And in other news from the dark corridors of York House…

Park Life
El Brute has announced that it’s going to put a further £250k into improving local parks in addition to its previously announced spend of £3.7m over three years. The intention is to further improve facilities in the Borough’s green spaces. The view from Twickerati Towers is that as well as the usual kind of stuff, El Brute should capitalise on the Olympic goodwill legacy thingy by painting running tracks in every park so that we can all pretend to be Usain Bolt, Mo Farah or Jessica Ennis whenever the mood takes us. Cheap, simple and, who knows, possibly even effective.

Waldegrave takes Academy Status
Waldegrave and Teddington Schools have both now converted to academy status. Of course, academy status used to be code for ‘failing school’ but times have changed and it’s now many council’s preferred approach to education provision for existing establishments and, where free schools don’t materialise, for new schools too. Receiving funding from central rather than local government breaks the direct link between the council and the provision of education in these schools but also gives the schools greater autonomy over how they run their affairs and how they contract and manage their staff. Twickenham Academy, is already an academy – the clue’s in the name – and Orleans Park School is expected to follow suit either later this year or in 2013.

* Council Press Releases