Pic of the Week: Christmas Lights

Christmas gets underway in Twickenham with a Yo Ho Ho (or is it Ho Ho Ho, we’re never sure? One was the Green Giant, the other Father Christmas, is that it?).

The lights are on the tree and we suppose that means it’s time to start getting into a festive mood and/or start panicking. We were even joined by a Star Wars storm trooper to help the Christmas spirit along. George Lucas missed a trick there. Next up: Ebenezer Vader Snubs Death Star Christmas Party III.

Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 1

Thanks to the Twickenham Town Business Association, Twickenham Alive and others for putting on a good event. And remember kids, check out our What’s On item for a summary of what’s on in and around the town over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a few more pics…

Church Street gets busy:
Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 Church St
Lights in the Jubilee Gardens:
Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 Jubilee
Gift wrapped panettone outside Corto deli, Chuch Street:
Twickenham Christmas Lights 2012 Corto

Hi-viz vest beats Stormtrooper every time:
Twickenham Christmas Tree & Storm Trooper

Nark Drool & The Shudders rocking out:
Nark Drool & The Shudders


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6 responses to “Pic of the Week: Christmas Lights

  1. Lots of Christmas trees, outside Rileys, outside Tescos, on the Green (already lit) but what has happened to the lights on the lamp posts? Has the Council run out of money or like us cannot afford the Electricity?

  2. twickerman

    Twickalive put on a great show in the gardens….but it’s not Christmas just yet Teresa!

  3. The Jubilee Gardens events and stalls were excellent, great fun. More, please.

    • jimbo

      Twickenham Riverside Trust is organizing their third workshop on making Christmas decorations from stuff that is normally thrown away. This project is inspired by the artwork produced by a South African Company, Magpie.
      Look in Dapper’s window in Church Street, and you will see what can be done with plastic bags, milk containers, yoghurt pots and plastic
      bottles. The workshop will be on Diamond Jubilee Gardens (that’s the old pool site!) Saturday Dec 8, from 11 am till 3 pm; the first two
      have been very popular with children, who can make snowmen, angels etc.
      We are putting together a Christmas Tree from everything that has been made, and the lights will be switched on at 5 pm. All are welcome to come along and make artwork from recyclable materials.

  4. Anonymous

    George Lucas missed a trick? Perhaps you haven’t enjoyed the Star Wars Holiday Special. It’s really………well it’s…….. well it makes the Phantom Menace look like The Empire Strikes Back

  5. Teresa Read

    It was the most fantastic first Christmas on Diamond Jubilee Gardens. We shall be putting something on Twickenhamalive later with photos. Hundreds of children dancing with the disco divas, the Carnabys and Nark Drool and the Shudders, not to mention 3 performances by the YAK (break dance) Crew. Everyone loved it, from one year olds to those in their 80s. There was something for everyone including our very own local chef, Andrew Thorndyke, and various food and drink stalls, etc. The garden was filled with pink and blue balloons and Twickenham’s very own young generation of dancers!

    Photos will show what some of your readers may have missed! A very special night.