It’s 20 years since Richmond ice rink in East Twickenham was demolished to make way for flats but ice skating is set to return to Twickenham this winter. Last week’s LBRuT planning committee gave the go ahead for a temporary rink in the grounds of York House. Good news for local skaters and for Richmond councillors and council workers looking to burn off some energy after a hard day’s graft at El Brute Enterprises.

The plans, put forward by Twickenham Alive, will see the rink located on top of the tennis courts in the grounds of the house, next to Sion Road. There’s been plenty of support for the idea from those who think it will give Twickenham something a little bit extra this winter. But there’s also been quite a lot of opposition, mainly on the grounds of disruption, noise, smells (from hot food outlets, not the skaters), lack of parking. And traffic. Basically from people who just don’t want it there.

Already you’re thinking, “York House is not quite Hampton Court Palace or Somerset House but if they can do it, then why the hell can’t Twickenham?” OK, perhaps the comparisons aren’t totally fair, it’ll be an interesting experiment and it could be a very decent evening’s entertainment sipping mulled wine, watching Lord True perfect his triple salchows in the blue corner while Vince Cable practises his double toe-loops over in the yellow one. Who’s in?

* Twickenham Alive
* Planning committee webcast – decision at c1hr 20mins
* Planning application