Corto deli, Chuch Street:
Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 Corto

Hi-viz vest beats Stormtrooper every time:
Twickenham Christmas Tree & Storm Trooper

Nark Drool & The Shudders rocking out:
Nark Drool & The Shudders