Pix of the Week

These images seem to sum up the last couple of weeks on the High Street. It’s true that there are a few new, interesting things happening out there but signs like this are becoming depressingly common.

Staggerin, Twickenham – closed

Bathrooms4All, Twickenham – closed

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* The great twickerati shopping index – looking at the state (and sheer volume) of retail in the town


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2 responses to “Pix of the Week

  1. Walkinthepark

    And Staggerin having taken up the mantle of, was it Dazzle, the High Street has lost one of it’s means of attracting shoppers in from the rest of the borough, being the place to go to for Fancy Dress and the distress of having to kit your child out as a giraffe or whatever for the school play. I suppose though that it has lost out to the web.

  2. Adam

    Sorry to see Staggerin go. I wasn’t exactly a regular customer, but they were always friendly and had a huge range to pick from.