Lighting Up Twickenham

The Twickenham Town Business Association has tweeted that it’s looking for a famous person to turn on the Twickenham Christmas Lights on Friday 30th November. In the past we’ve had a selection of relatively famous residents flicking the switch, for example last year it was Steve Allen from LBC Radio, but with 2012 being something of a special year there are probably more candidates than usual.

Twickerati canvassed views on Twitter on who should do the biz this time round. Names suggested included comic actor Nick Frost, Captain of Aviva Premiership Champions Harlequins and England Chris Robshaw, Mo Farah, David Weir and other athletes who trained at St Mary’s. Another suggestion was simply “not Vince Cable”. Harsh! But how about Rob Brydon or one of the other sleb residents from the leafy streets of Strawberry Hill or even, as an outside bet, the “Two bunches for five fifty, naahhh” station florist Peter? So before Richmond Council decide to run a Borough wide consultation on the subject – and you just know that they’ll want to – perhaps you’d care to give your suggestions and we’ll ask the TTBA to take a look. We can’t guarantee any success whatsoever but who knows, it could be you!


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26 responses to “Lighting Up Twickenham

  1. Anonymous

    how about the guys who put the trees up.

  2. twickerman

    Harley and Charley, the Quins bears, ideally with Mo Farah. Fun for small, medium and large kids.!/HarleyBear01

  3. Anonymous

    My R&TT tells me that one Terry Barnett, MD of Hawk Training, will turn the lights on. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice chap, but he’s not Rob Brydon, who seems to have been nabbed by the Twickenham Green folks first. And I’m also surprised that there’s so much demand for educated raptors in Twickenham.

  4. timmy1175

    Nick Frost please

  5. damienp1

    What about Noah and the Whale? They’re from Twickenham aren’t they?

  6. guest

    Duh the only ones that should do it is Brangelina, they live there now and are in town, could get their kids involved~

  7. Ex-Twickenham resident

    I nominate Jeremy R of risc.

  8. Actually in the spirit of ‘inspire a generation’ why doesn’t Rob Brydon and Jane Horrocks poignantly hand over the switch at the last minute to a couple of budding youngsters from one of the local stagecoach type groups while we all dance in industrial clothing on NHS beds to Underworld while Dr Vince reads Caliban’s dream?

  9. Fenton (or if he is a bit busy with panto season and all that why not try the now famous Twickenham dog that briefly participated in the Men’s Road Race?)

  10. Yvonne Hewett

    Horace Walpole? Or – failing that, since he’s been dead for a bit – someone from Strawberry Hill in costume?

  11. George

    How about actors Keely Hawes and Matthew McFadyen doing it in the style of a scene from spooks. They could run in at the last minute and flip the light switch as if to stop a terrorist bomb going off. Not v festive but it could work .

  12. Gareth Roberts

    Well one doesn’t like to push one’s way forward but if one was encouraged to hope, by one’s close and trusted advisers and friends, that one’s presence was sought and desired by the good people of Twickenham then it would be a failure of duty to deny those voices, however much one might personally shun the limelight……………ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!ME!

    • How about a double act then in that great British tradition: Laurel & Hardy, Morecambe & Wise, Reeves & Mortimer, Hale & Pace… and Councillors Roberts & Naylor? It’s a definite maybe.

    • ruggabugga

      I think an excellent side show would be Cllrs Roberts and Naylor mudslinging or mudwrestling. Bring it on. My money’s on the blue corner.

    • Gareth Roberts

      Your money would be well placed, Ruggabugga. Scott would certainly carry the weight advantage for mudwrestling and I’m afraid that he’s certainly proved himself to be the more proficient mudslinger.

    • Gareth Roberts

      What a rash of thumbs down! Just goes to prove what a good idea it is

  13. Rufus McDufus

    twickerati re-tweeted a sighting of Johhny Depp in Bushy Park the other day. Maybe Johnny would like to do it?
    Failing that, Elvis Presley? I’m sure I saw him down Heath Road recently on his way to Poundland.

  14. ruggabugga

    I think that Ted and Lord (Ralph) True would be perfect.

    I can’t quite decide which of Lord True’s servants would be best suited to play Ted the gardener. Any thoughts?

  15. brian stewart

    All in favour of it being Vince Cable, or how about Samantha Bond

  16. My sister lives in Bonsor Road ,and I get the opportunity to visit occasionally from the United States . My occupation is a profeesional narrator for history . I am ‘The Dublin Narrator” the voice of American History for the Weider History Group . And I would love the opportunity of being considered for lighting up Twickenahm for Christmas

  17. I believe Winter Olympian and 5 times national ski champion Chemmy Alcott lives in Twickenham so I’d ask her… We know the streets of Twickenham can be treacherous around Winter so who better prepared than someone who ventured the most dangerous slopes and has even appeared on Dancing on Ice?

    • Anonymous

      “I believe Winter Olympian and 5 times national ski champion Chemmy Alcott lives in Twickenham”. Used to, but no more.

  18. As Twickenham’s resident singer and entertainer extraordinaire, I’d love to do it! 😉