If you’ve been following the journey of the Twickenham Area Action Plan you’ll know that the deadline for your comments on its latest, and probably final, iteration is Friday 31st August. If you didn’t, you do now. The plan is Richmond Council’s vision for regenerating Twickenham. It covers the types of developments we might want to see in the town and ideas for improving the retail experience. “Village plans” for other parts of the Borough also have the same comments deadline.

Linked to the Twickenham Action Plan is El Brute’s ‘Street Scene and Highways Scheme’. This puts forward proposals for more immediate changes to Twickenham town centre including widening pavements, removing the bus stops (and bus lanes) from King Street and getting rid of some central cycle lanes. The bus stop and cycle lane plans have both stirred up a lot of strong opinion. Take note, any comments you have on this scheme need to be submitted separately from your comments on the main Twickenham action plan.

So, if you want to have your say (again) on any of the above then you’ve got until Friday 31st August to do it.

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