Twickenham War Memorial Restored

The Twickenham War Memorial in Radnor Gardens has been restored in time for Remembrance Sunday tomorrow. A new plaque was recently put up to replace the previous one stolen by money grabbing out-of-borough (we assume) metal thieves last year. The funding for the replacement came from a number of sources including the RFU, readers of the Richmond & Twickenham Times and other locals. The Friends of Radnor Gardens played a key role in championing the campaign to get the memorial restored. A ceremony to unveil the plaque will take place as part of the Remembrance Sunday service.

We really like this photo by Chris Meara taken early on the morning of Remembrance Sunday, 2012. Very atmospheric.

Twickenham War Memorial (c C Meara)

Twickenham war memorial:


Back on the plaque; the naval scene:

* El Brute


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2 responses to “Twickenham War Memorial Restored

  1. Jon

    For those interested in such trivia, the statue is inscribed as the work of “Mortimer Brown.R.B.S.1921”, and was originally cast by “J. W. Singer & Sons Ltd, Bronze Founders, Frome”.

  2. Daisy

    very glad it is restored, hope it is very secured or THEY will have it again