When we talked about the idea of collecting up people’s memories of Twickenham to creat some kind of social history of the recent past we got quite a lot of interest. Better still we even got a few responses. Obviously we’re still waiting on yours but you really should be able to write a couple of hundred words this evening and email them across, shouldn’t you?

Rather than have items appear in the timeline of news stories on the site, we’ve set up a separate page for them. You’ll see it on the top menu bar called ‘Memories’. When we get a new item we’ll add it as a comment. If you’re got something to share then just email it in and we’ll post it up. Simple.

So far we’ve got Vanessa’s move from a Mediterranean Island to sunny Twickenham and George on the joys of the Twickenham Waterloo commute.

Vanessa begins:
“As a small child living in a Mediterranean island I looked forward to our annual trip to England all year long. It all seemed so exotic to me, from my grandparents’ picture perfect suburban house with its neat front lawn to the majesty of nearby Hampton Court Palace and the Thames where I would marvel at the sight of swans and delight at feeding the ducks. On my return I would regale my friends with tales of spotting real deer and squirrels in Bushy Park and of ice skating in Richmond, so exciting as snow and ice was something we would never experience at home…”

George says:
“Those ‘slammer’ trains were awful: musty seats; ghettoised smoking carriages filled with a fug of rancid cigarette smoke (God help you if you had to sit in one with a hangover)…”

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