Bike Lane Inaction

A school minibus and a LBRuT van make good use of the cycle lane in London Road, Twickenham during the morning rush hour. There must be some irony in there somewhere if you want to look for it.



by | October 17, 2012 · 8:39 pm

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  1. i take this route every night in the rush-hour, i would say one in every 10 cars drives in the cycle lane, i have seen tail-gating by range rovers as people struggle over the brow of the hill ( i have even deliberately narrowed the lane to stop some of these cretins and got out and told them why) . Mini-cabs are the worse btw. I wrote the borough commander who promised action and there have been two traps since, no where near enough. Didn’t a cyclist get killed on there a couple of years back? The camera needs to be re-pointed as no one drives down the bus lane.

    • Anonymous

      Stopping and getting out of your car in single lane traffic, endangering all road users, whilst shouting the odds at another driver, might in itself be considered cretinous, no?

  2. Anonymous

    Bottom line is that there are 2 vans driving in a cycle lane. Not legal or acceptable and puts cyclists at risk on a busy stretch of road. As a cyclist this does enrage me! its a single lane stretch of road, and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that! Until the lanes get widened or another lane added, cars etc. should not sneak up to get round the queue using a cycle lane!

  3. twickerman

    simon h,

    oh no its not….I’m decribing the west (minibus) side

    on the station side it’s all single lane too, apart from the short stretch of bus lane outside the station and the approach to arragon road junction.

    • Simon H

      It’s two lanes for about fifty yards before the traffic lanes outside the Cabbage Patch. Then it tapers to one lane over the bridge, then it very quickly opens to two lanes again (one going off to the Whitton Road, the other to the London Road). That’s quite ambiguous. Anyway, we’ve both busy lives, I’m sure.

  4. twickerman

    Simon H,
    If you take a closer look at London Road you will see that is single lane all the way from the King Street junction until after the station bus stop. Only then as it approaches the Whitton Road junction does it briefly open into two lanes, before returning to one lane after the junction.
    Between King Street and the A316 there’s about a mile of single lane, and a grand total of 50metres of dual lanes approaching junctions. If drivers of large vehicles can’t handle that, they shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

  5. Gareth Roberts

    The council should be doing more to encourage cycling and pedestrians into the town rather than simply making it easier to drive through it en route to somewhere else.

    There has been plenty of twitter activity today highlighting that towns and cities which encourage cycling and pedestrian access see a positive upturn in retail and commercial fortunes. Ripping out cycle lanes, bus lanes and bus stops to facilitate faster traffic throughput won’t benefit Twickenham, no matter how many pavement cafes the council hopes will flourish.

    At this point it would seem apposite to mention that the petition to retain the bus stop in Twickenham is still open BUT IT CLOSES SOON! Nearly 600 people have signed the online version and far more the paper equivalent.

    If you want to let the council know they should be rethinking their plans about the Bus Stops then sign here

    Don’t let registration process deter you (cynics might suggest that’s exactly why it’s designed that way!)

    Also do keep an eye on the cycling blogs. The excellent Richmond Cycling Campaign has clear evidence of how other cities and towns manage to keep bus stops AND have excellent safe cycle lanes. All it takes is a little bit of imagination which so far has been in short supply

  6. Yvonne Hewett

    Well caught, Twickerati!

  7. twickerman

    I have two suggestions to solve the problem of vehicles, including London buses, using this mandatory cycle lane:

    1. The Council should move or turn around the traffic camera, located on the other side of the road, to monitor and prosecute vehicle abuse of the cycle lane.

    2. The Council and TFL need to provide all bus, minibus, and other vehicle drivers with eyesight tests because they seem unable to distinguish between a cycle lane and a vehicle lane (despite the different colour and painted cycle images). Some training might also help.

    • Simon H

      In fairness, the road layout at this point is slightly ambiguous and not wide enough for two lanes of traffic and a cycle lane. It would be better to narrow the pavement to give both bikes and cars more room.

    • twickerman

      The road layout is not ambiguous at all.

      Where the photo was taken there is one vehicle lane and one cycle lane.

    • Spoke

      It may not be ambiguous, but it simply isn’t wide enough – particularly difficult as the borough is teeming with chelsea tractors. I cycle and drive in the area frequently. As a cyclist I find the roads about as hazardous as you might expect of a busy London borough. Not encouraging, but tolerable. As a car driver, I watch the majority of cyclists going straight through red lights. Before casting aspersions, I really wouldn’t mind seeing a few other cyclists adhering to the highway code.

    • Simon H

      Yes, but there are two lanes just before it and after it. The road suddenly goes to one lane for all of about 30 yards and that, if you’re driving a large vehicle, feels ambiguous.

  8. Angry motorist

    Maybe that’s why LBruT are getting rid of them so there’s space for two lanes of traffic over the bridge.