No, we’re not talking Dallas although this saga could warrant its own mini-series, we’re talking Twickenham station. El Brute’s approval of the plans to redevelop the station is to go to a judicial review. You will recall that Solum Regeneration’s scheme was given the nod by Richmond’s Planning Committee in December 2011 despite vocal opposition from Twickenham Residents Action Group (aka TRAG) and others, and despite it not appearing to be in line with the height guidelines in the Council’s own planning framework published when it came into office in 2010.

TRAG sought the judicial review on the grounds that when approving the plans, the Council:
– did not take account of a report produced by the Twickenham Advisory Panel, that the Council itself had commissioned. (Whatever did happen to the TAP?)
– did not take account of the ‘policy-compliant’ option for a low-rise development, Plan B
– did not get adequate commitment from the developers to complete the scheme before the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

The Court has agreed that there are grounds for further scrutiny of the decision on the first two of those three points and approval has now been granted for a judicial review to go ahead. The hearing is set to take place in December, one month after the JR on the Catholic school. Two very different Twickenham issues, both controversial and now both subject to judicial reviews. Running a council would be so simple if it were not for other people, eh? It’s certainly going to be a busy time for the Council’s legal team in the run up to Christmas. Meanwhile TRAG are seeking donations to fund their own legal costs.

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