Green to Become White?

Although mentioning Christmas events too early should be an offence punishable by death, followed by ten years in prison and a £50 fine, we thought it worth the briefest of references to two dates for your diary. As you already know from our quest to find the most appropriate person to turn on the lights, the big Twickenham switch on is Friday November 30th. We’re talking Church Street, a tree, a local celeb, a Christmas market, food and drink, a marching band etc. It’s always a good do.

But if you’re not done with that, then on Sunday 16th December there will be a community event on Twickenham Green. Mulled wine, misteltoe, chestnuts, carols, Cliff Richard, the Sally Army band, kids rides and, wait for it, maybe, just maybe, snow! Don’t knock it, it could happen. Well, forget about Cliff and all of those things might very well happen, including the white stuff. We’ll do more soon on local festive activities coming up but we don’t want to face the indignity of the whole execution, prison, fine business. It’s simply not the twickerati way.


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5 responses to “Green to Become White?

  1. According to Rob Brydon on twitter, he’s doing it

  2. twix

    It would be nice to see Twickerati give out some leaflets at this event to spead Twickerati to a wider audience.

  3. Boss

    Mo Farah. Or at least someone with a Twickenham/Olympic connection. Or an England rugby player, since we’re at home that weekend.

  4. Anonymous

    Steve Allen continually puts Twickenham on the map in such a big way he really must be included in the Christmas celebrations. He really should switch on the lights!